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Table of Contents:

Out of print
Volume 1 Number 1, September 1989
“Surviving a Survivor” — Bill Koehler
Survivor News
Memorial Services
Public Meeting
Creative Healing Center
“We Are Shattered China” — Virginia T.R.
“To the Imprisoned” — Caryn StarDancer
“War With the Ants” — Kore Loy Wildrekinde
“Pat’s Story”

Volume 1 Number 2, October 1989
“Here There Be Dragons” — Paul Crissey
Interview: “Portrait of a Healer” — Anne Shordike
Creative Healing Center
“Suspended in the bowels” — Linda Ware
“I turned on the music from the clouds” — June Covington
“Where Did She Get Her Color?” — Virginia T.R.
“Surviving a Survivor” — Bill Koehler
“Demonic Possession: One Survivor’s Perspective” — Caryn StarDancer

Out of print
Volume 1 Number 3, November 1989
Interview: Judith Spencer, author of “Suffer the Child”
“Ritual Child Abuse: A Media Perspective” — Bruce McCulley
“A candle forced into a tiny area” — Deedee Huchteman
“Threats and Tortures” — Deedee Huchteman
“There’s a war raging on” — Deedee Huchteman
“HELP!!!” — Deedee Huchteman
“Daddy Don’t” — Jennifer St. Marie
“To my alters” — C.C.
“Lot’s Wife” — Caryn StarDancer
Survivor Opinion: Conferences
Book Review: “Satan Wants You”
“Surviving a Survivor” — Bill Koehler

Out of print
Volume 1 Number 4,
December 1989
Book Review: “Multiples”
Interview: L.J. StarDancer
Empowerment: Letters “Home”
“Surviving a Survivor” — Bill Koehler
“White paper snow flakes” — June Covington
“A narrow structured patterned thinking” — June Covington
“Miracle Worker” — Kore Loy Wildrekinde
Conference Reports
Seasonal Suggestions

Out of print
Volume 2 Number 1,
January 1990
“MPD: One Therapist’s Journey” — M. Moskowitz, MD
Interview: Debbie Withrow: “Victims of Systems”
“The Work of Christmas” — P Danylchuk, DMin, MFCC
“Old House” — Jenny
“Carefully and well-guarded” — Linda Ware
“awareness” by Lanis
“Surviving a Survivor” — Bill Koehler
Book Review: “Satanism in America”
“Dream Journal”
“Recovery Skills for the Dissociatively Disabled: Recognition” – Caryn StarDancer

Volume 2 Number 2, February 1990
“Reclaiming Ownership through Environmental Design”– J.C. Montana
Recovery Issues: Eating Disorders
Compulsive Overeating
Bulimia and Ritual Abuse Syndromes
Interview: Kore Loy Wildrekinde, “Exile from Utopia”
“Moon” — MT
“What is fear? No cup is fuller” — MT
“Four” — Risa G.
“Surviving a Survivor” — Bill Koehler
“Recovery Skills for the Dissociatively Disabled: Identification”‹Caryn StarDancer
“First Offense” A Survivor’s Story

Out of print
Volume 2 Number 3,
March 1990
“A Note of Caution” — Vernise Pelzel
Interview: Robert Simandl
“Conference Impressions” — Dr. J. E. Brainin-Rodriguez
Recovery Issues: Self-Mutilation
“Your lies are knives” — Elisabeth Tuck
“Am I” — Ronnie
“The Silent Child” — Ashley
“Surviving a Survivor” — Bill Koehler
“Recovery Skills for the Dissociatively Disabled: Reprogramming” – Caryn StarDancer
Reading We Recommend: “Feelings” and “Combating Cult Mind Control”
“Reasons to Not Kill Yourself”
Reprogramming Worksheet

Volume 2 Number 4, April 1990
“The Use of Humor in Psychotherapy” — Michael Moskowitz, MD
“Insights from Multiple City” — Catherine Ragazzi, RN
April Fool Edition: “Survivin’Shit”
“Doggirl” — Meg
April Fool Survivor Limericks
Reading We Recommend: “Doom Patrol”
“Myths, Realities and Lessons from the McMartin Preschool Case” — Karen Kallay
Contract for the Care of the Inner Child Insert

Out of print
Volume 2 Number 5,
May 1990
“MPD: A Male Perspective” — Marty S.
Interview: Alice Kaderlan, documentary producer of “In the Name of Satan”
“Feeling the Pain” — Caryn StarDancer
“Teacher, Do You Know What You’re Doing?”
and “Doctor, Did You Know What You Were Doing?” — L. Gentlewind
“Soft Kisses of Care” — Sasha Gentlewind
“Fresh Meat”– Nan
“All of a sudden the cars … ceased to exist” — Healing Child
“Cry to me about your burden” — T.J.
“Do not grieve my passing” — Monica
“Why Do I Cut?” — Risa G.
“Bite the Hand” — Catherine Ragazzi
“Self Mutilation: A Therapist’s Perspective” — Michael Moskowitz, MD
Ritual Abuse Resources

Out of print
Volume 2 Number 6,
June 1990
“Creative Work as a Restorative for Ritual Abuse Survivors” — Caryn StarDancer
“Dabbling Their Way to Ritual Crime” — Betty Naismith and Robert Simandl
Columbine Conference Critique
“Dear Doctor” — Caryn StarDancer
“Double Life” — Nan
“Pretending” — Nan
“Where life is kept, no matter how dark” — Juliana
“Surviving a Survivor” — Bill Koehler
“Little Sarah”
Book Review: “Insights from Multiple City”

Volume 2 Number 7, July 1990
“This is My Letter” — J.C. Montana
More Letters
“My mother, partner of men” — June Covington
“The Worke Replayed Quilte” — Kore Loy Wildrekinde
“I’m in this place Where pain is known by all” — Ronnie
Review: “Integrating a Dissociative Disorders Curriculum into Residency Training”
Book Reviews: “Diagnosis and Treatment of MPD”
“Prism: Andrea’s World”
“Assessment and Identification of Intrafamilial Childhood Ritual Abuse: A Cautionary Statement” — Caryn StarDancer

Out of print
Volume 2 Number 8,
August 1990
Interview: Walter Young, MD: Part 1
“Insights from Multiple City: The Bird’s Nest” — Catherine Ragazzi, RN
Critique: “Forms and Transformations of Trauma”
“It is better to forget what transpired long ago” — Jenny
“Rape Wave” — Adrianne Chapin
“On a debris of clothes astounded” — Virginia T.R.
“My Story” — Deedee Lightons
“Dear Doctor … I Would Rather Not Be Here” — June Covington

Out of print
Volume 2 Number 9,
September 1990
“A Dream of Dragon Allies” — Catherine Ragazzi
“Empathic Approaches to Hostile Alters” — Harvey Schwartz, Ph.D.
“Speaking of Ritual Abuse” — Paul Crissey
“A Memorial Service” — June Covington
“Listen To What I Hear” — K.C.
“Communion” — Caryn StarDancer
“The searcher stops” — CR et al
“if i could walk into the soul” — Lanis
“Surviving a Survivor” — H. K.
“Toward a Uniform Lexicon of Recovery Phenomena” – Caryn StarDancer
Interview: Walter Young, MD: Part 2
TurtleBoy and Jet the WonderPup

Out of print
Volume 2 Number 10,
October 1990
“Understanding the Abuse of Ritual” — Catherine Ragazzi, RN
Recovery Resources: “Aarvy Aardvark Finds Hope”
“Survivor?” — Nan
“Where are the Innocent Days of Youth?” — J.H.
“raindrops fall against my window pane” — Jenny
“sometimes, just sometimes” — Lanis
“Sometimes I don’t understand” — Lanis
“insides hurt so much and don’t have the words” — Lanis
“Twinkle, twinkle little star how far away” — Kecia
“What is This Writing Thing?” — Risa G.
Excerpt from “The Ritual” — Linda Ware
“Nature Triumphs Over a Certain Man” — June Covington
“Lamas” — Lucie LaVier
“Staying Alive” — Anna Lytical
“One Therapist’s Reflections on Ritual Abuse” — R Bailey LCSW
TurtleBoy and Friends

Out of print
Volume 2 Number 11,
November 1990
“How Does It Feel?” subscriber survey
“Confronting Ritual Abuse In Minnesota” — Jo Richmond, LCSW
“Providing ‘Theraplay’ for the Children Inside” — Caryn StarDancer
I Choose to Live” — All of us, Iowa City
“I imagine a little while passed ” — Kore Loy Wildrekinde
“How much sadness that things must be misunderstood.” — CR
“Broken body, splintered mind” — bgw
“Friendly Crossways” — Kore Loy Wildrekinde/McWhirter
“Therapeutic Touch” — Caryn StarDancer
An Operational Recovery Lexicon
Seasonal Suggestions

Volume 2 Number 12, December 1990
“Supporting Abreactive Work in an Outpatient Setting” — Caryn StarDancer
Book Review: “Returning to Herself”
“Janice” — StarDancer
“I’ve seen my heart and body broke in two” — Jamie
“A soul is wounded” — June Covington
“Path” by Adrianne Chapin
“Opus on the Demise of a Molester” — J. C. Montana
“For Chaim” — Risa G.
A Child’s Memory: “Matthew”

