news items – Domestic Violence, Clergy Abuse, Breivik, Child Abuse, Native American Schools

Information is below about a book on domestic violence.  Several new articles are now available online abot the clergy abuse crisis and allegations of cover ups in Philadelphia and other cities.

Legislation is proposed to protect child actors. Information on Breivik, the politically motivated mass murderer in Norway with his connections to right wing groups and the Masons is below. New research is available on child abuse and its connection to homelessness.  An article on Native American Schools and abuse is listed.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, ABUSE, and CHILD CUSTODY: Legal Strategies and Policy Issues

Philadelphia Priest Trial Painful, Poignant For Catholics  – testimony in a Philadelphia clergy-abuse trial this month has ripped open secret church files ….among Catholics as scarred men and women tell jurors that priests groped, molested or raped them as teens.

Ex-Modesto priest found liable for abuse, removed from clergy

Stockton Diocese accused of cover-up in Michael Kelly case

Two former teen idols back bill to protect child actors
Todd Bridges and Corey Feldman, both of whom were molested by men with Hollywood connections, support legislation to require fingerprinting and background checks for those with unsupervised access to child performers.,0,7018231.story  Data on the Crisis
Thousands of Catholic clergy and religious have raped and sodomized tens of thousands of children….Fewer than 2 percent of sexual abuse allegations against the Catholic church appear to be false.

Confessed killer Anders Behring Breivik: Attacks were ‘spectacular’

Norway massacre: the real Anders Behring Breivik
Former friends and neighbours in Oslo talk about growing up with the boy who became a mass murderer.
…. Anders Behring Breivik continues to wage his demented war against Islam.
….joining an Oslo gun club and the freemasons.

Breivik: How I met ‘Richard the Lionheart’ in London cafe to plot ‘how to seize power in Western Europe’

Abuse as a child linked to longer term homelessness

Soul Wound: The Legacy of Native American Schools
U.S. and Canadian authorities took Native children from their homes and tried to school, and sometimes beat, the Indian out them.


Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse May 2012 Conference


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