Survivorship News Articles November 2018

News Articles

Some of these articles may describe violence and/or abuse.

 New York attorney general’s office has issued subpoenas to every Catholic diocese in the state

Dozens of clergy sex abuse victims waiting on answers about compensation

Pope defrocks two Chilean bishops over child abuse claims – More than 100 Catholic clergy are being investigated in Chile over alleged sex crimes and attempts to cover them up.

Feds subpoena Pennsylvania dioceses in Catholic clergy sex abuse

A Wave of Child Sexual Abuse Accusations Against a Doctor, and Hospital Says It Knew

Mexico violence: Remains of 166 found in Veracruz mass grave

Chicago bishop who didn’t report child abuse allegations to police is living on archdiocese property

German Catholic priests ‘abused thousands of children’ More than 3,600 children in Germany were assaulted by Roman Catholic priests between 1946 and 2014, a leaked report has revealed.

Two Satan worshiping middle school girls plotted to kill fellow students and drink their blood

Rotherham child sexual abuse: Gang of seven guilty  Seven men have been found guilty of grooming and exploiting young girls The convictions are the latest to come out of Operation Stovewood, the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) investigation into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham, which has identified more than 1,500 victims

Brett Kavanaugh letter’s contents are revealed   The woman who wrote a letter to lawmakers accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct claimed he held her down and tried to force himself on her during an alcohol-fueled high school party in the ’80s, according to a New Yorker article published on Friday.

Secret letter accuses Brett Kavanaugh of decades-old sexual misconduct

Brett Kavanaugh’s Accuser Offers Corroborating Data Including A Lie Detector Test

Washington Post: Kavanaugh accuser comes forward

Mark Judge, Kavanaugh’s high school classmate, details high school parties in past writings

Christine Blasey Ford: Kavanaugh accuser ‘faces death threats’

Yale roommate says Kavanaugh lied under oath about drinking and yearbook

Kavanaugh’s college roommate: He was lying

How Trauma Affects Memory: Scientists Weigh In On The Kavanaugh Hearing

Poll: More Believe Ford Than Kavanaugh, A Cultural Shift From 1991

Accuser’s schoolmate says she recalls hearing of alleged Kavanaugh incident

 Brett Kavanaugh Liked Female Clerks Who Looked A ‘Certain Way,’ Yale Student Was Told

Anita Hill: New Kavanaugh investigation is necessary   Hill doubts Senate staffers “are qualified to carry out this investigation in a neutral fashion.”

Senate Democrats Investigate a New Allegation of Sexual Misconduct, from Brett Kavanaugh’s College Years

Kavanaugh Denies Fresh Harassment Allegations From College Classmate

Avenatti promises new Kavanaugh accuser to come forward in next 48 hours

In a Culture of Privilege and Alcohol at Yale, Her World Converged With Kavanaugh’s Deborah Ramirez has accused Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her during a drinking game at a dorm party when they were freshmen at Yale.

Senate probed new allegation of misconduct against Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nominee was asked about an anonymous  accusation of physical assault.

New allegations against Kavanaugh submitted to Senate committee

Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick speaks out on sexual abuse allegations “I felt like somebody took me and basically said, ‘You’re worthless. You are nothing to us. You are disposable.'”

Text messages suggest Kavanaugh wanted to refute accuser’s claim before it became public

Text messages between Brett Kavanaugh and his classmates seem to contradict his Senate testimony

Brett Kavanaugh was ‘belligerent and aggressive’ drinker, Yale classmate says

 Chief Justice John Roberts Accused of ‘Cover Up’ for Sitting on Kavanaugh Misconduct Complaints

FBI’s Kavanaugh review was limited from the start, The New York Times reports

 Arizona Shelter Shut in Latest Case of Migrant Child Abuse

 More possible victims come forward in case of doctor accused of drugging, raping women  Dr. Grant William Robicheaux and Cerissa Laura Riley are accused of accused of drugging and sexually assaulting at least two women.

‘I lost my entire family to a cult’: How one woman escaped Grace Road   A South Korean church

Video Appears to Show a South Korean ‘Cult Leader’ Physically Abusing Her Followers

Defectors say former church pastor is a ‘cult leader,’ but her son fights back

 Bill Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison for sexual assault

Child abuse inquiry says orphanages were places of ‘threat and abuse’

Ex-Jehovah’s Witness, abuse survivor launches nonprofit

The woman who escaped a polygamous cult – and turned its HQ into a refuge Briell Decker was 18 when she became the 65th wife of US cult leader Warren Jeffs.

Nevada’s famous pimp expected to win election despite death He said the anti-brothel push, the regulatory problems and multiple allegations of sexual assault against him were politically motivated. Three of the allegations from prostitutes never resulted in charges. Hof denied all of the accusations.

 After delays, trial set for November in Casa Isla abuse case Casa Isla was a youth detention facility for boys committed by the courts to the custody of the state Department of Youth Services. It housed approximately 100 adolescent boys each year until it was closed in 2014 amid an investigation into the alleged abuse.

 Scott Morrison’s national apology to Australian survivors and victims of child sexual abuse – full speech – Full text of the apology speech for institutional child sexual abuse as delivered in parliament

German court refuses to imprison cult leader linked to child abuse Colonia Dignidad was founded in Chile by a former Nazi in 1961. For years, the cult was cut off, hiding sexual abuse and torture. Now its German doctor has avoided prison despite convictions for aiding child abuse.

Corey Feldman Reveals Title of His Long-Awaited Documentary About Child Abuse in Movie Industry

Psychiatric Impact of Organized and Ritual Child Sexual Abuse: Cross-Sectional Findings from Individuals Who Report Being Victimized Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2018, 15(11), 2417; doi: 10.3390/ijerph15112417

Spain police bust ‘black magic’ prostitution ring in Murcia Spanish police say they have rescued 15 transgender Brazilians from forced prostitution in the city of Murcia.

North Korea: Sexual abuse of women ‘common’, report claims

CIA Mind Control | CIA Secret Experiments  National Geographic  During the Cold War, the CIA launched a highly classified program aimed at mastering the art of mind control.  CIA Secret Experiments – Information on Ewen Cameron

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