news items – Campus Rape, Matthew Sandusky, Cyril Smith, Disney employees, Cleveland child abuse scandal, Rape at Children’s Home in Mexico, Appeal in satanic killing denied, Berlusconi acquited

This week there were new articles on a campus sexual assault lawsuit, Matthew Sandusky on Oprah, UK police arrest 660 suspected paedophiles, Cyril Smith, the Santa Rosa diocese, 35 Disney employees arrested, Child sexual abuse and cardiovascular problems, the Cleveland Child abuse scandal, appeal in satanic killing denied, Rape and hunger at a children’s home in Mexico and an Italian court acquitted Berlusconi in sex case.

University of Connecticut will pay $1.3 million to settle a lawsuit by five women who alleged the school did not take seriously their claims of sexual assaults on campus.

Jerry Sandusky Son Discusses Alleged Sexual Abuse

Everything you missed from Matthew Sandusky’s interview with Oprah Winfrey After he told police he had also been abused, Matthew said his family, not just him, became the target of vicious character attacks.

Matt Sandusky’s Oprah interview is a seminar in child sexual abuse that’s difficult to watch — but we all should

UK police arrest 660 suspected paedophiles
National Crime Agency detains suspected child abusers, including doctors and teachers, and takes more than 400 children into care

Cyril Smith: ‘evidence of sex abuse’ was overruled CPS report shows
Detective told chief constable in 1970 there was prima facie evidence of guilt – but DPP advised against prosecution
A senior detective investigating sex abuse claims against Cyril Smith told the force there was prima facie evidence of the late MP’s guilt in 1970 – but this claim was overruled, newly released documents show.

Santa Rosa diocese pays $3.5 million to settle sex abuse case
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa has paid $3.5 million to a teenager who was molested by a Lakeport priest, one of the largest settlements paid out by the North Coast diocese in a series of sexual abuse cases that spanned more than two decades.

Theme park employees caught in sex stings, child porn arrests    
at least 35 Disney employees arrested since 2006 and accused of sex crimes involving children, trying to meet a minor for sex, or for possession of child pornography

Child Sexual Abuse Raises Likelihood Of Cardiovascular Problems For Middle-Aged Women
Women who were sexually abused as children are more likely to show the earliest signs of heart disease in their 40s and early 50s, researchers said
Source: Thurston RC, Chang Y, Derby CA, et al. Abuse and Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease Among Midlife Women: The Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation. Stroke. 2014.

Cleveland Child abuse scandal resurfaces
70 per cent of the diagnoses made by the much-criticised paediatricians Marietta Higgs and Geoffrey Wyatt had been correct.
a number of the children had been referred again to social services.

Online child abuse reports surge, says US watchdog
There has been a dramatic rise in reports of child abuse images posted to commonly used parts of the internet, according to a US watchdog.

Appeal by elderly Radisson woman’s slayer in satanic killing denied

Rape, hunger and nameless kids at squalid children’s home in Mexico

Italian court acquits Berlusconi in sex case


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