Out of print
Volume 3 Number 1,
January 1991
“Guidelines for Crisis Line Intervention” — Robyn Long
“Disinformation, Media Manipulation and Public Perception” — McCulleys
“Energy Follows Thought, Men Will Be Boys” — Loy Wildrekinde
“Manatee/Manitou” — Kore Loy Wildrekinde
“Core” — Robbie Snow
“On Suffering” — Ruth Lyon
“Sex and Self Forgiveness” — Caryn StarDancer

Volume 3 Number 2, February 1991
“Boundaries Again” — Nanette Gardner
“Do Cults Really Exist?” — Michael Moskowitz, MD
“Where Did I Come From?” — Amanda and Katheline
“My Flesh” — Ann Smith, Beth Hafling
“Silence” — Beth Hafling
“An Observation” — Robin, Beth Hafling
“It all happened a very long time ago” — The Spokesman
“The Healing of Lizard Girl” — Risa G.
“Children’s Corner”
Comic: “Queen of Denial” — L.J. StarDancer

Volume 3 Number 3, March 1991
“Open Letter to MPD Therapists from a Person With MPD” — J M Arrigo
Research Project Request; University of Colorado, Women Studies Program
“Residue of Warfare” — June Covington
“See me, Yes all of me” — D. Marie
“I Cry Now” — A Survivor from Maine
Book Review: “United We Stand” — Eliana Gil
“Insights from Multiple City: Anniversary Reactions” v C. Ragazzi
Children’s Corner
Comic: “Invisible Emily in Softball ‘Double-Header'” — L.J. StarDancer

Out of print
Volume 3 Number 4,
April 1991
“Play” — Michael Moskowitz, M.D.
Review: “For the Jung at Heart: Oral Sadism and the Vegetarian Personality”
“Survivin’Shit” April Fool Lampoon Edition
“Things: The New Resources” — Paul Crissey
“National Inquisitor”
“MPD TV Guide”
Movie Review: “The Doors”; Priscilla Rhoades
Children’s Corner
Comic and Poems
“Frozen” — Celia
“The devil monkeys wait for me” — Mandy
“Plans for war machine .. Aborted!” — Eve and all

Out of print
Volume 3 Number 5,
May 1991
“The Addictive Nature of Perpetrators of Ritual Abuse” — Martin Smith M.Ed.
“Tough Guy .. Wounded Heart”– Deborah Cady
“Shimmering Truths” — Eve and all
“One” — bgw
“A Child of Past” — A Survivor from Maine
“Hard Feelings” — Robbie Snow
“Dear SurvivorShip .. A Memory — Nan
“Thoughts from A Friend”
“Shattered Images” — Robert McConnell
Children’s Corner
“Get up get up there’s much to do!” — Lidia
Comic: TurtleBoy and Friends in “Shell Shock!” — L.J. StarDancer

Out of print
Volume 3 Number 6,
June 1991
“My Own House” — Ruth Lyon
“Life in a Closet” — Nominev
“Open Letter to Conference Administrators and Therapists on Why Survivors Should be Admitted Free-of-Charge to Incest-related Seminars”– Deborah G.
Open Letter: “48 Hours”; Martin Smith, Ellen Jones, Bonnie Malcolm, Cheryl Michaels, Michael Shiffman, Marjorie Toomin
“A Survivor’s Response” — Gail L.
“When love is absent from our life” — Gail L.
“three prayers Š three blessings” — Kore Loy Wildrekinde
“Shadows” — Beth Hafling
“No One’s Child” — Linda
“The Mask” — Deb
“You have fought to mold me” — Mandy
“Mr. Electricity” — I.W.
“A Typical Day” — Risa G.
Teen Talk
“The Mirror” — Jennifer Dodgson
Dedication — Catherine Ragazzi
Children’s Corner
“BE QUIET! they say” — Pepper
Comic: “A Simple Question” — L.J. StarDancer
AMAC Creed and “Help Build the Ship!”: Guidelines for Submission

Volume 3 Number 7, July 1991
Theme: Poetry and Artwork
“Visual Truth: Artists in Recovery” — Caryn StarDancer
“Mom” — Beth Hafling
“I Love you Mother” — Sophie for Two-Feathers
“Take Back What is Yours” — Sophie for Two-Feathers
Illustrations — Mickie, Loy, June
“Sizzler’s Dream Number2” — Diana
“Evil” — Beth Hafling
“The Journey of Grief Into Our Heart” — Shaleena
“A dying poet with a soul already dead” — Tory
Illustrations — Risa G., Jacklynne
“The Summoning” — Caryn StarDancer
“I had a dream tonight” — Risa G.
“I am heavy with the memory of death” — Risa G.
Illustrations: J. StarDancer, collage of work — June and Mari
“spidre-womynne” — Kore Loy Wildrekinde
“Hands” — The Poet, Maria Valenzuela
“It’s brown fan of peeled flesh” — June Covington
Illustrations — C.R., Loy and Mari
“Voice of Innocence” — The Poet, Maria Valenzuela
“Little Angel” — Debbie David
“Oh child of innocence” — Briggie
“There They Go Again Number1” — Diana
“Baby One” — Linda Duffy
“Ode to the First Born” — Jet
illustrations — Mickie, Loy, Mari
“The Endless Tests for Survival” — Alvira
“Future” — Robbie Snow
“Pondering Healing” — Beth Hafling
Illustrations — Robbie Snow, Mari and Loy
“To Be Forever Free: A Fairy Tale” — Michele
Children’s Corner
Teen Talk
Comic: “Point of View” — L.J. StarDancer
“Here There Be Dragons” Contest

Volume 3 Number 8, August 1991
“Dancing With The Serpent” — Caryn StarDancer
“Believing, Grieving, Healing”– Marilyn K.
“What We Bring” — Diane Mielke
“Why The Good Must Die” — Jane Ware
“Dyke Popcorn Memories” — Debbie’s Family Circle
“Survivor’s Innocent Victim” — DJ, etc.
“as with endless tears” — DJ, etc.
“Blood” — Linda Duffyv “One Picture Can be Worth A Thousand Words” — Anne Shordike
“Revenge” — Virginia
“In My Day” — The Raj
“Satanic Hip: The Rocky Horror Picture Show” — Priscilla Rhoades
Teen Talk
Children’s Corner
“Patterning” — Robbie Leavitt
“I, Diapergirl” — Karen Tame
Comic: “Ah! Tension” — LJ StarDancer
“Reasons to Not Kill Yourself” and “Reprogramming Worksheet”
Volume 3 Number 9, September 1991
“Shape of the Ship” — Caryn StarDancer
“Hard to Believe” — Paul Crissey
“Understanding Ritual: Ethics and Ritual Abuse” — Catherine Ragazzi
“Therapeutic Touch: A Survivor’s Perspective” — Risa G.
“Therapeutic Touch: A Therapist’s Perspective” — Anonymous
“An Inquiry in Addressing Spider” — I.O.
“cold voices call to us” — Peg
“Fear” — Linda Duffy
“innocent blood” — Micah
“Mulberry Tree” — The Raj
“Passage” — Tahna Chance
“The trauma plows the field” — Robbie Snow
“Stuck in De Nile” — Geraldine Troy
“Memories” — The Tenor
“Lost and Spaced” — Roy Skinner
“Painted Black” book reviewed by Priscilla Rhoades
“MPD from the Inside Out” book reviewed by C Ragazzi
“The ‘F’ Word: Functional Multiplicity a Viable Alternative to Fusion” — Caryn StarDancer
Results from Ritual Abuse Project: Summary — C.C.
Open Letters; Doris
“Be Your Own Superhero Contest”
“My Summer” — Emily
Teen Talk
MPD Comic: “Learning How To Feel” part 1 — L.J. StarDancer

Out of print
Volume 3 Number 10,
October 1991
“The Garden Shed” and “One of Many Rituals” — Sherry L.
“Why Does She Have To Die? Why Not Me?” — C.W. and the Others
“Allison” — Risa G.
Book and Resources Reviews:
“Multiple Personality Gift:”
“Don’t make me go back mommy”
“Understanding Ritual Abuse”
“Multiple Personality and Dissociation, A Complete Bibliography”
Children’s Corner
“Little Miss Moth Mouth” — Brock Gentlewind
Teen Talk
“The Halloween Party” — BLT
“Viewing Grass As Children’s Path” — Molly Dafodill
“the darkness has my soul again” — the party within
“So Alone In My Crowdedness” — The Poet, Maria Valenzuela
“Sunlight heals the worst of wounds” — the party within
“I stand in awe, A shell around this child” — Susan Ariel
“Facing Forty” — C.A.
“Obedience To Insanity: Social Collusion in the Creation and Maintenance of Dissociative States” — Martin R. Smith M.Ed.
Comics: “TurtleBoy and Friends” — LJ and “Paper Dolls” — Gail

