news items – Cleveland Kidnappings, Ritual Crimes, Stuart Hall (Savile), Child P_rn Ring Arrests

This week there were many new articles on exposing domestic violence, rape, kidnapping and torture, ritual crimes and institutional child abuse. These include the horrific Cleveland Ariel Castro domestic violence, rape and kidnapping case, ritual crimes in Holland and South Africa, Stuart Hall BBC announcer in the UK, the exposure of an international child porn ring, sexual assault in the military and clergy abuse in Australia.

Child Sacrifice and Trafficking in Holland: An Eyewitness speaks out (Introduction) graphic descriptions
Child Sacrifice and Trafficking in Holland, and Abroad: An Eyewitness Comes Forward and Names her Torturers

Satanic killing – victim was ‘braaivleis’

Ariel Castro Allegedly Kept Sexually Abused Kidnap Victims In ‘Chains And Ropes’

Ohio man charged with kidnapping, rape, history of domestic violence filing

Hints of a dark side in Cleveland abduction suspect’s life – he said he was in the CIA

In note, Ariel Castro claimed he was sexually abused as a child
– blamed the women for their own kidnappings

Cleveland kidnapping suspect had history of abuse, former lover said
ordered to complete domestic violence and substance abuse counseling,0,5534556.story

Cleveland kidnappings: Suspect Ariel Castro had ‘no flaw,’ neighbor says,0,325028.story

Ariel Castro to cops: ‘I’m coldblooded’

DNA test shows Castro is the father of one of the victim’s 6-year-old daughter

Ariel Castro’s Ex-Relatives Say Ohio Accused Kidnapper, Rapist Is A ‘Monster’

Long before he was charged, Ariel Castro was accuser in sexual assault case

Chains, ropes found in Cleveland house where women were held
“He was a normal man. He was a loving cousin, a loving father a loving grandfather,”,0,743912.story

Cleveland suspect Ariel Castro: A troubling portrait emerges
domestic abuse,0,1600490.story

Cleveland kidnappings: Was Ariel Castro record of abuse a red flag?

Cleveland captive Michelle Knight was gang-raped while in junior high
…bore a child as a result of the sex attack, which happened roughly a year before she was abducted

Cleveland captive Michelle Knight leaves hospital without telling family

Extraordinary endings in kidnapping cases

BBC to investigate Stuart Hall abuse as part of Jimmy Savile review
Lord Patten says there will be no separate inquiry into how disgraced broadcaster Stuart Hall gained access to victims

After Stuart Hall and Savile, the more victims’ voices are heard, the better
Stuart Hall’s admission of sexual offences has brought the abuse scandal that started with Jimmy Savile back into the headlines. It’s painful, but important, that victims are now speaking out

Stuart Hall described as ‘opportunistic predator’ by CPS – video
The Crown Prosecution Service

Stuart Hall put home in wife’s name ‘to avoid payouts to victims’
Disgraced BBC broadcaster, who signed over property valued at £1.2m February, faces compensation claims

Stuart Hall admits to sexual abuse of girls
Veteran BBC broadcaster described as ‘opportunistic predator’ after admitting to assault of 13 girls between 1968 and 1986

Stuart Hall told 5 Live: ‘Any 10-year-old can instruct you in oral or anal sex’
Comments eight years ago had been defended as ‘satirical banter’ by BBC

Police force admits mistakes that let Jimmy Savile escape justice

Massachusetts man pleads guilty to solicitation to kidnap a child

Dungeon discussed in online chats discovered in defendant’s basement

Eastern Kansas man pleads guilty to producing child pornography

Massachusetts man sentenced for production of child pornography
Led to a network of child pornographers around the world; 38 arrested, 138 children rescued
27,000 images of child pornography in Diduca’s possession

Boston-area child sexual exploitation investigation leads to arrests in the Netherlands
27-year-old daycare center employee who confessed to dozens of sex crimes with children

Eric Toth, accused of child pornography, evaded authorities for 5 years

Pentagon estimates 26,000 sexual assaults, 59 cases of sexual assault of military recruits by drill instructors

Sex assault survivors, former gymnasts, reunite for justice
Catholic Church and others oppose change that would let them sue

NSW priest facing 124 child sex charges

Conference shines light on plight of battered mothers seeking custody


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