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This week there were several new articles on trauma topics. These include campus stats for sexual violence, FGM female genital mutilation and forced marriage, Charles Mozdir child abuse allegations, Britain’s complicity with the sex abuse scandal, SNAP’s clergy abuse victims 25 years, Christian Assemblies International and  DNA changes and childhood abuse.

Official campus statistics for sexual violence mislead
A school with a lower rate may just be better at discouraging students from reporting assault

FGM affects 137,000 women in England and Wales, reveals shocking new study
significant increase in the number of girls and women undergoing female genital mutilation and forced marriage.

Britain has looked the other way for too long over FGM
The fear of offending culture and tradition is preventing us from treating FGM for what it is – appalling sexual abuse

Charles Mozdir Killed In NYC Shootout That Started With Child Abuse Allegations
Mozdir was accused of abusing the boy while babysitting him, and authorities later found evidence of child pornography and bestiality on his cellphone and computers, according to the show’s website, quoting federal authorities.

Britain’s Crime of Complicity With the Savile Sex Abuse Scandal
The Westminster inquiry will investigate not just the rape and assault of children at group homes going back decades but also accusations that child abuse by politicians and other public figures was deliberately covered up or even facilitated by members of the elite.

SNAP’s clergy abuse victims mark 25 years and eye new targets

Christian Assemblies International: Former members detail abuse handed out by CAI leader Scott Williams

DNA changes linked to health effects of childhood abuse
Trauma has lasting effects on mental and physical health that may stem from changes to DNA which undermine a person’s ability to rebound from stress, according to new research.

Associations Between Early Life Stress and Gene Methylation in Children.
Children exposed to physical maltreatment had greater methylation within exon 1F in the NR3C1 promoter region of the gene compared to nonmaltreated children, including the putative NGFI-A (nerve growth factor) binding site. These results highlight molecular mechanisms linking childhood stress with biological changes that may lead to mental and physical disorders.

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