Out of print
Volume 3 Number 11,
November 1991
“A Body of Work” — Candice Comstive RN BSN MA
“Art and Reclamation” — Camille Good
“The Metaphor About Climbing ‘The Rock'” — Sue Myllykangas
“Lessons: How To Ride A Bike and Other Essential Lessons About Being Human” — Lisa Gentlewind
“A Twinkle In The Eye of God” — Teresita Scully Ph.D.
“The Waves Receded” — Catherine Ragazzi
Children’s Corner
In Memoriam Maggie Munchkin
“my analysis”
“The Visitor”
“My Puppet”
“Encephalitis Lethargica”
“Warning ‹ Doomed to Live”
“Understanding Cult Alters” — Caryn StarDancer
“Allies In Healing” book review by L. Ohran
Teen Talk
Comics: TurtleBoy” — L.J. and “Mind of an MPD” — Gail L

Out of print
Volume 3 Number 12,
December 1991
“Here There Be Dragons Special Contest”

Volume 4 Number 1, January 1992
“God as a Multiple Personality” — Michael Baugh LCSW
“The Dark Side of Goddess Worship” — P. Rhoades
“No More” — Gary H.
“Welcome Home” — Judy L.
“Sarah, Whom I’ve Never Met” — Dave Quinlan
“Satanism As A Form of Organized Evil” — Claudia Burmeister
“Satanism: The Inverted Value System” — Dale McCulley
Video Review: “Closet Land”
“The Legacy of Childhood in a Closed Christian Cult” — S Welham
Children’s Corner
“10’s Book of Questions”
“In The Land of Abundance” — M. de la Cueva
Teen Talk
“It is beginning again ..” — Kathleen
MPD Comic: “Thought Police: The New SS” — L.J. StarDancer
SurvivorShip Resources Query

Out of print
Volume 4 Number 2,
February 1992
“PTSD and the Loss of Ontological Security”– Martin Smith M.Ed.
“To The Roaring Lions” — Erin Uber
“I heard my mother” — A Freeman
“What was that?” — Laurie
“Don’t tell me that you love me” — Susan Ariel
“Hug Deprived” — The Poet, Maria de la Cueva
“The Web” v The Raj
“crouching, I peer over the edge” — Micah
Portrait of a Survivor: Jane M.
Book Review: “Claiming Anne Sexton” — P. Rhoades
Civil Suits by Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Children’s Corner: TurtleBoy and “Be Your Own Superhero” winner
Teen Talk: “Be Your Own Superhero” winner
MPD comic: “Lizard Brain” — L.J. StarDancer

Volume 4 Number 3, March 1992
“Triggers” — Caryn StarDancer
“The Journey” — J.F.M./ The Committee
“By Your Essence” — Linda
Memoriam Dedication: Meredith and Samuel
“Mythicalle Inventorye Before Settinge Oute” — KLW
“Tony” — Bev
“For Peggi” — Peg
“fear the night” — the party within
“The Mind’s Doors” — Melinda and Elegia
“Secret Survivors” book reviewed by G.J.O.
Portrait of a Survivor: Hope
“Can You Believe?” — C.A.
Organization News — Risa G.
Teen Talk
MPD Comic: “Mirrors” — L.J. StarDancer
Reprogramming Worksheet
The LifeBoat:
Book Review: “The Velveteen Rabbit”
“How To Deal With Grownups” — Emily
“A Cat Story” — Risa G.
“An Alice Story”
Drawing lessons
Comic: TurtleBoy and Friends — L.J. StarDancer
Volume 4 Number 4, April 1992, April Fool issue
“More Exposure for Multiples” — Paul Crissey
“de-PRESS-ed RELEASE” — Paul Black
“World Religions Simplified”
Review of All Around the Town: “Fact is Stranger than Fiction”
Comic: “A Word from our Sponsor” — Silent Albatross
“Quotes from Multiples (who thought they were not)”
Silly poems: “Perchance to Sleep” by Cynthia and “Mary and her Sheep” –Jack
Comics: “Son of a Survivor” — L.J.; “Hard Questions” — Elizabeth et alia
“Little Jeanie and the Mad Dog” — J.G.; “good people” — j.
Jokes from JUSTUS kids
Comic: TurtleBoy and Friends — L.J. StarDancer
Volume 4 Number 5, May 1992
“Guidelines for Researchers using MPD Informants” — M. Arrigo
“Revictimization on the Ward” — Robert McConnell
Portrait of a Survivor: “Branded”
“Betrayal by a Therapist” — J.R.
Response from victim system
“Dear Therapist” — P/CM
“And what are we left with” — P/CM
“How is what she did” — P/CM
“How could he?” — P/CM
“Soul Rape” — P/CM
“Treating Ritual Abuse Survivors ” — Lynette Danylchuk Ph.D.
MPD Comic: “You Can Lead a Horse” — L.J. StarDancer
Termination of Satan’s Parental Rights Forms
The Lifeboat:
Review: “Secret at Red Gate Farm”
Letters and art from kids
Recipe: Easy Alice Cookies
Emily’s Corner: Drawing Scary Pictures
More “How to get along with Grownups”
Volume 4 Number 6, June 1992
Annual Poetry Edition
“I call them shadow dancers” — pj
“Was it me?” — Lauriev “i wonder where his victims are” — marise turner
“My Mind Is Fractured” — A Freeman
“Fusion — Integration” — Gail LaBossiere
“My Fear” — barbara eakle
“There are empty hallways” –Chyna Williams
“Tales of a Frightened Boy” — Jennifer Dodgson
“The essence of a person’s spirit” — pj
“Multifaceted Personality” — Maria de la Cueva
“Discovery” — Robbie Snowv “night descends into unearthly darkness” — Lani S.
“Divided Self: Part I” — Kerda Kroen
“The Diagnosis” — Tracy
“It’s hard to be a male inside a female frame” — Benjamin
“He Asked About the Voices In My Head” — Barbara
“Fever Subway” — Chyna Williams
“I was a little girl, Made of salt” — Louise Lady
“My Life Feels Shattered” — A Freeman
“I’m a little girl, hiding” — Cassie C.
“I seek not myself but I find myself in others” — pj
“Unseen Bars” — Amanda Blare
“i am tucked away inside your mind” — patricia
“Powers Within” — DJ etc
“One Point of View” — A Part of Ales’ System et al
“my tears are here” — Susan Ariel
“To Little Toni” — Toni S.
“Maintenance” — Soul for the Shadow
“How did this river come to be” — Risa G.
“You Bred Me” — Kerry Leigh Ellison
“A Present from Anne” — Linda Duffy
“our privates weep” — Bhasa
“Echoes” — the party within
“false ritual” — m. turner
“And, You Wonder?” — Joanne Suchma
“A dark and dismal shadow follows me” — Briggie
“Too Painful a Puzzle To Play With Alone” — M.B.
“A Talk With Rage” — Kimber
“The Box” — Joanne Suchma
“Left For Dead But Not Forgotten” — Maria de la Cueva
“A Golden Flower” — Casandra, Melody, Symbo Number2
“my heart of glass has broken” — Susan Ariel
“the raging noises” — m. turner
“An Easter Antithesis” — M.B.
“Only in a World” — Kimber
“Attention spans grow only longer” — pj
“Someone said, ‘We can’t Afford to forget’ ” — S.R. and Co.
“I Feel Like a Revolving Door” — A Freeman
“Us” — Maria de la Cueva
Volume 4 Number 7, July 1992
“Jessica’s Story” — Jessica
“Friend: To Support or Aid” — Debra T.W.
“Long-distance Support” — Caryn StarDancer
Comic: “Guide to the Stars” — Elizabeth et alia
“You have awakened something in me” — Jackie R.
“nobody wants to hear my stuff” — m. turner
“Good hands are our doctor’s” — Anonymous
“Just One Special Person” — Jean, The Clan
“Therapy” — Caryn StarDancer
Book Review: “Reclaiming the Heart”; Elaine R.
Teen Talk
“The Cycle of Mother-Cannibal” — Mia
“People Are Stupid” — Anonymous, female
“Once upon a time” — Anonymous, malev
“Once upon a time there was a princess” — June
“Advance Warning” — Anonymous, male
MPD Comic: “This is the House” — L.J. StarDancer
The LifeBoat
Book Review: “The Fast Rolling Little Engine That Could” — Janet
Book Review: “On the Day You Were Born” — Sarah and Patti
“My Miss Greenstamp” — Linda
Kid Art!
Volume 4 Number 8, August 1992
Theme: Grieving
“Learning the Language of Grief” — Risa G.
“A Chance to Finally Let Go” — P.T. Munrow LCSW
“Littlyl Grace of God” — Damon for The Nasty Boys
“Ritual Abuse: The Ultimate in Needing to Heal” — A Survivor
“In Memorium 6/6/91” — C.A.
“Mosaic Memory Tiles” — Kerda Kroen
“For A Little Girl I Once Knew” — B.V.
“The Pastoral Role in Grieving” interview with Clayton
“Resurrection” — Laura Christine
“From the Ashes” — Poet
Teen Talk
MPD Comic: “The Memorial Service” — LJ StarDancer
The LifeBoat
Letters from kids
Drawing tips from Jeffrey, Peggi and Sarah
“My Memorial” — BraveBoy
Song Therapy and song — Lee
Poem — Sandy
Volume 4 Number 9, September 1992
“Firestorm in the O K Corral”; Sandy Robbin M.D.
Book Reviews: “Surviving the Wreck” and “Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse”
Comic: Ricky Ricks — Rick
“Update: False Memory Syndrome Foundation”
“As a lifetime example” — Lauren
“I remember almost nothing” — Clara Forest
“Past It” — Connie P.
“hitting home” — jay
Video review: “Children at Risk”
Survivors “Raise Cain:” letters of protest to the media
“Surviving the Media” — Caryn StarDancer
Teen Talk
“Getting Even: Slogans for Teenagers”
MPD Comic: “Media-ocre/Media-ogre” — L.J. StarDancer
The Lifeboat
Emily’s Corner: Art Project ‹ Rubbings
“Little White Cloud” — the Boogie Bunch
More Ways to Get Along with Grown-Ups
Pepper’s Mango Frozen Yogurt Great Dessert
“My Neighbor” — the friends of Darlene

