Survivorship Webinar – The I-MAP – Natural Healing Process – September 7, 2013

Survivorship Webinar – The I-MAP – Natural Healing Process – September 7, 2013

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Saturday, September 7, 2013
12:00 noon Pacific Time
Presenter: Lori Lorenz, MA

“The I-MAP  (Integrative Multi-Phasic Affective Processing)”

Lori Lorenz, MA, has developed The I-MAP to Freedom, a multi-phased, multi-layered visual description of the “Natural Healing Process”.  Through its three dimensional mapping, the I-MAP offers a comprehensive picture of the integrative journey out of trauma.  It lays out what happens when natural healing is interrupted, what is often encountered during the integrative healing process, and what is needed at each stage of the recovery journey.  Despite the fact that we have many excellent treatment techniques today, too many people are discouraged or re-traumatized by the very techniques that are meant to help them.  The problem is that there is not a comprehensive understanding of the stages and levels of recovery and what techniques work most effectively at these stages and levels.  With the I-MAP’s layout of the journey, it becomes possible for both practitioner and client to understand what is happening in the client’s own system and to work together to support the natural process of trauma release.  The I-Map also introduces the concept of “Protectors”, a person’s healthy, protective response to overwhelming experience which is often mislabeled as resistance or sabotage.  Understanding and winning the trust of these Protectors can open doors to internal cooperation, integration and self-trust.  Each person’s journey is unique, but The I-MAP reveals the fundamental processes in the brain, the psyche, the body and the heart that we all have innately in us to find our way back to wholeness, connection with others, and the joy of life.
Lori Lorenz, MA, began her formal education in trauma and recovery at UCLA completing her BA in Psychology with an emphasis in physiological psychology.  While there, she worked on cutting edge research identifying the effects of stress on the developing brain.  After doing her own trauma recovery work, she earned her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, immediately beginning her career with sexual abuse survivors, mothers of abused children, and perpetrators, both fixated and regressed.  For 20 years Lori has worked with all levels of trauma and abuse, and all stages of the recovery process.  Today, she specializes in complex cases of sexual abuse, children of borderlines, and most especially, cult/ritual abuse and torture survivors.  EFT founder Gary Craig featured her in his Specialty Series 1 DVD training program.  Lori was also one of five EFT experts for his week-long intensive with veterans suffering from combat PTSD, released as the documentary “Operation Emotional Freedom”.

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