Membership in Survivorship


Membership in Survivorship is a powerful way to break the isolation and silence and to come together in community. It is a way for people to connect with each other, to validate each other’s feelings and experiences, to share information, and to offer each other support and understanding. Please be mindful of your reactions as you explore these pages. Reading about ritual abuse can evoke very powerful feelings, both positive and negative, especially if you are new to the memory of your past or new to information about ritualized abuse.

It is considered wise to check inside frequently and to stop reading if you start to feel upset or in a trance state. You can always come back later. If this happens, do whatever has worked in the past to soothe and center yourself. If you are so overwhelmed that these techniques do not help, call your therapist or a hotline for help.

None of the material on our site is meant as therapy, or to take the place of therapy. It is peer-to-peer sharing and designed as information and support.

Many of us now see ourselves as strong and resourceful people, able to handle our past and our present lives with joy as well as pain and sorrow. We hope you, too, will soon come to see yourself as a strong, brave, capable survivor.

Within our site you will find information on ritual abuse  (also called ritualistic abuse or ritual-abuse-torture). The “difficult dates” page lists holidays that are hard for survivors of satanic ritual abuse (SRA), polytheistic cult abuse, and abuse by nazi groups. The articles give background and deal with the effects of ritual abuse, child pornography, and child prostitution, and government/military mind control (MC). Many of the articles describe living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID, formerly called MPD.) There are numerous links to other pages on ritual abuse and to healing resources.


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