Volume 4 Number 10, October 1992
“Searching for Manna in the House of Horrors”; Survivors Interfacing with the Health Care System” Sandy Robbin MD
“Before and After” by Clara Forest
“The Diagnosis” — Tracy
“Dear Satan” — Elizabeth et alia
“From Branded to Strengthened”
Book Review: “Living with Your Selves”
Comic: Ricky Ricks by Rick
Portrait of a Survivor: Lynn
Teen Talk
“I’m Secluded” — Justin
MPD Comics: Halloween Humor
Survivors hip Advocacy
The Lifeboat
“The Dog Who Was Told He Was a Kangaroo” — Ralph and Heidi May
MPD Joke — Justus kids
“Recovery” by Pam et al for Louise and Family

Out of print
Volume 4 Number 11,
November 1992
0Dedication: “Moving Beyond Survival”
“Understanding the A.D.A.” — Ruth Lyon
“Ritual Abuse in Health Care” — Carol Lindsey Ph.D. BCSW
Teen Talk
“However can I stand”
“View from the Ceiling” — Sue Daly
“Why, Daddy” — CB and The Insiders
“I’m on Again” — Mirreth
“clock … ticking …” — MLH
“No More Time” — Lee, The Clan
News and Notes
“Relationships: What’s Normal?” — Jean, The Clan
MPD Comic: “Staying Well Balanced” — L.J. Stardancer
The LifeBoat

Volume 4 Number 12, December 1992
“The Basics” Working in a Total Treatment Context” — Caryn StarDancer
“What Is This New EMDR” — Brooke Passano MA MFCC
“Windows” — Pat Morey
“Connecting to My Power Center” — Jennifer Sun
Video Review: “Fitness for Survivors”
“Inside a skin of stone” — Risa G.
“I Have” — Debbie T.
“I am not the one you wanted” — Snow
“Death Woman” — Kate
“Offering” — D.W.
News and Notes
“And Now Groups ..Pros and Cons” — Kim C. and Elaine R.
Teen Talk
Comics: Ricky Ricks, Elizabeth et alia and MPD Comic — LJ
The LifeBoat
Volume 5 Number 1, January/February 1993
Theme: “False Memory”
Editorial on “False Memory”
“The ‘Incest Survivor Machine’: A Targeted Author Rebuts” — E. Sue Blume
“The Cognitive Interview” — R. Edward Geiselman Ph.D.
“Point Counterpoint .. ‘False Memory Syndrome'” — Kathy Pezdek Ph.D.
“Thoughts on Surviving the False Memory Movement” — Judith Mathilda
More Media Misinformation: ABC’s Devilish Deeds
“To All of the Many” — All of Maria
“Dear Primetime” — HDA
“Say It, Mr. Clinton” — All of Maria
“Pink to Black, Black to Pink” — DJ etc
“Self-Portrait” — Sue Daly
“Up, up away” — Cecelia
“Please let me write” — Snow
News and Notes
“Becoming ‘Unfetored'” — J.E.R.
“Close the Heart” — Linda
“Something happened to me when I was six” — Dee
“The Lost Kid” — Jorge Casanova
“Remembrance” — Chris B.
Teen Talk
“Your words today were harsh and cruel”
“Father’s Love” — Justin MPD Comic: TurtleBoy and Jet in “Priority Packing”
Letters to the Editor
The LifeBoat
Volume 5 Number 2, March/April 1993
“Dear Janet Reno” — Loy McWhirter
“Sibylline Shackles: Mind Control in the Context of Ritual Abuse” — Caryn StarDancer
More Media Rejoinders
Letter to Stephanie Salter, San Francisco Examiner
Letter to ABC
“And the War Rages On” — Jackie
“The Voyeur” — Clara Forest
“Survival” — Jennies S.
“Dodging Handsy Men” — Sarah Progress
“I Got a Home Away from Home” — felicia
“Safe Haven” — the party within
News and Notes
EMD/R Revisited”
Mind Control: The Aftermath
“Health Care Terrors” — Loy
“I’m Not Satan’s Child” — Zadig Survivor
Portrait of a Survivor: “Mia: One of Many”
Teen Talk
Survivin’Shit: Belated April Fools
“D.U.M.P.E.D.” — Dave Quinlan
“Grocery Shopping” — Somebody, for Ana
Comics: Ricky Ricks and MPD Comic
Letters to the Editor
The LifeBoat
Volume 5 Number 3, May/June 1993
Theme: Health Systems
“The Dynamics of Fear” — Nancy J Cole Psy.D.
“It’s My Life” — Lisa
“Emergency Psychiatric Hospitalization” — Song of the Wind, Ellen Edwards and Sandy Robbin MD
“Dear Emergency Medicine Staff Doctors, Nurses and Other Part-time Physicians” “Hospital Memories” — D.J.
“My past crouches over me” — Laurie
“Questions” — Catherine Rice
“Adventures in Dentistry” — Risa G.
“My Cycle” — Nikie
“Injuries” — SEA
“Warning” — June Covington
“The Stalker” — Judith Lundin Lowe
News and Notes and Calendar of Events
Review: “FMS Founders Champion Paedophilia”
“The Two-Edged Sword of Validation” — Robyn Swain Long
Another Rebuttal: The New Yorker’s “Remembering Satan”
Humor: “On Labels and the DSM IV” — Bonnie
MPD Comic: “Snotbusters” — L.J. StarDancer
Portrait of a Survivor: “Louise”
Teen Talk
“Virgin Soil” — Rebecca
Letters to the Editor
The LifeBoat
Volume 5 Number 4, July/August 1993
Theme: Spirituality
Common Anniversary Dates
“Belonging to the Universe” — Margot Silk Forrest
“Seeing is Believing” — Sandra Warnken
“A Story for Children Who Were Raped in Their Beds” — Mary W.
“Thoughts on Angels” — Judith Mathilda
“Goodbye Tree and Sky” — Darla
“Safe in the Arms of Jesus” — Cicilee and Caroline
“Crucible of Madness: Transforming Abuse into Spiritual Power” — Caryn StarDancer
“A Buddhist Awakens” — Sandy Robbin
“Holiday Reflections for Joey” — Poet
“The One Who Makes Things Whole” — Alice Tallmadgev Mini Reviews:
“Triumph Over Darkness”
“A Rainbow for Patti”v News and Notes and Calendar of Events
Reviews and Recommendations:
“I Know You’re Hurting”
“Stripped Naked”
“Ghost Girl”
“The Optimist”
“The Mask of Cain” — Linda
“Portrait of a Survivor
Teen Talk
“This wall is so strong” — Cyndi
Super Alter Comics:
“Shadows of a Forgotten Past” — Silent Albatross
TurtleBoy and Friends: “Overburdened Sense of Conscience”
Letters to the Editor
The LifeBoat
Volume 5 Number 5, August/September 1993
Theme: Survivor Advocacy
“How I Plan to Survive the Lean Times” — Kerry Ellison
“Beyond Survival: Realistic Expectations for Healing” — Caryn StarDancer
“Professional Accountability” — Ellen Edwards
“True/Not True: When Memories Can Be Trusted”
“The Way of the Journal”
“Ritual Abuse: What It Is, Why It Happens, How To Help”
Teen Talk
“Full of Scenes without People” — Ellen Elizabeth
“Nights on Bald Mountain” — Nomine
“Therapy Breakthrough” — Elizabeth et alia
“Making Your Way Through the Disability Process” — Victoria Strong
“Dealing With Law Enforcement” — Robyn Long
News and Notes and Calendar of Events
Letters to the Editor
The LifeBoat

Out of print
Volume 5 Number 6,
November/December 1993
Resource Guide and 1989-1993 Index

