Survivorship conference May 19-20, 2012

This is going to be an amazing conference! The Board of Survivorship is really thrilled with the workshops and other plans for the May 2012 conference.  The quality of workshops and workshop leaders is outstanding. All professional workshops will have CEU credit options and there will be a safe room ( staffed by trained volunteers from Bay Area Women Against Rape ) for survivors, lunch is included with conference fee and there will be lots of opportunity for networking and support.

Here is the link so you can look over all the information yourself:

If you sign up before May 1st you will get a free copy of the book “Morning Come Quickly” by Wanda Karriker.  Here is a description of the book:
“A love story. A spiritual journey. A psychological thriller. A novel written by a psychologist about a psychologist and a history professor in the Bible Belt who are forced, personally and professionally, to confront a culture of organized evil.”

A book will be there with your name at the conference.

Survivorship is also asking you if you are willing to help promote the conference? If you are, Please, feel free to send the link for the conference to any lists you feel comfortable sharing it with.
If you like we can also provide you with some brochures about the conference.

We hope to see you in May.


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