news items – Jimmy Savile, Clergy Abuse, Ariel Castro house, Michelle Knight, Ritual Abuse CDs

This week there were many new articles. Jimmy Savile was found to have visited an abuse home, child abuse and ritual abuse conference CDs are now available after this weekend’s conference, a religious order priest admits to abusing over 100 boys, Ariel Castro’s house is destroyed and Michelle Knight speaks out.

Jimmy Savile abuse inquiry: eighty-year-old man arrested

Catholic boys – Abuse home was visited by Savile

CDs are now available from the 2013 Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Conference – Nick Bryant Franklin Scandal  cover up, Janet Thomas, deJoly LaBrier

Spanish paedophile pardoned in Morocco arrested in Spain

How girls fall into clutches of pimps

Bishop apologises over claims of decades of abuse at Catholic boarding school

Religious order priest admitted abusing 100 boys; new files add to LA clergy abuse picture

Sister of mystery man with amnesia says family had no idea where he was

Ariel Castro’s house of horror leveled in Cleveland

Michelle Knight: ‘I feel very liberated’