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This week there were several articles on clergy abuse issues, including a teen age girl being forced to apologize for being pregnant due to being raped by a pastor, the Vatican rejecting cover up claims in Ireland and the Irish prime minister stating the child protection mandatory reporting will be required “regardless of any internal rules of any religious grouping.”

Ernest Willis, New Hampshire Man, Found Guilty Of Raping 15-Year-Old Tina Anderson; Pastor Sent Teen Off To Colorado
….The church pastor made young Anderson apologize to the congregation when she discovered that she was pregnant, but she was not allowed to tell the church goers that the pregnancy occurred because she was raped. With the consent of Anderson’s mother, the pastor then shipped the teenager to the home of a Colorado couple that she didn’t know and arranged for her baby to be adopted….

New Hampshire Man Found Guilty of Rape of Tina Anderson
May 27, 2011

Child protection measures apply regardless of religious rules -The Irish justice minister has said that forthcoming child protection measures, including mandatory reporting will “apply regardless of any internal rules of any religious grouping”. Alan Shatter was responding to comments made by Cardinal Sean Brady who defended the seal of confession.

Vatican rejects cover-up claims over Cloyne report


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