Saturday May 16
from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm
Family Justice Center
470 27th Street, Oakland, CA. 94612

With Sharon Strand Ellison, author of Taking the War Out of Our Words
Support person: Dvora Gordon
$25 – $50
Scholarships and work exchange available

Workshop Description

In this workshop we will examine how most traditional communication is based on the “rules of war,” so people get defensive quickly when they want to protect themselves. This old model for communication literally creates and accelerates conflict. This conflict happens in our relationship with others and also in our “internal dialogue.”

Sharon will present a new paradigm called: Powerful Non-Defensive Communication, which can eliminate power struggle in our relationships with others and “old scripts” in our own internal dialogue. This method of communication gives people essential skills in remaining non-defensive regardless of how others react.
Signed Participant Comments

  • When used with compassion, thoughtfulness, and respect, language becomes a powerful tool for liberation. We need Sharon Ellison’s work in our homes, in our offices, and most of all, in our hearts. —Evelyn C. White, editor, The Black Woman’s Health Book
  • Sharon’s style is warm, engaging, humorous, and inclusive. She has a wonderful way of tailoring the workshop. to address the needs of those present. She is a gifted storyteller, and uses stories to demonstrate the incredible difference that can occur when a person uses PNDC. She was patient and kind in guiding us through our first bumbling attempts at using PNDC skills… Emily Weaver, MFT, Oakland, CA
  • … We have such powerful, untapped brains. When I started speaking differently, it was so obvious. When I realized my words weren’t betraying my actual feelings, I was blown away and I felt more in touch with my emotions. The best analogy I can come up with is that if I’m a camera body, I’ve just been given a new set of lenses. A set of lenses with no distortion. No matter what I’m viewing, the images that come out of me are true. —Jesse di Franco
  • Unsigned Participant Comments:

  • This work is a map. It gives me new direction and I hope that my life in this world can become more and more wondrous, worthwhile, and human. Thank you for your life’s gift to our world.
  • I am amazed how the results are almost identical for men and women and for so many diverse personalities.
  • Yesterday I found myself feeling quite critical of the whole process. It seemed contrived and artificial. Today I see it differently. It is a bridge to get us from our past way of being and dealing with life’s problems to a new and better and more honest way of being. If it seems strange and difficult at the beginning that is because we do not realize the extent of our immersion in the old, dysfunctional way of relating. I’m 78 years old – it’s going to be hard to change. But I’m going to try.
  • I have to admit I was a bit nervous at first about coming. I have sometimes walked out of workshops, but you made me feel very comfortable. I not only enjoyed the seminar immensely, I learned a lot! I had no idea that this would be so helpful and pertinent. I’m aware now that there is another way.
  • This workshop had a transforming effect on me. I learned a great deal about how I communicate and about my own inner power struggles.
  • I learned how to relate with people in a way that I can find strength for myself. In fact, this is the way to be safe.
  • The workshop will be $60.00 – $35.00 for the day. There are scholarships and work-exchange arrangements available.
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    To reserve a space at the workshop or to request a scholarship or work exchange, e-mail the information asked for in the form below to

    If you are paying by check or money order, copy, print out, and complete the form below and mail it, with your remittance, to:

    Family Justice Center
    470 27th Street,
    Oakland, CA 94612

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