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This week in the news there were articles on allegations connecting former British Home Secretary Leon Brittan to  the cover-up of a secret Westminster paedophile ring,  Gary Glitter connected to child abuse images, the Boy Scouts settling a sex abuse case and the ‘perversion’ files being sealed, the US Government trying to block Prince Andrew’s alleged ‘sex slave’ from the Jeffrey Epstein case and images of child abuse found in Vatican City.

New Allegations Of Child Abuse Emerge After Former British Home Secretary Leon Brittan’s Death
Leon Brittan’s death last week has reignited claims that the former home secretary was involved in the cover-up of a secret Westminster paedophile ring that operated in the 1970s and 1980s.
Days after Brittan’s death, Labour MP Tom Watson said he spoke to several people who allege they were raped by the late politician.
Brittan remains the subject of an investigation into the disappearance of a 40-page dossier naming eight senior civil servants and politicians who were allegedly involved in a secret paedophile ring.

Gary Glitter breaks down in tears over child abuse images
as he explained to jurors why he had been in possession of child abuse images.
Glitter denies 10 charges relating to three girls between 1975 and 1980.

Boy Scouts settle sex abuse case, sealing years of ‘perversion’ files    
The Boy Scouts of America settled a sex abuse case Thursday involving a 20-year-old California man who was molested by a Scout volunteer in 2007 — a decision that will keep years’ worth of “perversion” files detailing sex abuse allegations secret from the public.
….In 2012, the Oregon Supreme Court ordered the Scouts to make public a trove of files from 1965 to 1985. The records showed that more than one-third of abuse allegations never were reported to police and that even when authorities were told, little was done most of the time.
Those documents came to light after a jury in 2010 imposed a nearly $20 million penalty against the Scouts in a molestation case in Portland, Oregon, that dated to the early 1980s.

Boy Scouts of America Settles California Child-Abuse Suit
Case Involves Man Molested When He Was 13 Years Old in 2007 by Scout Volunteer
A lawsuit alleging the Boy Scouts of America negligently allowed boys to be sexually molested by Scout leaders has been settled during the first week of a trial in a Santa Barbara, Calif., courtroom.

US Government trying to block Prince Andrew’s alleged ‘sex slave’ from Jeffrey Epstein case 

US Government is trying to bar Prince Andrew’s alleged ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts from Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit case with a new filing.

Woman’s Claims About Prince Andrew, Others Reignite Sex Case
First came the allegations late last year that Britain’s Prince Andrew and a prominent American lawyer took part in a wealthy sex offender’s abuse of teenage girls aboard private jets, in luxury homes and on the financier’s Caribbean island.

Images of child abuse found in Vatican City
Holy See’s prosecutor general says two cases involving indecent material came to light last year, along with other crimes


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