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This week there were new articles about Ross Cheit’s “The Witch-Hunt Narrative” and many articles about the UK child abuse cover up, including articles on Cyril Smith, Rochdale, an alleged paedophile ring, missing child abuse files and Westminster. There were additional articles on Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son having an interview with Oprah.

How the ‘Witch Hunt’ Myth Undermined American Justice       
Jason Berry
Innocent people persecuted by a legal system out of control? In The Witch-Hunt Narrative, Ross E. Cheit argues the media and courts have gone too far in dismissing evidence of abuse

There’s no evidence of hundreds of cases of false convictions of child sexual abuse in this era. The Witch-Hunt Narrative

“evidence of abuse in the Keller case has been minimized or denied”

Are Child Sexual Abuse Cases More Common Than We Think?
Court documents reveal surprising leniency in trials of child molestors, claims Cheit

UK to Investigate Claims of Child Abuse Cover-Up

The alleged paedophile ring at the heart of the British Establishment
Investigation in to alleged child abuse ring in Westminster dogged by claims of cover ups and missing files

Ex-senior judge Butler-Sloss to head child sex abuse inquiry

Police announce wider investigation into Knowl View ‘cover-up’ Cyril Smith residential school for boys in Rochdale

I won’t quit, says head of inquiry into cover-up of child sex abuse despite her BROTHER sitting in the Cabinet in the 1980s

Keith Vaz demands information about ‘missing’ child abuse files
114 official files linked to allegations of 1980s paedophile ring

Westminster ‘chumocracy’ has protected itself from paedophile revelations, claims Cameron’s advisor on child abuse

Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son to detail sexual abuse in Oprah interview
seven years of sexual abuse

Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Newsletter – July 2014


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