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Additional evidence was presented to the media in the Jerry Sandusky case.  Several articles were published about the Philadelphia priest sex abuse trial and Milwaukee archdiocese.  A forced sterilization compensation bill was presented on North Carolina. More information is available on Josh Powell. New articles are available on fighting child pornography and extreme abuse.

Jerry Sandusky trial: Former coach allegedly wrote intimate letters to victims

describes abuse allegations
Child sex-abuse cases under-reported, often ignored

Jury begins deliberations in landmark Philadelphia priest sex-abuse trial

Closing arguments made in Philadelphia clergy sex abuse case

On final day of testimony, Philadelphia monsignor apologizes for priest’s sex assault

Cardinal Timothy Dolan Allegedly Paid Suspected Pedophile Priests To Leave Ministry While Head Of Archdiocese Of Milwaukee

Forced sterilization takes forefront in proposed bill
NC House committee OKs eugenics compensation plan
Forced Sterilization Update for Victims in North Carolina

Psychologist reveals new details about Josh Powell

Child Pornography in France, Belgium and the Netherlands

Wanda Karriker’s Survivorship Webinar – The aftereffects of extreme child abuse and the resiliency of the human spirit.

Extreme Abuse Survey Series


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