news items – In Cold War, Spy Agencies Used 1,000 Nazis, Church rescued from Satanists, Rabbi accused of voyeurism, Rotherham child abuse, England priest abuse, School hazings: Sayreville High School and FAMU, Sons of Guns’ reality stars arrested, Domestic Violence, Gender Based Violence, Japanese Wartime “Comfort Women” System, “Nazi ritual killing”

This week there were many new articles. These include Nazis being used by US spy agencies, Satanists and a lost church, a rabbi accused of voyeurism, clergy abuse in England, the Rotherham child abuse scandal, US school hazing including manslaughter and aggravated sexual assault, ‘Sons of Guns’ reality stars arrests and charge, domestic violence and gender based violence, the Japanese wartime “Comfort Women” system and a “Nazi ritual killing.”

In Cold War, U.S. Spy Agencies Used 1,000 Nazis
The Nazis Next Door: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler’s Men “The agency’s own files linked Mr. Lileikis to the machine-gun massacres of 60,000 Jews in Lithuania.”

85-year-old defies death threats from Satanists to spend 22 years returning 1,000-year-old derelict church to its former glory
When he first entered he was horrified to find satanic             and pagan altar
The Christian guarded church from cult members who once drove car at him

Lost church is rescued from the Satanists by saviour Bob Davey

….he was forced to guard the building at night from black-clad Satan-worshippers who were still trying to use it.
Bob claims the devil-worshippers tried to run him down with a car and on another occasion came to his house and threatened him with his life if he carried on his work.

Georgetown rabbi accused of voyeurism is focus of other allegations
The case of a Georgetown rabbi accused of secretly videotaping women in the ritual bath expanded significantly when a national rabbinical board said it had known since at least 2012 of complaints by women converts of inappropriate behavior.

Anti-Abuse Activist Joey Diangello Dies of Overdose, But His Legacy Lives On
Survivor of Abuse: In 2009, Joey Diangello, who says he was abused as a child in a Brooklyn Hasidic community, lobbied the New York State legislature for a bill to extend the statute of limitations for claims of sexual abuse.

In Britain, Child Sex Abuse Defies Easy Stereotypes
abuse at the hands of a popular BBC host.   scandals at private schools and in the church and talk of a pedophile ring in Parliament.  Rotherham: over a thousand teenagers sexually exploited as the authorities looked away.

Priest indicted in Poland for child abuse
A Polish priest accused of child abuse in both the Dominican Republic and Poland has been formally indicted in his native country.,Priest-indicted-in-Poland-for-child-abuse-

Church of England to examine 1950s records in child abuse investigation
Justin Welby says personnel files will be searched for allegations of abuse as study into confessional confidentiality also launched

‘Jail archbishop who covered up my abuse’: Victims say nothing was done to stop paedophile priest
Very Reverend Robert Waddington sexually abused choirboys for decades
Inquiry into the abuse has slammed Lord Hope, former Archbishop of York
Report claims he was made aware of misconduct 19 times but did not act
Robert Waddington died in 2007 – he had been accused of abusing seven different victims

Rotherham child abuse was raised ‘at highest level’
Child abuse in Rotherham was raised “at the highest level” as far back as 2002 but officials apparently pressured a researcher to change her report.
Evidence submitted by a former Home Office researcher

Child abuse ‘rampant’ in British institutions, says Archbishop of Canterbury as he apologises for ‘significant legacy of unacknowledged cases’ in the Church of England

‘It’s rape’: Sayreville High School players face charges of abusive hazing
seven high-school varsity American football players were accused of charges ranging from hazing to aggravated sexual assault earlier this month.

FAMU Hazing History Allowed at Trial
Fifteen defendants were charged after Champion died following a hazing ritual aboard a band bus in November 2011.

Florida hazing trial begins in college marching band death
Three years after the beating death of a Florida college band member, the alleged ringleader of the abuse went on trial for manslaughter

2 ‘Sons of Guns’ reality stars arrested on cruelty to juvenile charges

More charges of forcible rape filed against ‘Sons of Guns’ actor

Victims of Domestic Violence Getting Longer Prison Sentences Than Their Children’s Abusers?

Japanese Wartime Medical Orderly on Army’s Role in Maintaining “Comfort Women” System

Girls leading the way
….About Gender Based Violence

Surveillance on Violence report of 2011 which revealed that 77% of females were victims of abuse and perpetrators were males, were known to the survivors.
Serial rapists’ occurrences which abduct and later kill women and girls
The practice of muti-killing/ ritual murders is also from time to time
women and children disappear and are later own found dead or never recovered.

Saalfelden murder ‘was Nazi ritual killing’ was not a case of domestic violence but a ritual killing – according to a report from broadcaster ORF Salzburg.


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