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This week there were news articles about trauma, including a new study about sexual violence among teens, brain effects of child maltreatment, day care child abuse, Satanic crimes and convictions and Pastor abuse.

Sexual violence common among teens. Feeling responsible isn’t. Nearly 1 in 10 young Americans between ages 14 and 21 acknowledges having perpetrated an act of sexual violence at least once, and 4% of a nationally representative sample of American kids reported attempting or completing rape, a new study finds.,0,1369499.story 

Prevalence Rates of Male and Female Sexual Violence Perpetrators in a National Sample of Adolescents
Michele L. Ybarra, MPH, PhD1; Kimberly J. Mitchell, PhD2
JAMA Pediatr. Published online October 07, 2013. doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2013.2629

Childhood Maltreatment: Altered Network Centrality of Cingulate, Precuneus, Temporal Pole and Insula
Martin H. Teichera, Carl M. Andersona, Kyoko Ohashia, Ann Polcaria
Biological Psychiatry 2 October 2013  

Heather Koon Raped Babies At Ohio Daycare, Filmed At Least One Incident: Police(UPDATED)  10/07/2013
She was trusted to take care of defenseless children, but now one Ohio daycare worker is accused of doing the unthinkable — and filming it….

Elyria child daycare worker charged with rape

Jason Nguyen  Oct 7, 2013
LORAIN — Deputies say they have proof one woman raped two toddlers at a daycare center….

Satanic trial: Alleged mastermind testifies- apparent satanic ritual

From praying to preying? Pastor accused of raping his parishioners – allegedly raped more than 20 

Satanic murder suspect apologised

‘Satanic’ child sentenced to eight years for killing friend 

Gory: Father beheads stepdaughter for ritual purposes 

Polish Archbishop Jozef Michalik Sex Abuse Comments Prompt Outrage: ‘Child Seeking Love’ Because Of Divorced Parents

Survivorship Webinar – Energy Psychology and Muscle Testing, Ensuring You Are in Balance to Do the Work – November 16

child abuse and ritual abuse articles 

Paedophile cult leader convicted for ‘satanic’ rape campaign Colin Batley was self-styled high priest 

‘White witch coven’ took part ritualistic sex abuse of young girls, court told
Satanist paedophile ring ‘ritually raped up to 25 children’


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