Survivorship Webinar January 9 2010 ritual abuse

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Saturday, January 9, noon to 2:00 Pacific time
“Understanding Nazi Influence in Ritual Abuse”
Alik of the OwlClan

Many survivors suspect that the ideologies under which they were abused had Nazi components. Some have hazy memories, other are sure that their perpetrators belonged to neo-Nazi white supremacist groups. Most of the literature, however, focuses on satanic cults and it is hard to fit experiences of Nazi abuse into a satanic framework. Memories, therefore, can be poorly understood and seem to lack cohesion.

Alik has been researching Nazi beliefs, important dates, and symbols for well over ten years. Her findings have helped her understand her own experience and have provided a framework for her own healing. The Nazi dates on our ritual calendar are thanks to her. In this Webinar, she will share much more of her hard-earned knowledge.

Future Webinars
Saturday, February 6
“Hope, Healing and Help through Music and Advocacy.”
Mike Skinner

Saturday, March 13
“Art and Activism: What the Public Sees.”
Lynn Schirmer

Past Webinars
Survivorship members can now listen to recordings of past Webinars and view slides and related material. Go to and you will find everything you are looking for. If you can’t get into the members’ section, you will need to become a member or to renew your membership. Membership information is at Write Eva at and tell her what you need. (Remember we have gift memberships.)

“Sensory and Emotional Flashbacks” (Jeannie Riseman)
“The Intersection between Ritual Abuse and Disability” (Lara)
“How Survivors Can Help Their Own Cases for Disability Application and Appeal,” (Pam Perskin Noblitt).
“Forgiving the Unforgivable: One Survivor’s Journey to Peace ” (Bonnie Bazill-Davis:)
“Empowerment and Managing the Effects of Programming” (Randy Noblitt, Ph.D)
“Normal Guilt, Guilt Induced by Extreme Abuse, and Some Suggestions for Working with Guilt.” (Jeannie Riseman)

The cost of each Webinar is $20.00, plus the cost of your telephone call to the East Coast. There are a limited number of full and partial scholarships available. To reserve a space in the Webinar, e-mail Shamai at and give her this information:

1.Your name
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3. Whether you want a full or partial scholarship
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7. The name you will be using for the Webinar. (This does not have to be your real name or your message board screen name.)


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