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This week there were many new articles on the Savile – BBC scandal, the Rochdale Child Sex Ring, Jerry Sandusky, Sugar Ray Leonard (a survivor of abuse) and the book 22 Faces – about ritual abuse and MPD.

Jimmy Savile – BBC

Jimmy Savile ‘boasted of under-age sex’ during BBC meeting

Children in Need had ban – Sir Roger Jones

Agencies could have spotted ‘pattern of behaviour’
the BBC emails

Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter and the politics of paedophile rings
Top of The Pops producers who first signed up Jimmy Savile in the 1960s thought he was ‘dodgy’ because of his background on the club scene in Leeds

Jimmy Savile was an emperor with no clothes – and a celebrity cloak
Savile’s invisible but dazzling cloak of fame stopped everyone from suggesting he was exactly the scary, child-catching creature he seemed to be

Jim fixed nothing: Growing up in 1970s England with Jimmy Savile
Magical figure now accused of widespread abuse,0,1030384.column

Jimmy Savile case may lead to inquiry against seven forces
Calls for inspectorate to assess how abuse allegations were handled by police

BBC warned it could face a full public inquiry, as Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal rumbles on

Light Entertainment
Andrew O’Hagan writes about child abuse and the British public

Rochdale child sex ring

Rochdale police and council ‘repeatedly warned’ about sex abuse risk in town

Rochdale child sex ring: council head to be questioned by MPs

Rochdale abuse scandal: Victims likely to sue

Penn State charges raise questions about Paterno’s culpability
Charges that three former university administrators covered up child sexual abuse allegations against Jerry Sandusky suggest former Coach Joe Paterno could have been charged had he lived, some say.,0,5553402.story

Sugar Ray Leonard: child sex abuse victim

22 Faces

Saturday, November 17 Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. “Trauma Treatment”

22 personalities

Jenny Hill testimony on viewing a child sacrifice

Twenty-Two Faces
Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities


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