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The week there were articles about myths about the Country Walk Case,   Jesse Friedman, who pleaded guilty to child abuse seeking exoneration,  Capturing the Friedmans, Jimmy Savile and satanic rituals and alleged necrophilia, ritual murder in Uganda, India’s ‘Temple Slaves’, Jerry Sandusky, 168 kids rescued in sex-trafficking crackdown, day care front for child porn operation, Border Patrol’s abuse of children and ritual abuse conferences.

Myths About the Country Walk Case

Ross E. Cheit David Mervis
Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, Vol. 16(3) 2007

Jesse Friedman, Who Pleaded Guilty To Child Abuse In 1988, Fights For Exoneration

Rice: No Reason To Overturn Friedman Sex Abuse Conviction

Capturing the Friedmans

Deconstructing the Myths Advanced by the Film “CApturing the Friedmans”

In Their Own Words:  Jesse’s Victims Speak Out

Jimmy Savile: ‘It couldn’t happen again.’ Yes it could and it’s probably happening right now
West Yorkshire police The Cook Report and Savile’s ‘satanic rituals’

Recap: Jimmy Savile had sex with dead bodies in mortuary, shocking hospital report reveals
The twisted crimes were revealed in 28 NHS reports published today

Sickening extent of Jimmy Savile’s full depravity laid bare in shocking NHS report
free to roam hospitals abusing victims at will, boasted of having sex with corpses while he continued to abuse until he was 82

Ugandans drum alarms to rescue abducted children
Eight children have been abducted and ritualistically killed in Buikwe this year

India’s ‘Temple Slaves’ Struggle to Break Free

Report: Politics had no role in Sandusky probe

FBI: 168 kids rescued, 281 pimps nabbed in sex-trafficking crackdown

Deputies: Day care, mentoring program a front for Sanford child porn operation

Child abuse victims stung by Albany inaction,54539

“Welcome to Hell:” The Border Patrol’s Repeated Abuse of Children    
One in four detained children reported physical abuse at the hands of CBP, including sexual assaults and beatings. More than half reported verbal abuse, including racist and sexist insults and even death threats, as well as the denial of urgent medical care.

Systemic Abuse of Unaccompanied Immigrant Children by U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Cops probe claim that notorious sex abuse cases are linked
she recalls being told ritual abuse took place on Dalkey Island.

A conference to help survivors of severe child abuse (ritual abuse) and torture will be held on August 15  – 17, 2014, between 8 – 5 PM Saturday and Sunday at the DoubleTree Hotel near Bradley International Airport, Windsor Locks, CT (between Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA).

Ritual Abuse And Extreme Abuse Clinician’s Conference August 15, 2014 – A one day conference preceding our regular conference will be open to licensed practitioners in related fields to discuss issues in working with clients suffering from ritual abuse and extreme abuse symptoms.


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