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This week there were many new articles. Ricki Lake had a show with Angela Shelton. Jennifer Freyd’s new book came out about Betrayal Trauma and delayed memory. In one chapter she discusses her own family. New articles came out about ritual crimes. With Margaret Thatcher’s death, articles have repeated her connection to Jimmy Savile. A 10-Year-Old Indian girl was held behind bars after trying to report a rape. More articles have come out about clergy abuse and institutional abuse in Joliet, IL and Ireland.  Irish TV host Domhnall O Lubhlai has been called “Ireland’s Jimmy Savile” in the media, due to several charges against him.

The Ricki Lake Show – Stolen Childhoods
Victims of child abuse overcome a turbulent childhood.
Angela Shelton

Blind to Betrayal The Book

Blind to Betrayal Preface
Betrayal violates us. It can destroy relationships

Blind to Betrayal – Chapter 1
betrayal occurs in many domains

Speaking Our Truth Chapter Discusses Personal and Theoretical Perspectives on the Delayed Memory Debate

The conference, “Failure to Protect: Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse”

Three busted for suspected ritual murder

Nigeria: Woman Found Dead Without Eyes, Tongue

Girl (9) butchered

Police offer R250 000 reward for information on Limpopo ritual murder–20130408

Conservatives outraged over CNN photo of Thatcher with ‘pedophile’ Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile sought Margaret Thatcher Stoke Mandeville help
Jimmy Savile met Margaret Thatcher several times to get support for his Stoke Mandeville Hospital appeal, newly released government papers show.

Spare the rod, please In 2005 the All-China Women’s Federation, a state-controlled body, issued a report on child abuse that was sponsored by UNICEF. almost half of current university students had suffered physical abuse as children, from a sample of 3,500 who were surveyed.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month – Obama,0,4813927.story

10-Year-Old Indian Girl Held Behind Bars After Trying To Report Rape

The callous response of police 10-year-old girl, who was allegedly raped, put behind bars by women cops after she approached them to file a complaint along with her mother.

Uttar Pradesh: Uproar as minor rape survivor is locked up in women’s police station

Priest cases show abuse issues persist

Files detail decades of abuse in Joliet Diocese,0,440885.story

Memorial to victims of child abuse expected to be approved  Ireland

Recidivism: How often do Child Molesters go on to Reoffend?

Irish TV host and child camp founder Domhnall O Lubhlai never stood trial for 11 sexual abuse charges
Language activist and Irish college founder dubbed “Ireland’s Jimmy Savile” was up on 56 horrific charges

Gymnastics coach who sexually abused seven girls as young as six walks free from court as judge accepts his ‘remorse’ despite attempts to blame victims

Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse 2013 Conference
Survivors Moving Forward


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