Volume 6 Number 1, January/February 1994
Theme: Dissociative Self Systems
“Demographic Survey: Diagnosis and Dogma” — Caryn StarDancer
“Progress, Growth and Change” — CLandC
“Multiple Personality: Lessons in Humanizing Labels” — Jan Chess Ph.D.
“The Unspecific Label: DDNOS” — R.H.
“Cinquins” — Chris
“Her Crystal” — paulanne/Cedar
“The Turtle” — Debbie
“Pearls” — Catherine Rice
“Remembered Rain” — Kailyne Reede Waters
“Homecoming” — Jenny Leonhardt
“Multiple Personality Order” — William Henkin Ph.D.
“Denial: We Are Not Multiple” — H.D. Adams
“A Little Respect for the Living, Please” — Suzanne Abel
“What It’s Like for Me” — Shirley Hilja
Teen Talk
News and Notes
Calendar of Events
Letters to the Editor
TurtleBoy and Friends Comic Strip
The Lifeboat
Volume 6 Number 2, March/April 1994
Theme: Mothering
“God Grant me Serenity” — The Many
“The Big “‘B’ – Balance” — Julie
“A Survivor and a Parent” — B.W.
“Motherhood on the Margins of Sanity” — Josephine Rivers
“Notes from a Survivor Raising Survivors ” — Audrey Farber
“It’s Never a Child’s Fault” — Anne Hart
“My Daughter Has Been Ritually Abused Too!” — Cari
“Where does beauty live?” — Anonymous
“Mother-In-Memory” — Aubrieta Victoria Hope
“Celebration Time” — Cindy Burd Sojourner
“Survivin’shit” April Fool Section
Jokes — Phoenix and JUSTUS kids
“B.A.S.K. Trivia Game” — Ruth M.
“Dr. Hood’s Dissociated Glossary” — Robin Hood M.D.
MPD Comic by L.J. StarDancer
Teen Talk
“A Fairy Tale About Dissociation” — Jenny
News and Notes
Calendar of Events
Letters to the Editor
The Lifeboat
Volume 6 Number 3,May/June 1994
“From the Bridge” Editorial — Caryn StarDancer
“Safe Passage to Healing: Finding the Right Therapist” — Chrystine Oksana
“Bodywork Dialogues: The Therapist” — Karene Rogers, MA MFCC
“Bodywork Dialogues: The Survivor — Nan
“Art Work A Door to the Unconscious” — Mara B.
“Single Star Many Moons” — Karen Cuddihy
“Insomnia” — Beth and Co
“The Silent Call” — R. Walker
“I’m gonna cry-” — Danette and Company
“Looking Back” — Connie Post
“dr seuss” — Sabrina
“The Medicine Wheel” — Mac McLaughlin
Overcoming Denial: “Fifty Four Deer” — Risa G.
“Canadian Income Tax Law and the MPD Client” — Robin Dalziel MBA CGA
“A Stage Along the Road to Self Care” — Sarah Rivers
MPD Comic — L.J. StarDancer
Teen Talk
“From Ritual Abuse Victim to Feminist Survivor” — Rebecca
“In Memory” — Shari
“For Mary, my baby” — Rebecca
News and Notes
Calendar of Events
Letters to the Editor
The Lifeboat
Volume 6 Number 4, July/August 1994
Theme: Anger
“From the Bridge” Editorial — Caryn StarDancer
“Anger: A Drain on Your Life or a Useful Tool” — Drs Richard and Thelma Bear
“Floating Between Scylla and Charybdis: The Peril of Dissociated Rage” — Caryn StarDancer
“Thoughts On Anger” — Judith Mathilda
“The Burden of Anger” — M. Masada
“A Dance of Anger” — Lynn
“Redirect to Alternative File: Recipes for Power Abuse” (Satire)
“Thank You, Libbe” –Cassandra Speakes
Video Review: “Understanding Self Injury”
Youth At Risk
“Tamesha, San Francisco” — Amy Romanin
“Another Morning” — Ryan Seigl
“Apart” — Molly Fisk
“Paradox” short story — Heather Koehler
“Putting Survivorship to Work: June Covington” — Heather Koehler
Book reveiw: “Out Of Darkness: Exploring Ritual Abuse” — Sandy Robbin MD
“Exposing the C.R.A.P.”: Comics — C. WaterWoman
Humor: “Alter Etiquette Number101” — Ruth
Teen Talk
“Multiple Gardener” comic — C.K.
“First Blood” — Cally
News and Notes
Calendar of Events
Letters to the Editor
The Lifeboat
Volume 6 Number 5, Sept/Oct 1994
“Dare to Vision” — Ann Jennings, Ph.D.
“Breaking the Silence: Public Disclosure” — Elizabeth Adams
“SS TT OO PP” — Jennies S.
“The Breakfast of Peace” — V.J. Meriwether
“Overcoming Fear of Pelvic Exams” — Robin Hall
“Letter to My Alters” — Barbara
Book Review: “Motherless Daughters”
Book Review: “Unchained Memories”
Book Review: “Freeing Hearts and Minds”
“Protect the Children” — Sekor
“Night” — Reed
“They Say I’m Afraid ” — Melissa Ann
“Nameless Face” — Marie
“Ghetto Child” — R. Walker
“Caretaker of Swans” — Clara Forest
Art — Shilo and Lani S.
“The Day Before October Starts” — Connie P and Dead
“Metamorphosis” — Connie P.
“A Spiritual Solution” — Connie Valentine M.S.
“How Did Halloween Start?” — Catherine Ragazzi R.N.
“Thoughts On Evil” — Judith Mathilda
“Finally I stand in It” poem — Maria Seraphim
Teen Talk
“Spiritual Healing Through Tattoo” — Ace, Editor and Me
Movie Review of “Fortress” — The Clan
“C.R.A.P.” Cartoon — C. WaterWomon
News and Notes
Calendar of Events
Letters to the Editor
The LifeBoat
Volume 6 Number 6, Nov/Dec 1994
“Partners” — Bill
“Partners” — Judy
“What About My Needs?” — Miriam Smolover MFCC
Book Review: “Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse”
Book Review: “How Little We Knew”
Book Review: “The Secret Garden”
Radio Review: “Beth’s Village”
“It is one thing to escape” — Sage
“A simple separate person ” — Haley
“From Birth” — Terry
“My mind divides itself” — Danette and Co.
“The 4 Seasons Through the Eyes of an MPD” — Barbara
“mo(u)rning” — Debbi Dickinson
“I have dreamt my oasis” — Ryan Seigl
Art — Beth and Co; Danette and Bron’s People
“‘False Memory’ Society Promotes Pro-Peadophilia Book” — Marjorie Orr
“C.R.A.P.” Cartoon — C. WaterWomon
“Seventh Circuit Rejects Underwager Suit”
“Update: Your Memories Are Not False” — John Backus Sc.D. and Barbara Stannard Ph.D.
Teen Talk
“When I Say I Want to Kill Myself” — Lani and Co.
Art — Emily
Prose poem — Eleanora
News and Notes
Calendar of Events
Letters to the Editor
The LifeBoat
Volume 7 Number 1, 1995
“Denial” — Nancy Cole Psy.D.
“Tomorrow’s Forecast” — Donna Gleckler
“Who Am I?” — Linda Montz
“The Credibility of Memory” — Ellen Edwards M.A.
“War Games” — Sandy Robbin M.D.
“The Game” — Joey and Sandy
“How and Why Big People Fight” — Little Peepel
“New Vocabulary Words” — Mmasada
“Senses of the Soul” — Sophia Hunt
“Tears of Shadows” — Marie
“Integrate” — Jennifer
“The Mirror” — KM Heinlein
“Mirror” — Amanda Blair
“Before Noon” — Connie P.
Art by Risa G. and Catherine Ragazzi
“Write to Heal — Right to Heal” — Tess W.
“To My Therapist” — D.R.
“Harvey’s Gift” — Iris Weaver
“A New Combination” — Claire Carmichael
“Habitats for Humanity” — Mmasada
“The Protectors” — Cindy Hegedus
“A Visit to the Psychiatrist” cartoon — C. WaterWomon
“Music for Recovery” suggestions from Survivors
“Thoughts on Specialness” — Judith Mathilda
“Getting Clean” — Charlotte
News and Notes
Calendar of Events
Teen Talk
“A Child Cries” — Kirstin
Art — Cristy Wilson
“Till Again We Come to Meet” — Crystal Dawn
Letters to the Editor
The LifeBoat

Out of print
Volume 7 Number 2,
Year End Financial Report
“The Golden Rule of Paranoia” — V. Meriwether Ph.D.
“Mind Control Without Ritual Abuse” — R Drabble
“Pain” — Cindy Hegedus
“Naming Our Wounds As We Struggle for Our Own Liberation: Central American Communities of the Poor As A Model for Personal and Collective Healing” — Linda Crockett
“Report on Clergy Advocacy” — Rev. Audrey Ward
“Social Functioning of Religious Hierarchy” — Sarah
“Honoring the Inner Child”
“She came, like a newborn cub” — Abbe
“All Together Now” — Karen Louise Cuddihy
Art — Kore Loy McWhirter and Karen Cuddihy
Book Review: “Lights in the Darkness”
Book Review: “Understanding the Trauma of Childhood Psycho-sexual Abuse”
Book Review: “Cover Up of the Century”
Book Review: “Women Who Run With the Wolves”
Television Review: “HBO’s McMartin”
Television Review: “PBS’s Divided Memories”
News and Notes
Calendar of Events
Teen Talk
Music Review: “Bat Out of Hell TWO”
“Texas Conference Reports”
Cartoon — C.K.
Letters to the Editor
The LifeBoat

