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This week there were several news articles on Ariel Castro being charged in court, Jimmy Savile and the BBC being warned about him, abuse in Australia, the sexual abuse of children with disabilities, Marci Hamilton on the statute of limitations,  the Night Stalker serial killer who committed satanic murders dying and food addiction being tied to sexual and physical abuse.

Night Stalker serial killer who terrorized California with a spree of satanic murders dies in hospital after 24 years on death row

Ariel Castro faces 329 charges for rape, kidnapping

Ariel Castro case: Was a fourth Ohio abduction planned?

Jimmy Savile police arrest man aged 72

Jimmy Savile: BBC warned 40 years ago of risk to teenage girls

Jimmy Savile photograph proves he took out Rampton patients

BBC: New Child Abuse Allegations Emerge

Roache in court today over ‘sex assault on girl aged 11’

Former Radio 1 DJ Chris Denning held on suspicion of sexual offences

Pedophiles Down Under
give a voice to the many Australian victims of high-end paedophilia

Northern Ireland abuse inquiry calls for Australian victims to come forward

‘Some women enjoy rape,’ Tel Aviv judge says

Sex cult leader who paraded his girlfriend around on a leash is jailed for three years

Childhood neglect affects adult close-relationship capacity

Sexual Abuse of Children with Disabilities

Sexual Abuse of Children with Disabilities: A National Snapshot

The Ticking Clock on Child Abuse 
Marci Hamilton battles the deadline that cheats victims.

Food Addiction In Women Tied To Sexual, Physical Abuse During Childhood

Abuse victimization in childhood or adolescence and risk of food addiction in adult women

How Childhood Trauma Can Cause Adult Obesity,8599,1951240,00.html

Experts see strong link between sexual abuse and obesity

Survivorship Webinar – How service dogs can help people with PTSD

Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Conference August 2013

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