Writing Ourselves Whole: transformative writing workshops

Survivorship Workshop Saturday July 18th 2009

WHERE: Family Justice Center
470 27th St
Oakland, Ca

Jen Cross
Writing Ourselves Whole: transformative writing workshops

Write Whole
A writing workshop with Survivorship

July 18, 2009
COST: $50
(support person Dvora Gordon)

Many of us who are survivors of sexual trauma feel fragmented or disjointed and have come to believe we must always live our lives this way. Transforming our language is one way we transform our lives; we can create new art and new beauty out of the difficult and complicated realities of our lives. During this 3.5-hour workshop, you’ll write in response to exercises chosen to elicit deep-heart writing, engaging with such subjects as family/community, dreams, love, faith, and more.

Although the setting is a supportive one, this workshop is different from a therapy group, as the focus of the workshop itself will be on each person’s writing. Also, even as we come together as survivors, we are never required to write any particular version of our “abuse story.” In this space, you have the opportunity to write as you feel called to write, no matter what the subject. You’ll leave this workshop with: a renewed sense of yourself as resiliently creative, a rich body of new creative writing, feedback from your peers about what’s already strong in your new writing, and connection with a new writing community.

Your facilitator, Jen Cross, is a writer who has facilitated survivors writing workshops since 2002. I spent several years working with survivors of domestic violence and other traumas, individually and in groups, before I began leading writing workshops through which trauma survivors and others could initiate deep and abiding change for themselves and their communities. I hold an MA in Transformative Language Arts, am an experienced group facilitator, and am certified to facilitate Amherst Writers and Artists workshops.

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