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This week there were news articles on trauma crimes and human experimentation.  In Canada, the aboriginal people were subjects of experiments, a Satan worshiper got life in prison, the Jersey States in tn the UK appointed a judge to lead an abuse inquiry, Ariel Castro, the Cleveland kidnapping suspect, appear\ed in court, Margaret Thatcher, former UK prime minister made five attempts to secure knighthood for Jimmy Savile and  in Canada there is a  sexual harassment class-action lawsuit against the RCMP.  The East Coast child abuse and ritual abuse conferences will be in a few weeks.

Hungry aboriginal people subject of experiments, paper finds
Food historian published details of experiments that began in the 1940s

describes graphic crimes
Satan worshiper gets life in prison for killing, skinning mom,0,6990193.story

Jersey States appoint UK judge to lead abuse inquiry
investigation into historical child abuse.

Ariel Castro, Cleveland kidnapping suspect, appears in court

Ariel Castro pleads not guilty to new indictment (video)
977-count indictment

Thatcher’s FIVE attempts to secure knighthood for Jimmy Savile while her aides warned of ‘strange and complex’ life

Top Tory blocked news of Margaret Thatcher’s knighthood plan for perv Jimmy Savile
NEWS of Margaret -Thatcher’s attempts to have paedo Jimmy Savile knighted was blocked by the Government’s transparency “champion”.

282 join RCMP sexual harassment class-action lawsuit
121 of the plaintiffs, who are either current or former Mounties, are from B.C.

16th Annual Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Conference August 9 – 11, 2013

Ritual Abuse And Extreme Abuse Clinician’s Conference August 9, 2013

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