news items – Pope John Paul/Maciel, Paroline v. US, Cyril Smith, Teacher who abused 90 boys, Almost one-third of Canadian adults have experienced child abuse

This week there were news articles about Pope John Paul and the sexual abuse scandal and Rev. Marcial Maciel, the Paroline v. US limits of restitution of child pornography victims decision, a teacher who abused 90 boys, a ‘warlock’ who allegedly sexually abused girls and a study about how almost one-third of Canadian adults have experienced child abuse.

John Paul’s legacy stained by sex abuse scandal
Rev. Marcial Maciel’s double life

Paroline v. US – Another 5-4 decision, but not another left-right split

U.S. Supreme Court decided Paroline v. US, concerning the limits of restitution victims of child pornography

The crime victim’s reaction to today’s Supreme Court decision – Paroline v. US

Sir Cyril Smith abuse ‘cover-up’ claims probed by police

Houston FBI: One of worst child sex abuse cases ever
involving more than 90 victims.
The FBI says it’s likely there are more

FBI investigates London links of teacher who abused 90 boys

Bryan Singer sex abuse accuser names three more Hollywood bigwigs in lawsuits   

Bryan Singer Accuser — Alleged Sex Abuse Victim Accuses 3 More Hollywood Honchos

‘Magical warlock’ sexually abused girls as young as 3 years old: police
The deviant “warlock” allegedly has struck in the past.

Bluefield man claiming to be magical warlock arrested for sex crimes against children

Almost one-third of Canadian adults have experienced child abuse                  

Child abuse and mental disorders in Canada
The prevalence of any child abuse was 32%

Downloading child abuse ‘manuals’ to be made illegal 
Downloading manuals containing guidance about how to groom children for sexual abuse is to become a criminal offence 


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