news items: Mother and baby homes, Witch-Hunt Narrative, ritual abuse, rape in India, Norwich child abuse investigation

This week there were many new articles, including: The Witch-Hunt Narrative by Ross Cheit, the Taus v. Loftus case, the Survivorship ritual abuse movie, deaths at a mother and baby home in Ireland, rapes in India, mistreatment of immigrant children in the US and the ninth person to be charged in the Norwich child abuse investigation.

‘The Witch-Hunt Narrative’: Are We Dismissing Real Victims?
the continued treatment of these cases as a modern-day episode of mass hysteria does disservice to children and even puts them in danger

The Witch-Hunt Narrative By Ross E. Cheit
research also revealed a history of minimizing and denying abuse, and a surprisingly lenient response to many child molesters

Research Ethics and Private Harms  Taus v. Loftus
Gerald P. Koocher

Survivorship Movie (the Survivorship edit)

Survivorship – For survivors of ritual abuse, mind control and torture and pro-survivors

Suspected devil worshipper accused of killing woman and eating part of her corpse

Tennessee man kills woman, eats corpse: US officials
….owner caught him using animal parts to perform a satanic ritual.

Tennessee man killed, dismembered and ate woman before burying leftover body parts: police
A Satanic worshipper

Horrific truths of treatment emerge from Catholic mother and baby homes

18 children died of hunger at Tuam mother and baby home
Bons Secours nuns who ran the home

ICE seeks ‘John Doe’ in largest-ever child porn investigation
Operation Round Table  investigators said they identified 251 victims.

Claims ADF abuse victims ignored by specialist taskforce
Victims of rape and sexual abuse at the Defence Force were never told about a Government taskforce

Astha Rajvanshi on life in India for women and what is being done to address the gender imbalance

Advocates for immigrants this week filed at least 100 complaints alleging mistreatment of migrant children by border agents.

Prestigious Indonesian School Fights to Regain Trust After Child-Abuse Charges

Norwich child abuse inquiry police charge woman with rapes
ninth person to be charged in connection with the child abuse investigation.


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