Volume 7 Number 3, 1995
“From the Bridge: Editorial”
“Harrowing the Mind: States of Torture” — Caryn Stardancer
“Caveat Emptor: Painless Processing”
“Revivification: Painless Memory Retrieval” — Susan Ford
“Stigma: Enemy of Friendship” — Bryanna
“Reclaiming Ritual: Druid Holidays” — Ainakhil
“RA SpeakOut — Survivor Activism” — Jeanne Marie Lorena
“You Cannot Speak” — DJ
“They Did Come” poem — cbw
“A Nesting Ground for the Healing Arts” — Robyn Long
“The Powers That Be” — SIM
“You Thought” — Linda Hobbs
“The Survivor’s Twenty-Third Psalm” — Sue Daly
Art — Robyn Long
“The New Satanists” by Linda Blood reviewed by Beth
“Relearning Touch: Healing Techniques for Couples” video — Wendy Maltz, reviewed by Caryn Stardancer
“Books and Resources for Male Survivors ” — Scott Abraham
“A Letter About Suicide” — The Children of East Berlin
Teen Talk
“Recovery Bill of Rights for Trauma Survivors ” — Thomas Maguire Ph.D.
Calendar of Events
News and Notes
Letters to the Editor
The LifeBoat

Out of print
Volume 7 Number 4
“From the Bridge: Editorial”
“Definitions of Ritualistic Abuse Experiences: Clinician Contact and Beliefs About Ritualistic Abuse” — Victoria Robertson Ph.D. MFCC
“Painful Realities: Exhibiting as a Survivor” — J.B. et al
“The Daily Bleeding”
Art — J.B. et al
News and Notes
“Beyond Understanding the Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse” — Elizabeth Adams
“Coping With and Preventing Patterns of Revictimization” — Lynette Danylchuk Ph.D.
The LifeBoat

