news articles : Hidden Horrors – non-state torture, Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children, 1 in 8 children will be maltreated, Priest rises again, India rapes,Neglect and death of 800 kids in Galway, Ritual Abuse book

This week there were many new articles. A CBC radio show discusses non-state torture, Nova Scotia reached a $29m settlement in the  Home for Colored Children abuse claim, a new study in the US shows that 1 in 8 Children Will Be Maltreated, a priest accused of abuse in the U.S. appears again in Paraguay, the bodies of 800 Babies were found in a sewer tank in Ireland in a home formerly run by nuns from the Bon Secours Sisters and a new book “Overcoming Mind Control and Ritual Abuse” was just released.

Hidden Horrors
The CBC’s Angela MacIvor introduces to two women on a mission to bring awareness to non-state torture.

Friday May 30, 2014  Hidden Horrors Posted by Christina Harnett
This week the CBC’s Angela MacIvor brings us a project in conjunction with CBC Investigates.
It’s about two nurses from Truro, Nova Scotia who began counselling victims of what they call “non-state torture” about twenty years ago. Now they want the Criminal Code changed to recognize what they say those victims are facing.

Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald
Jeanne Sarson MEd, BScN, RN & Linda MacDonald MEd, BN, RN
Persons Against NST Non-State Torture Including Ritual Abuse-Torture (RAT)

N.S. reaches $29m settlement in Home for Colored Children abuse claim          decades of severe physical, sexual and psychological abuse

Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children
raped, abused, humiliated and terrorized when they lived as children

EDITORIAL: The road to healing
tentative $29-million settlement of their class-action lawsuit

Aboriginal affairs ministers ask premiers to look at reparations for Sixties Scoop adoptions
It’s estimated that up to 20,000 aboriginal children were taken from their homes by child welfare services and placed with non-aboriginal families.

1 in 8 Children Will Be Maltreated, Study Says
even higher for African-American and Native American children.
The number of children who experience a confirmed case of maltreatment in their lifetime could be much higher than previous estimates

The Prevalence of Confirmed Maltreatment Among US Children, 2004 to 2011  maltreatment will be confirmed for 1 in 8 US children by 18 years of age
For black children, the cumulative prevalence is 1 in 5; for Native American children, 1 in 7.

Priest Accused of Abuse in U.S. Rises Again in Paraguay

India: Sisters gang raped, hung from tree as police idle

Manslaughter claim in deaths of 800 children in Galway Home religious-run unmarried mothers home in Tuam in Galway

Neglect and death of 800 kids in Galway happened in plain sight

Bodies of 800 Babies Reportedly Found in Sewer Tank in Ireland
run by nuns from the Bon Secours Sisters congregation between 1925 and 1961

Mass grave at Galway home not the only one, says Irish leader Kenny

Ireland shock over 800 babies ‘in septic tank’
Ireland has been rocked this week as another horrific scandal linked to the Catholic church emerges in Galway

800 dead babies are probably just the beginning
The corpses found in an Irish septic pit resulted from a larger problem.
The warped code of honour behind the decades of silence had been inculcated by an all-powerful Catholic Church.

Becoming Yourself: Overcoming Mind Control and Ritual Abuse
by Alison Miller


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