News Items – Priest LaVan, Royal Commission, Cliff Richard, Bangalore Children, Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Conference Presentation CDs

This week there were articles on Father Kenneth LaVan continuing in the ministry, the royal commission investigation, Cliff Richard sex abuse claim, Child abuse cases in Bangalore and Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Conference Presentation CDs.

Priest File of Father Kenneth LaVan, removed from ministry in December 2013, is a serial predator whom the Archdiocese continually disregarded as being a threat to women and children.

Years ago, he was a young priest — and alleged rapist

Priest Diagnosed with Sexuality Disorder in 1989 Continued in Ministry until 2013

Fr. Kenneth LaVan
The secret personnel file of Kenneth LaVan shows a pernicious “blind spot” among Catholic officials at the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis: the stunning and heartless minimization of the sexual abuse of girls and women.

Child sex abuse royal commission speaks to parents of children allegedly abused in Victorian state care

British Police Search Property of Cliff Richard Over Sex Abuse Claim

Mutilated newborn still haunts detectives 28 years later
His face was mutilated and a burlap altar was placed near his body, with fruit and coins tossed on top of it.

Child abuse cases tumble out at camps
Over 2,000 schoolchildren in Bangalore have been sexually abused
about 30-35% of the kids had been preyed upon by sexual predators

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