True Detective Louisiana Satanic Ritual Case, Hazing Ritual Sexual Abuse School Allegations, 7th Heaven Actor, Ray Teret and Jimmy Savile, ‘Warlock’ found guilty of sexual abuse, Jehovah’s Witnesses

This week there were several news articles, including sexual abuse allegations shutting down football season at New Jersey school (hazing ritual), female students and sexual harassment and assault, a ‘warlock’ found guilty of sexual abuse, the True Detective Hosanna Church Ponchatoula, Louisiana Satanic Ritual Case, ‘7th Heaven’ actor Stephen Collins under investigation for child abuse, files on Winona Diocese clergy who abused children made public, Ex-DJ Ray Teret and Jimmy Savile rape allegations, an abused girl sent back home to her rapist father, ritual child abuse cases linked to witchcraft and Jehovah’s Witnesses’ child sex abuse cases.

Sexual abuse allegations shut down football season at New Jersey school
freshman at a New Jersey high school. As they marched into the locker room, an ugly hazing ritual allegedly awaited them.

Seven Sayreville football players suspended amid abuse scandal at New Jersey school
The announcement came an hour before a vigil was to be held in town for the victims of the alleged hazing ritual.

Campus nightmare: female students on the rise of sexual harassment
Photographed in their beds, shamed on social media – and, for some female students, that’s just the beginning.

Hidden Marks
A study of women students’ experiences of harassment, stalking, violence and sexual assault

14 per cent have experienced serious physical or sexual assault. 68 per cent have been subject to verbal or physical sexual harassment. Nearly one in four has experienced unwanted sexual contact.

NUS research reveals one in four students suffer unwelcome sexual advances
More than a third of women students (37 per cent) said they had faced unwelcome sexual advances.

‘Warlock’ found guilty of sexual abuse
A West Virginia man who prosecutors say conducted ritualistic sex acts with young girls who believed him to be a “warlock” has been convicted on multiple counts of sexual abuse involving juveniles.

Child abuse search warrants ‘refused on age of information’

Delays in a police force receiving details on child abuse suspects from the UK agency tackling such abuse online, has led to search warrants being refused, it has emerged.

Hosanna Church Ponchatoula, Louisiana Satanic Ritual Case

‘7th Heaven’ actor reportedly under investigation for child abuse
Actor Stephen Collins, who played the Rev. Eric Camden on the long-running WB family show “7th Heaven”

Stephen Collins Network Yanks ‘7th Heaven’ From Schedule 10/7/2014 BY TMZ STAFF
Stephen Collins’ confession he molested young girls is already causing collateral damage … episodes of his most famous TV show, “7th Heaven” are being yanked off the air.

‘7th Heaven’ Dad Stephen Collins
Confesses on tape to Child Molestation
NYPD Investigating [AUDIO]

Files on Winona Diocese clergy who abused children are made public
The 14 priests worked in all four high schools in the Diocese of Winona and at 45 parishes across southern Minnesota. The files indicate that the diocese did not report claims of child sex abuse to law enforcement, did not remove offenders from ministry, and continued to financially support them even as abuse was known.

‘Terror mixed with homesickness meant I cried myself to sleep, night after night’
In 1968 – as a very young boy, Ivan Yates was sent to a boarding school in Bray.

Ex-DJ Ray Teret ‘raped girl with Jimmy Savile’ 
friend of Jimmy Savile
facing more than 30 charges of sex abuse dating to the 1960s, including 18 counts of rape, all of which he denies.

Council sent abused girl back home to rapist father
Bradford Metropolitan Council has paid £160,000 to a woman who was sent from a care home back to live with the father who had already raped her.  Sarah* gave evidence against her father in court about the rapes, which took place from the age of ten, but he was acquitted.
She was then sent back to live with him, where she was repeatedly raped, fell pregnant and gave birth to his child.

Shocking rise in ritual child abuse cases linked to WITCHCRAFT reported to police

Rwanda: Where Are the Victims of Human Trafficking Taken?

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Child Sex Abuse Cases Bring Religion’s Practices Into Question


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