Volume 7 Number 5 1996
“Among the Sharks” — Johanna Atman:
“Flashback” — Susana Taber
“Wasted Years” — C.J. Wilson
Pictures — Mary, Mara , Mari, and Niki
Essay: “The Flash of a Notion” — June Covington
Photos of Youth at Risk — Amy Romanin
“Holistic Midwifry: Caring for Survivors During Pregnancy” — Anne Frye B.A.
“Cyberspace Support for Survivors ” — Caryn StarDancer
“Clinician Contact and Beliefs About Ritual Abuse Part 2 –; Victoria Robertson Ph.D. MFCC
“From the Bridge Editorial”
Rap ‘n Tag: Teen and Up issues and arts
Calendar of Events
News and Notes
Letters to the Editor
The Crow’s Nest: Ritualistic Abuse and Society
Book review: “Starshine”
Video review: “True Stories”
The LifeBoat
“Christmas Saguaro Cactus”
“Star Light/Star Bright”
“Penguin Friends”
“A Christmas Hamster” — Lissa
“Nina” — Steve and Todd
“My Kitty” — Butch and Amanda
“Sparkle the Star” — Janie and the Bears
“Feeling Sad” — R.J.
Volume 7 Number 6 1996
Theme: Survivor Advocacy
“Sydney’s Farewell” — She
“untitled” — Damon
“First Telling” — Susana Taber
“Demon Child” — Kathryn Breese
“Little Girl Standing By” Cindy “Pam” Hegedus
“Bedrock” — Elizabeth Clare
“To Hope” — Giszelle
“Far Removed” — Kristin
“My Mask” — Cecelia
Pictures — Risa G., Giszelle, A.A., Emma, Cecelia and Oak
“Dry Dock Procedures” — Caryn Stardancer
“The Durable Power of Attorney” — R.H.
“A Survivor’s Saga of Becoming Financially Responsible” — Joanne
“A Survivor’s Financial Package” — Kailyne
“Twelve Helpful Ways to Support a Survivor” — Linda Williams
“The Children¹s’ Tree” — Linda
“The Cost of Betrayal” — Paul Crissey
“Other Survivors of Organized Crime” — Anne Hart
“Chart Notes”
“From the Bridge: Editorial”
Rap ‘n Tag: Teen and Up issues and arts
Calendar of Events
News and Notes
Letters to the Editor
The Crow’s Nest: Ritualistic Abuse and Society
Inferno Memoir: “The Evidence” — C.P. Hegedus
Book review: “Unchained Memories”
Book review: “The Buffalo Book”
Television: “Straight Up”
The LifeBoat:
“Locked Out” — C.M.
“Two Ton” — Beth
“Lion and the Sun” — The Bunny
“Flower” — Tweela
“Angel Lifeboat” — Anna M.T.
“Angel” by Nathan A
“Climbing Out of the Well” by Robbie Snow
“Butterfly Love” — Emma”
“Angels TWO” — Rainbow Inc. Kidz
Poem: “Haiku 4” — Marina
Review: “Catwing Books”
Story: “A Nice Story with Two Angels” — Blondy
Story: “The Wellwoman” — RCM
Poem: “Butterfly Love” — Lani and Emma
Volume 8 Number 1 1997
“Safe Rooms .. Rooms to be Safe” — Paul Crissey
“A Huge Step” — S. Madison: (The components of a successful hospitalization.)
“Hospitals .. Help or Hinder? — Kathryn S.
“Hospital Horrors” — DeAnna
“Satanic Ritual Abuse Exists” — Sandra Warnken
“McMartin Revisited” — Alex Constantine
“Survivor Ship Net” Survivors support each other.
“The Meeting” — C.R.
“Untitled” — Skye Racán Alexander
“Solo Flight” — Sue Daly
“Quick” — S. Madison
Picture — C.R.
“Why?” — Macabre
“Judge Me Not” — Lani
“Memories” — Ruth Ann Musbach
Picture — Mara B.
“Rage TWO” — Sara Progress
“Mother …” — Anonymous
“Outer-Inner Landscapes” — Wendy
“Freedom” — Sue Daly
“Skylight” — Amanda Blare
“A Lack of Substance” — Lucinda
“Once Upon a Time” — Anne et al
art — Lucinda
“I Am Your Nightmare” — Ashli
“Unfinished Nightmares” — Cecelia C
art — Danette
“Why Was I Late?” — The Boogie Bunch
“Light” — Crystal Dawn, art — dj
“Leaving the Dark” — A.A.
“Untitled” art by Janice Stardancer
Chart Notes: A guide to seasonal navigation
“From the Bridge: Editorial” — Caryn StarDancer
Inferno Memoir: “Sara’s Closet” — E.M.
Rap ‘n Tag: Teen and genX issues and arts.
The Crow’s Nest
Watch reports on society
Calendar of Events
Squibs, Squawks and Services
“The Family Inside” book reviewed by Chris Mead
“Memory and Abuse”
“Transforming Trauma” books reviewed by Karen Kennedy
“The House on Survival Avenue” poetry reviewed by Tracé
“Unholy Alliance” book reviewed by Angel
“The Nazi Doctors” book reviewed by Crystal
“One Teenager in Ten” book reviewed by Anna
“Lifeboat” — Little Kid
Spaceship — Joy Monique
“Tears” — SLM
“Tree” — Jerry Madlock
“Want Something to Hug?” — SLM
“Hummingbird” — Little Kid
“Going for a Ride” — SLM
Review: “James and the Giant Peach”
“Magic Cottonwood Tree” — Blondy
“Feelings” word search puzzle
“Collie and Friends” — Colette Merrill
Fast Food Toy Guide for Kids review by Lissa
“Story” — Susan Ten
“My Pupper Dogs” — Alice
Volume 8 Number 2 1997
“Bleak House” by A. Constantine and S. Smith
“The Freedom of Information Act” — Jean Riseman MSW
“Therapist Surrenders License” — J.B.
“Co-counseling with Ritual Abuse” — Debby Earthdaughter
“The Impact of the Backlash” — Phoenix Van
“R.A.I.N.S.” — Joan Coleman (Ritual Abuse support in U.K.)
“Better the Devil You Know” (Personal account of conference)
“Street Corner R A” — The Bird (Revictimized by ‘spiritual’ cons)
Chart Notes: A guide to seasonal navigation
“From the Bridge: Editorial” — Caryn StarDancer
The Crow’S Nest: Watch reports on society
Inferno Memoir: “The Final Cut” — Deborah
Survivor memory narrative
OffSpringBoard: Children of Survivors ‘ Page
Ship Mates: Partners’ Page
Rap ‘n Tag: Teen and genX issues and arts.
Calendar of Events
Squibs, Squawks and Services
“Panic No More” book reviewed by Barb Eakle
“Dissociative Children” book reviewed by Pat J. Sikora
“A Rock and a Hard Place” book reviewed by Amanda Stone
“Psychic Dictatorship in the USA”, “Secret and Suppressed” books reviewed by Sarah
“Recovered Memory/False Memory Debate” book reviewed by Kathryn et al
“Matilda” movie reviewed by Amanda Stone
“Forgiveness for Me” — Chaya
“Trust” — Kathy Eaton
“I cannot trust” — M. Turner
Illustration — Mara B.
“M.M.: In Remembrance” — Caryn Stardancer
“An Enquiry” — Maggie Munchkin
“Crucifix” — JCS
“Personal Visions” — Jane Shepherd
“The Protector”, “Child in the MEADOW” and “Opening to The Unknown” — Jane Shepherd
“Why Me?” — Macabre
“We Are Survivors” — Allison Swain
art — C.J. Wilson
“Some Reasons Not” (satire) — Oak Treechild
“Depression and Pain” — Lani and Co.
“Jesus in my Heart” — Jemimah the Ogress
“If You Sometimes Feel” cartoon — Jerry Madlock
“Dragon” — Tiny
“My Mask” — Cecelia
“On Being Multiple” — Chris Grussendorf
“Memories” — Risa G.
“Lifeboat” — Joey
“Lifeboat” — Lony
“Under the Purple Hat” — Oak
“Cottonwood Tree” — Jerry
“Questions” — Beccie
“Volcano” — Anna S.
“Giraffe and Butterfly” — Ceire and Oak
“Giraffe in Bath” — The Chorus
“Giraffes” — The Chorus
“Butterfly” — Emily
“Now Safe on Ship or Shore” — Not Shut Up and Joey
“Hunchback of Notre Dame” review by Lissa
“Jack” review by Jack Fish Boy
“I Love You the Purplest” review by Emily
“I Promise I’ll Find You” review by Mary Christine
“Ode to Mother Nature” — Lani and Company
“The Question Story” — Little Jodie
“Volcano” — Lissa
“The Giraffe and the Dragonfly” — Josie May and Treehouse Kids with Madam Butterfly
“Hidden Message” puzzle — Alice
Volume 8 Number 3 1997
“Sabrina’s Story: An African American Woman’s Escape from Nazi Satanic Cult” — Sabrina Jones
“The Problem of Attachment to the Perpetrator” — Colin Ross M.D. “Grieving the Loss of the Parent”
“Let Us ‘Converse’ About Abuse: A Comedic Look at Healing” — Connie Post
“A Christian Response to RA” — Rev. Audrey Ward
“A Case of Multiple Selves” — Sue Richardson
“Actualities in Europe” — Fred Jonker M.D
“From the Bridge Editorial: Reckoning a Course for Future” — Caryn StarDancer
Chart Notes: A guide to seasonal navigation
Inferno Memoir: The Lives of the Cross by Beth Goobie
Rap ‘n Tag: Teen and genX issues and arts
OffSpringBoard: Children of Survivors ‘ Page
Ship Mates: Partners’ Page
“Focusing My Anger” — Linda M.
The Crow’s Nest Watch: reports on society
“Studies Confirm Recovered Memories”
“Law on Mandated Reporting”
“Backlash Takes Toll”
“Therapist Defeats FMSF”
Calendar of Events
Squibs, Squawks and Services
Keel and Rudder: Activist Tribute
Introducing Paul Crissey
“The Healing Power of Music” tapes reviewed by Caryn StarDancer
“Wounded Child”
“Zion’s Heart”
“Songs of Recovery” Ginny Frazier
“Born to Live” Nancy Day
“Un-Signed” Susan Toney
“Tori Amos RAINN: concert reviewed by Beth
“As You Desire Me “book reviewed by Susanna Taber
“We Were the Mulvaneys” book reviewed by Caryn StarDancer
“Treating Trauma Disorders” …video reviewed by Pat J. Sikora
“My Mom is Different” book reviewed by Nancy Friend
“You Thought” — Sabrina Jones
“Black Angels” — Sabrina Jones
“DD Conference Map” cartoon — Kristin
“How Long” — Maggie
“Down from the Cross” –Shilo, The Storyteller
“When Fathers Protect” — Jane Shepherd
“Compositions” — Christine Lynn
“Strange Child” — Susan Toney
“Untitled” — Mara B.
“Morbid Monopoly” cartoon — Oak Treechild
“Bugs” — Jerry Madlock
“Seasons” — Joy Monique
“The Barn” — Channel; poem by Violet
“Rage” — Jooly
“My Mom” — Samantha S.
“Sometimes Mommy Cries” — Mark
Cover “Lifeboat” by Katie
Back Cover “Lifeboat” — Emma
“Mother Ocean’s Skirt” — K-T
“Cheat Sheet” — LJ
“Granada” — Penny and Little Man
photos — Big Man
“Bears” — Little One and “Emma” — Janice
“Expressions” — Jonathen
“Janimals” — Janice StarDancer
“Clown” — Paul
“Mother, Mother Ocean” — K-T
“Our Vacation in Granada” — Kid, Elizbeth, 7 et al
“Little Man” — Big Man and Penny
“Eating at Denny’s” — Little One
“Puppet Girl, Child of Stone and The One Who Denies” — The Littles
“The Long-Necked Goose with the Loose Tooth” — Lani and Co.
“Please Write” — Paul
LifeBoat Contest Entry Form
Volume 8 Number 4 1997
“Brainwashing, Loss of Identity” — Madeline Sue Greenberg MA
“Thought Control in Religious and Satanic Cults”
“Conversations with a Multiple” — Linda Walker
“Links to Racist Right and Christian Identity Indoctrination”
“Passing Through a Gate” — Peggy Day RN
“Memoir of a Heaven’s Gate Suicide”
“Surveying Spiritual Experiences” — Peggy Peach Ph.D.
Research with Survivors
“Guidelines for Treating D.I.D. — Peter M. Barach Ph.D.
New Guidelines from ISSD
“Carving New Connections” — Rob Hoerntlein
Interview with Survivor/Sculptor
“Rescripting a Sense of Self” — Isa Gucciardi MA
“Hypnosis as a Tool of Healing”
“Child Sacrifice” — Susan Rose
“Projective Christianity”
“Support for Public Speaking”
Guidelines from Survivorship
“From The Bridge Editorial” — Caryn Stardancer
“Inferno Memoir This Is A Story, All of It Is Mine” — Chaya
Rap ‘N Tag: Teen and Genx Issues and Arts.
Offspringboard: Children of Survivors ‘ Page
Calendar of Events
Keel and Rudder: Activist Tribute
Honoring Roland Summit M.D.
“What about Her?” book reviewed by Marta
“The Kiss” book reviewed by Signa Harris
“Memory Slips” book reviewed by Caryn
“With Love” — Danette and Company
“Clueless in Cincinnati” Cartoon — Mary Bach Loreaux
“Combing out Lost Children” — Jane Shepherd
“RA Shattered My Mind” Cartoon — Mary Bach Loreaux
“Wolfgang” Drawing: Frances
“SurvivorShip” — Theron Turner
“Carving a New Future” –Theron Turner
“The Inner Marriage” — Jane Shepherd
“The Gift” — Marina Del Sol
“Sometimes Poem” — Sherlok
“On My Pillow” — Mary
“I Sent Them Away” — Mary
“Sacrifice” –: Mara B.
“The Split” — Amanda Stone
“A Dialogue: –Music
“One Fine Day in the Park Rant” Armas
“Not Enough Time” — Kelly Stitzel
“Untitled” — Mari
“Untitled” — J.T.R.
“If the Son Sets You Free”– Jessica Rose
“Hero to Abused Kids” Cartoon — L.J. Stardancer
The Lifeboat
Cover: “Lifeboat” — Robbie
Back Cover: “Lifeboat” — Bron’s People
“Butterfly”: — Emily
“Angels Decorate” — Rainbow Kids Inc
“Greatest Gift”
“God’s Light ” — Amy and Others
“Just Celebrating” — Little Kid
“White Cloud and Dragon”– Elsie
“Pine Cone Bird Feeder” — Janice
“Fun With Boats Stencils” Review — Clicker, Michealbe and George
“Charlie and Clocks” Story — Cindy
Poems — Melissa and Jenni Et Al
“The Factory” — Kathie
“No Fun” –Anonymous Kid
“White Cloud and Dragon” — Elsie
Winter Bird Feeder Project — Pepper
Lifeboat Contest Entry Form
Volume 9 No 1 1998
“Resources for Jewish Survivors” — Debby Earthdaughter
“The Shadow World of Family Violence” — Lynne Moss-Sharman “Remembering”
“Healing Sexual Horror Part 1: A new concept of sexuality” — Caryn StarDancer
Breaking Ritual Silence: An anthology of Survivor stories” — Jeanne Marie Lorena
“What Are Friends For?: Social interactions” — Hyacinth Avinger
“Sex and the Inner Child: A partner talks about sex” — Frank Jobey
“Eating Your Heart Out: Teens and eating disorders” — Samantha
“Children of Multiplicity: Forming a support network” — Karen Hanning
“Kids’ Group: Providing peer support for children of Survivors” — Marilyn Clark
“A Journey Toward Integration: survivor’s perspective” — Kathryn A
“A Self-Made Man: Richard Gardner and TSM-I” — Judith M. Simon
“Malicious or Not? Proving criminal intent in child homicide” — Charles A Phipps
“Interviewing the Child Molester: Ten tips for eliciting incriminating statements” — Victor Vieth
“From the Bridge: The editor recommends Inferno Memoir” — Caryn StarDancer
“A Small Spark, Wild as Lightning” — Joy
Ship Mates: Partners and Significant Others
Rap ‘n Tag Teen and genX issues and arts
“Tunes” — Booper
OffSpringBoard Children of Survivors ‘ Pages
The Crow’s Nest Watch reports on society
“Lawsuit Against LDS Church” — Linda Walker
“A Self-Made Man” — Judith M. Simon
Calendar of Events
Keel and Rudder: Survivor Activist Tribute Page Lynette: Danylchuk Ph.D.
“Satan’s High Priest” book reviewed by Miles Roberts
“Spirit Alive” book reviewed by Kathryn
“Double Vision” book reviewed by Orianna Abels
“Potatoes Not Prozac” book reviewed by Margot Silk Forrest
“Unspeakable Truths” book reviewed by Mary Bach-Loreaux
“The Sleep Room” TV show reviewed by Wayne Morris
“Brooklyn Sestina” — Noelle Kocot
“Tree of Life” — Painting by Janice
“Ma Kali In April” — Rhiannon Griffith
“Homage to Kali Ma” — Janice StarDancer
“Feminist Therapist” — Lynne Moss-Sharman
“Sestina for Lizzette” –Noelle Kocot
Art — Mara B.
“Signs of Death, Signs of Life” — Noelle Kocot
Bad Aliens”
“Signs of Life”
“Broken Child” — Jo Morey
“Abandonment or is it Hope” — Jean Georgeson
“Abandonment” — Adolescent
“Nameless Not Forgotten” — Frances et al
“Bound Hands” — Frances et al
“Wishing Poem” — Martha B.
“Lifeboat” by Helen
“Jet the WonderPup” — L.J.
“Kids for Sascha” — Sascha
“Sascha and the Dark One” — Sascha
“The Transformation” — Sascha
“What Rain Might be Like” — Lony
“Heaven is closed” — Mikey
“Kids’aBoard Web Site” — Alice
“Kid Alter Survey — Clicker, Adam, Andie, Katie and Fwancis
“The Dark One” — Sascha and Kerry
“A Story of Seedlings” — Hyacinth Avenger
“Away in my LifeBoat” — Joy Monique
“It’s Puzzling” Crossword by Alice

