Royal Commission, Diocese breach case, Ice Bath challenge, Survivorship Webinars

This week there were news articles on Cardinal George Pell comparing priests to truck drivers and the Royal Commission, the KC diocese must pay $1.1 million in breach of contract case, an Ice Bath Challenge to End Sexual Abuse and Survivorship Webinars for child abuse and ritual abuse survivors and co-survivors.

Cardinal George Pell compares priests to truck drivers as he claims Catholic Church leaders should not be held responsible for child sex abuse
He said the church was no more legally responsible for priests who abuse than a trucking company that employs a driver who molests women
The Vatican has refused to hand over the files of Australian priests accused of sex crimes to the child abuse royal commission

Cardinal George Pell to give evidence at child sex abuse inquiry
Pell was archbishop of Melbourne when the church set up the Melbourne Response compensation scheme

Child sexual abuse royal commission: O’Callaghan advised abuse victims on strength of cases
victims were told if they chose to go to police, they were no longer eligible for compensation

Pell denies church responsible in abuse
The Catholic Church is no more legally responsible for priests who abuse children than a trucking company which employs a driver who molests women, Cardinal George Pell maintains.

Judge confirms that KC diocese must pay $1.1 million in breach of contract case

The Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese must pay the $1.1 million ordered by an arbitrator last spring for violating the terms of a 2008 settlement with priest sexual abuse victims

Former teacher Charles Napier charged with child abuse
Charles Napier, 67, from Sherborne, Dorset, is accused of indecently assaulting 21 boys aged between eight and 13.

Ice Bath Challenge – End Sexual Abuse

Survivorship Webinars – Three Steps to Let Go of the Pain of Childhood Abuse
Experiences of Torture among American Indian, Alaska Native and First Nations Sex Trafficking Victims


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