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Additional alleged child abusers have been written about in the media.  A conference and webinar are scheduled this Spring and summer to help educate clinicians and others about severe abuse.  More evidence has been made public about problems with the book “Sybil Exposed.”

When a Child Is Abused by a War Veteran
describes abuse

The Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse 2012 Conference
Our Healing Journey: Past, Present, Future

Online Upcoming Professional Webinars with CEUs:
Saturday, January 28 and March 31, 2012
noon Pacific Time (3 hours)
Sexual Ethics 101 + 102
(You can register for one or both. One is not exclusive of the other)

Teen Accuses Ex-Penn State Coach Sandusky of Raping Him at Charity Camp on Campus

Another Sandusky accuser comes forward – CBSNEWS online

A twelfth man claims he was sexually abused by former Penn State assistant football coach Gerry Sandusky. The alleged victim has filed a civil law suit. Betty Nguyen reports

Pediatrician Accused Of Sexually Abusing, Videotaping Young Girls,0,5752292.story

Words deleted from the dust jacket of “Sybil Exposed”

Authentication of Simon & Schuster’s legal department stating that they would delete the words “first person” from the dust jacket of Debbie Nathan’s book “Sybil Exposed”,

giving the impression that Ms. Nathan was the first to discover something new proving the Sybil case a fraud,

Evidence on website below or “SYBIL in her own words” Facebook page


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