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This week there were articles on a murder case solved by recovered memories, a murder connected to an apparent satanic ritual, Stuart Hall in England, sex traffcking, domestic violence, the shunning of an abuse accuser and severe and extreme abuse. There is also information on the Capturing the Friedmans case.

Miami Cold Case Murder Solved With Recovered Memories

Teen Accused Of South Africa Family Murders in an apparent satanic ritual

Sex initiation ritual another blight on ADFA

Hall had claimed his victims were lying as part of ‘vendetta against people in public eye’

An insult to all his victims: Sex predator Stuart Hall will serve just TWO WEEKS in jail for every one of the 13 girls he attacked

Sexual Trafficking, Up Close and Personal
‘Roadkill’ Bears Witness to Human Trafficking

When Fathers Say ‘No More’ to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Michael Bolton

After Sexual Abuse Case, a Hasidic Accuser Is Shunned, Then Indicted

What do Rosanne Barr, Herschel Walker, J.Hill and 2,186 others have in common? Child Safety   June 19, 2013 Judy Byington

2007 Extreme Abuse Survey

Utah Woman Jenny Hill Sees Human Sacrifice

Toos Nijenhuis ritual abuse survivor who explains her torture and experience with human sacrifice in Holland

Capturing the Friedmans: Annotated Bibliography

Geraldo Rivera’s interview with Jesse Friedman

The Secret Life of Arnold Friedman By Alvin E. Bessent – Newsday  — LI., NY May 28, 1989,0,1599081.story

In Their Own Words:  Jesse’s Victims Speak Out

Case of Arnold Friedman and Jessie Friedman “Capturing The Friedmans”

CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS”  Documentary or Whitewash?

S.M.A.R.T. Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Newsletter Issue 111 – July 2013

The 16th Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference August 9 – 11, 2013

Ritual Abuse And Extreme Abuse Clinician’s Conference 2013

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