news items – Jimmy Savile/BBC, Online child abuse, DID, Chicago Priests, victim restitution

This week there were new articles about Jimmy Savile and the BBC, an online child abuse ring, research support for trauma and DID, teacher abuse, Chicago priest abuse, the International Common Law Court of Justice, allegations against the Mormon church and restitution for child porn victims in a Supreme Court argument.

Late BBC Host Jimmy Savile Abused ‘Up to 1,000 People’ (Report)

Report: Television Star Jimmy Savile Sexually Abused Victims in BBC Studios

Culture of secrecy blamed for BBC’s failure to stop Jimmy Savile’s crimes

Britain disrupts Philippines online child abuse ring

Detecting Genuine vs. Feigned DID on Psychological Tests: Implications for Assessment, Forensics, and the Construct Validity of DID
research support for the trauma model of dissociation and construct validity of DID

Ex-student calls teacher over alleged sex abuse, posts talk on YouTube

Brentwood school district to pay $8 million in child abuse settlement.…alleged that five district administrators were indifferent to the students’ plight

Documents Reveal Decades Of Child Abuse Among Some Chicago Priests

International Common Law Court of Justice
Sponsored by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

Lawsuit: Mormon church covered up sexual abuse at Hawaii camps
Courts  Two Utah men claim they were sexually molested decades ago as boys.

Lawsuit: Mormon Boys Molested At Maui Pineapple Farms, Church Knew

Narok gripped by fear of ‘cult whose aim is to kill, maim

Police say they’ve identified more victims of man accused of 110 child sex offences

Utah law professor to make case for child-porn victims  
Restitution  Cassell will argue before the Supreme Court on compensation for child-pornography victims.


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