Survivorship Webinar – Saturday, April 17 – Healthy Supportive Relationships

Saturday, April 17
12 noon Pacific time
“Healthy Supportive Relationships – What They Are, How to Make One.”

Kitty Downey

Relationships are something we all struggle with — we didn’t have any models of good relationships growing up. We have to learn on the job, so to speak, learn by trial and error. What does a healthy supportive relationship look like? What are warning signs of a non-healthy relationship? What can I do about the relationship I’m in now?

Kitty is a survivor of mind control, hypnosis, amateur programming, and some kind of government research/testing. She has been learning and healing for many decades using psychotherapy, faith, music, and self-help techniques. She has applied this learning to her husband, children, friends, and extended family – seeing what makes some relationships work, some *not* work, and how to improve the dysfunctional ones.

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The Webinar costs $20.00, plus the cost of your telephone call. (Figure on an hour and a half to two hours.) There are a limited number of full and partial scholarships available.

After we have received your registration and payment, you will receive a confirming e-mail, detailed instructions, and an invitation with the phone number to call and the password to enter the Webinar.

To reserve a space in the Webinar, e-mail at and give her this information:

1. Your name

2. The name of the Webinar

3. Method of payment

4. Whether you need a full or partial scholarship

5. Your preferred e-mail address (so we can send you instructions and an invitation containing the password)

6. Your time zone (The conference software automatically adjusts the time for us)

7. The name you will be using for the Webinar

You may pay using PayPal or you may send your check or money order to:

Family Justice Center
470 27th Street,
Oakland, CA 94612

Jeannie Riseman, Webinar Coordinator


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