Boy Scouts, Mind Control, Memory, Trauma, Loftus, BBC – Savile

This week there were several new articles about the Boy Scout scandal, the Jimmy Savile – BBC scandal, 22 faces – MPD ritual abuse book, memory and mind control.

Boy Scouts and Catholic Church were inclined to silence on abuse: James Gill

CKLN-FM Mind Control Series

How our brains work to erase bad memories? The brain has a unique way of helping you forget.

Survivorship Webinar: Trauma Treatment by Judy Byington author of 22 Faces

22 Personalities: A Ritual Abuse Survival Story

New York Times Dragged Into BBC Sex Abuse Scandal Through New CEO Mark Thompson

Elizabeth Loftus – critiques of her research

Met Police investigating Savile prepare to examine files into historic claims a Downing Street aide had links to a paedophile network

Jimmy Savile scandal: the evil we do in giving celebrities a free pass

Jimmy Savile: police heard seven sexual assault complaints before he died

Jimmy Savile: Newsnight investigation halted two days after BBC Christmas schedule announced

Jimmy Savile ‘grabbed woman’s chest in front of MPs and journalists’

Who Was Jimmy Savile?

Millions watched as Jimmy Savile molested me on TV
I told BBC boss but he snapped ‘get lost’

BBC in a spin as sex scandal escalates  –  Jimmy Savile

Former UK pop star Gary Glitter held in Savile probe,0,7295122.story


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