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The last few weeks there were new trauma articles about Bill Cosby, ‘Spotlight’ film Boston clergy abuse scandal, Horace Mann sexual abuse of students, Grammar counsellor ritually abused students, Diocese of Duluth and child abuse victim, Polygamist sect – Warren Jeffs, Rotherham rape inquiry, Afghan child sex abuse reports and the newest child abuse and ritual abuse newsletter.

Court orders Bill Cosby deposition in Dickinson case
Bill Cosby and his former lawyer have been ordered to give a sworn out-of-court testimony in the defamation case brought by Janice Dickinson.
The ex-supermodel alleged that they falsely called her a liar after she claimed the comedian sexually assaulted her three decades ago.

Bill Cosby ‘accused of attacking his own children’s nanny’, as he continues to deny sexual assault allegations
According to Radar Online, Cosby’s daughter Ensa revealed the allegations to a friend, claiming the incident occurred in 1997.
“Ensa said it was an unwanted sexual advance, and [the nanny] was hysterical,” a source – who is claimed to have passed a polygraph test – told the site….

Bill Cosby May Face First Sex Assault Charges From Newly Elected Prosecutor

The statute of limitations runs out in January, so the clock is ticking.
A newly elected suburban Pennsylvania prosecutor could be positioned to bring the first criminal charges of sex assault against comedian Bill Cosby

‘Spotlight’ film illuminates Boston clergy abuse scandal   Investigation led to Cardinal Law’s resignation  It was a scandal that shook the Roman Catholic Church to its core: Hundreds of priests molested children for decades and got away with it because church leaders covered it up.

Spotlight Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton Movie HD
The true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese, shaking the entire Catholic Church to its core.

I was abused by clergy: Anglican Bishop Greg Thompson tells of abuse as 19-year-old

Former school principal jailed for sexually abusing 14 children

Horace Mann alum details shocking sexual abuse of students at elite prep school in new book

Royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse
Brisbane Grammar counsellor ritually abused students, royal commission told
The commission was in contact with 80 former students of both schools claiming abuse, Lloyd said.

Royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse
Former Brisbane Grammar headmaster says ‘unlikely’ he dismissed abuse claim
The commission’s nine-day hearing is probing responses to Lynch’s suspected ritual sexual abuse of more than 60 students under the guise of “relaxation therapy” for more than two decades at both Grammar and St Paul’s.   “Richland County deputy Ben Fields had a history of excessive force violations.” 

Emotional child abuse may be just as bad as physical harm
The effect was most profound for children who suffered from all four types of abuse, or from the most severe forms of maltreatment.

Assessment of the Harmful Psychiatric and Behavioral Effects of Different Forms of Child Maltreatment  Taken together with high worldwide prevalence and evidence that emotional and physical pain share a common somatosensory representation in the brain it is clear that emotional abuse is widespread, painful, and destructive.

Ten of Jared Fogle’s child abuse victims paid $1m total prior to sentencing
Four other victims expected to receive restitution before former Subway spokesman is sentenced next month – a rare move in child sexual abuse cases
Jared Fogle agreed to plead guilty to receiving child abuse images and having sex with minors.

Attorney: Diocese of Duluth should pay millions to child abuse victim
Attorney Jeff Anderson asked jurors in Ramsey County Wednesday to award $11.7 million to a man who says he was sexually abused by a priest in the Diocese of Duluth when he was a teenager in the late 1970s.
The case is the first clergy sex abuse lawsuit to be argued in front of a jury in Minnesota since state lawmakers passed the Child Victims Act in 2013

Rotherham inquiry police charge seven men with child abuse offences
Four Rotherham men charged with rape, two from Goole with indecent assault and one Sheffield man charged with conspiracy offences

Polygamist sect limits sex to ‘seed bearers,’ court document says

Afghan child sex abuse reports leads to IG investigation
A number of American troops who deployed to Afghanistan have said they saw signs of widespread sexual abuse and believed there was a policy, even if unofficial, encouraging them to ignore the crime rather than create tension between Americans and Afghans.
The sexual abuse of boys is widespread in Afghanistan, often referred to as “Bacha Bazi” — literally, “boy play.”

describes violence
Texas woman used in ‘blood ritual’ while being held captive

describes violence
7 life sentences handed to 2 mass murderers in KZN
The pair hacked their family members to death in what appears to have been a witchcraft ritual.

Indigenous children removed from homes in the 1960s begin to heal      
For three decades across Canada, thousands of aboriginal children were taken from their homes and adopted.
members of a stolen generation.
Beginning in the mid-1960s — and for several decades after — thousands of indigenous children across Canada were removed from their homes and typically placed with white middle-class families in Canada and abroad.
Patrick Johnston, author of the 1983 report Native Children and the Child Welfare System, dubbed it the Sixties Scoop.

Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Newsletter – November 2015

Hosanna Church Ponchatoula, Louisiana Satanic Ritual Case – Satanist paedophile ring ‘ritually raped up to 25 children’

Psychological sequelae in adult females reporting childhood ritualistic abuse

Blue House case, ritual abuse, battered woman received asylum

Jesuits, DID/MPD book, abuse epigenetics


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