news items – West Memphis Three released

This week there have been many articles on the West Memphis Three and their release from prison.  At the same time they pled guilty to the first and second degree murder of three eight year old boy, they professed to the court stating they were innocent, using what is called the Alford Plea. The links to the articles below are to fairly balanced articles on the case.

Deal Frees ‘West Memphis Three’ in Arkansas

Arkansas: No Pardons in ‘West Memphis Three’ Case

Prosecutor: ‘We made right call’ in WM3 case

West Memphis 3 confession, witness corroboration and physical evidence – update

Number of children’s deaths after abuse investigations has risen
Former DCF administrator says 2003 policy change has put kids at risk 

Girl spanked to death in the name of God
Gary Tuchman reports on an author who says you must spank your child and a couple who killed their daughter doing it.

The Official Story vs. Reality: Survivors as Whistleblowers

Not Guilty Pleas For Relatives Accused Of Killing Ame Deal, 10, Over A Popsicle


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