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This week there were many new articles about several child abuse scandals in different parts of the world. Investigations continue into the Jimmy Savile – BBC Scandal,  The US Boy Scouts Abuse Scandal and the Jerry Sandusky – Penn State Scandal.

Nearly 50 unidentified kids buried in Florida reform school’s century-old secret graveyard

‘No Way Out’ October 15, 2012
By Cara Tabachnick
In 1996, Holly Collins and her children became the first Americans to be granted asylum by the government of the Netherlands due to domestic violence.

Sexual Abuse Scandal Turns the Tables on BBC

Savile’s hospital access to be examined: Health officials announce inquiry into abuse at three institutions

Savile pulls liner victim Sue on to bed in friend’s snap

Jimmy Savile: Labour faces embarrassment over former child sex claims

Jimmy Savile treated school like ‘paedophile sweetshop’
The Home Office has been dragged into the Sir Jimmy Savile abuse scandal after it was revealed he was allowed to stay overnight at a school for disturbed girls.

Jimmy Savile confessed to reporter that he would be seen as ‘crooked’ after his death

Boy Scouts ‘Perversion’ Files Show Locals Helped Cover Up Child Sex Abuse By Scoutmasters

Comment by Professor Marci A. Hamilton
on Behalf of 25 Child Advocacy Organizations In Support of Boy Scout Survivors on Release of “Perversion Files”
Calling on All States to Eliminate the Statutes of Limitations Keeping Child Sex Abuse Victims Out of Court

The Oregon Supreme Court ordered the release of the Boy Scouts’ “perversion files” in Jack Does I-VI vs. Corp. of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Latter Day Saints, Corp. of the President of the Church of Latter Day Saints and Successors & The Boy Scouts of America, et. al (Or. June 14, 2012), available at   .

Boy Scouts Perversion Files Document Sexual Abuse Cover-Up, Spark Public Interest

Teen says Sandusky chased him in car as he ran away: ABC,0,695676.story

Sandusky Victim 1 Steps Out of Shadows, Says Justice Took Too Long

Sandusky victim speaks out
October 19, 2012
Penn State victim Aaron Fisher says officials at his high school stood in the way of justice.,0,7063241.htmlstory

Child pornography probe leads to 21 arrests


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