Volume 9 No 2
Roundtable: Amanda, Laurie, Jeannie, Pam
Managing Triggers: Neil Brick
Waves of Changes: Jeannie
My First Therapist: Lynn
Reviews: The Dilemma of Ritual Abuse: Cautions and Guides For Therapists George A. Fraser, ed., Managing the Initial Disclosure of Sexual Abuse Recollections by Janice A. Gasker, Strategic Emotional Involvement Lawrence Hedges. ed., and The Game (video)
Tell Us What You Think: Publications Team
A Toast: Vern
Out of the Winter of the Spirit: Abbe Gail Russell
Lifeboat: If I could Play by Peepers, My Garden by Blu, Recovery Island by Janice Knowlton, A Good Book by Lil L, TV Review by LaaLaa’s best buddy and How to get un-lucky by l,a,d,f,j,and m

Volume 9 No 3
A survivor’s Perspective: Kat
Days of Remembrance: Honoring Holocaust Victims: Sarabjit Singh
Was He a Gentle Soul: Frances Nardo
The Truth is Never Nice: Rev. Kevin Annett
A voice of Illumination: Beth Goobie
Movies as Therapy: Geoffrey Hill
Eternal Moments the role of memory in infant experiences of rage and
: P. Anne Winter
Lessons From the Study of Psychogenic Amnesia: Jean Maria Arrigo and Kathy Pezdek
How I Learned to Heal Resentment and Anger: Kathryn A.
Symptoms and Signals: Amy
Sadistic/Ritual Abuse: Rev. Cari Grace
Farewell From the Bridge: Caryn StarDancer
Portrait of a Survivor: Cherie Renee
The Dark and Light: Devorah Ma’ayan
My Birthright: Bobbie G.
Where are you mother?” She
Reviews: Poems by Beth Goobie, by Dina and by Hyacinth Avinger
Editorial: Alice
Review of I was a Teenage Fairy by Jenna Jokrys and kids
Mr. Mouse: Jonathon
Story: Heather
Article: Emma

Volume 9 No 4
Coming Home: C. L. Burger
A Few Thoughts, Survey Results, and The Armchair Activist: Jeannie Riseman
Change: Parvati
Super Hero Therapy: Silent Albatros
Burnished: Mary
Invisible Boy: Jonny D.
The Memory of We: Kim
Not Forsaken: tjla
Asking Within: mallory and lulu
Time Be Kind to Me: Allegro
Cry Myself Inside Out: Lani &Co
Majesty: Abbe Gail Russell
Sometimes: Sherlock
Nameless No More: kim
A Teenagers’ Lament: Ace of Spades
In the Dark Times: Scatha and Scarlet and the Black One<
Art Work Kim McKlellan – Ghostwolf – Yaara – Rick S. – Jeannie
Reviews: Memory, Trauma and the Law by Daniel P. Brown, Alan W. Scheflin and D. Corydon Hammond and The Biggest Secret by David Icke

Volume 10 No 1
In the Bone: Amanda Stone
A Few Thoughts: Jeannie Riseman
Community: Kara Sorensen
No Place is Home: lighthouses
From Sweden: Erik Rodenborg
My Community: Barb
From Australia: David Free
From Holland: Maaike
Family: Kim
Question: Joop
Scented: Gabriela
Life Lines: Reflections on Past Survivorships: Wendy
Leaving the Basement/Entering Pardeys Eshkolit: Deborah Mayaan,
Take it Easy: Anne & Others
Untitled: shannon
Book Reviews: Fragment by Fragment, P. Ann Winter

Volume 10 No 2
A Few Thoughts: Jeannie Riseman
Fibromyalgia: Kathy Lewis
Addictions: Jeannie Riseman
Dysautonomia: C.A. Beck
Energy Medicine and Recovery: Kara Sorensen
Alternative Health Resource List: Anne-&-Others
A Letter of Hope: Beth Coulter
Types of Groups: RA Home Page
Little Invasions: Sih
Anorexia: gabriela (of joolyigm)
They Really Think We’re Crazy, You Know: Members of the wolfpack
Voices: Jacquie Griffith
Memory 2, 1, 4, 3: Raj
Art Work: What I Forget, They Remember: Mara, Music, Anthony, Scarlet and Some Others
The Rite of Truth Memorial Project
Woman Entangled by Threads of the Past: Jeannie Riseman
Enough! Ghostwolf
Reviews: Riptide by Marion Smith and False Memories by Dean Koontz

Volume 10 No 3
A Few Thoughts: Jeannie Riseman
Healing Sexual Horror: Part II: Caryn Stardancer
Creative Healing: Tess Angelinne
When Voices Emerge: Kathy Lewis
My Experience with Therapy: Kathryn A.
Summer Survey Results
Overview of Nazi Triggers: Ainakhil of the OwlClan
Ask Survivorship: Genia Simmons, Ph.D.
Working While Dissociated:
Little Sandy’s Song for Me Because I Cannot Cry and When It’s Hard: Sandra Williams
Villanelle: To My Many: Raj
Double Vision, Now Hear This! and You Must Have Been Dreaming: Sonya Connolly
Art Work Connection: Sarah Thomson
Untitled: Caryn Stardancer
The Embrace, Shine and Glow, and Together in the Light: Tess Angelinne
Contaminated: Deborah Mayan
Let Us All Strive to Be Strong and Gentle People: Amanda Stone

Volume 10 No 4
Some Thoughts on Government Experimentation: Jeannie Riseman
Testimony: Claudia Mullen
That Lady: Ging Co.
Pink: Rainbow Dancer
The Haunting: Dorine Pratt
Prison Drug Experiments: vern
Dealing with Intimidation: Eden Pennington
Twisted Mother: VanO
Spun: Gabriela (of joolyigm)
PARC-VRAMC: Katherine Sullivan
In a Double-Locked Psych Ward Due to My Own Stupidity: Toni, Nomine, et. al.
Dark Sun Rising: T. GhostWolf Davidson
Artwork: My Father’s Eyes: Eden Pennington: Holes: R. Grieves et. al. and The Girl Series (Manifestations of Programming) sandra lynn
Reviews: Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists by Colin A. Ross: Secret Weapons: Two Sisters’ Terrifying True Story of Sex, Spies, and Sabotage by Cheryl and Lynn Hersha with Dale Griffis and Ted Schwarz: Bless the Child (movie): The Split Brain Revisited by Michael S. Gazzaniga

Volume 11 No 1/2
Life as Art: Kim McKellar
Born into Slavery: Jan G. Knowlton
Fear and Courage: Katherine Sullivan
Fear and Procrastination: Kathryn A.
Ritual Abuse Survivor Activism: Jeanne Adams
Deceitful Selves: Anonymous
My Light: Phoenix
Raised in Two Cults: Eden Pennington
Gratitude: Ted Turner
Coming Home to Self: Starphoenix

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