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This week there were several new articles exposing child abuse and trauma crimes. Articles include the link between childhood abuse and age at menarche, large child-porn network uncovered with over 1000 people arrested,  new clergy abuse stories, including Rev. Calrson from Maine and Rabbi Levitt and an Olympic judo gold winner overcomes her abuse.

Researchers Find Link Between Childhood Abuse and Age at Menarche
ScienceDaily (July 27, 2012)

Renée Boynton-Jarrett, Rosalind J. Wright, Frank W. Putnam, Eileen Lividoti Hibert, Karin B. Michels, Michele R. Forman, Janet Rich-Edwards. Childhood Abuse and Age at Menarche. Journal of Adolescent Health, 2012;

Vast international child-porn network uncovered
describes graphic abuse

50 police officers arrested in child porn raids Wednesday, Aug 01 2012
….The officers were among 1,300 people arrested on suspicion of accessing or downloading indecent images of children – some as young as five – from US-based Internet sites.

Arrests in major child porn investigation

Rabbi’s sentence angers victims 

Carlson sexually abused several children, victims tell state police 

Harrison grabs first U.S. Olympic judo gold – abuse survivor 

Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Conference – August 10 – 12, 2012


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