Self Soothing Techniques Workshop

Self Soothing Techniques:Rapid and Effective Ways to Relieve the Symptoms
of Trauma and to Become Centered”

Gil Shepard, MFT

WHEN: Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009
9:30 am to 4 pm

WHERE: Family Justice Center,
470 27th Street,
Oakland, CA

COST: $75-$100
(Scholarships and work exchange arrangements are available)

You will learn how to use the body to become centered very quickly, often in less than a minute, even when severely stressed or dissociative. You will learn physical exercises that will help you center in a way that matches the way you express being overwhelmed, as well as the use of your senses – touch, sound, smell and sight. You will learn how to use aromatherapy, selected centering methods from EMDR, and a variety of other simple ways to release anxiety and fear, even help depression to become grounded and to maintain an atmosphere around you that will help you live a calmer life.

Gil Shepard, MFT, has been licensed as a Marriage Family Therapist for over thirty years. He studied to be a Catholic priest for seven years, leaving before ordination, and has since studied Eastern Spirituality extensively. He works extensively with dissociative clients, including those who have been abused through ritual abuse and/or mind control. He is trained in EMDR, hypnosis, two forms of bodywork, and also uses some EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in his work.

Dvora Gordon will be present for extra support if needed. She has been a member of Survivorship for over ten years and is currently on the Board of Directors. She is trained as a peer counselor and did grief support for many years. “I love Survivorship and I feel honored to be giving back to this organization that has given me so much over the years.”

Registration: To reserve a space at the workshop or to request a scholarship or work exchange, e-mail the information asked for in the form below to Payment instructions are found at

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