The Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Mind Control 2021 Conference Presentations

The Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Mind Control 2021 Conference Presentations

The Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Mind Control 2021 Conference Presentations

Regular Conference – Saturday and Sunday May 22 – 23, 2021
Clinician’s Conference – Friday May 21, 2021

The conference was an excellent conference again this year. Survivorship would like to thank all those that supported and participated in the conference.

Conference Information is at:

For survivors of ritual abuse, mind control and torture and pro-survivors

Grey Faction, Satanic Temple and Lucien Greaves Fact Sheet

Survivors may want to read or watch the material on this page with a safe support person as this material may remind people of their programming.

None of the material on this page, on linked pages or from the conference is meant as therapy, or to take the place of therapy.

Dissociation of Identity and Trained Trauma-Mediated Behaviors Presenter: Randy Noblitt

Randy Noblitt

Dissociation of Identity and Trained Trauma-Mediated Behaviors 2021 Randy Noblitt – PowerPoint

Dissociation of identity (DI) is a construct proposed (Noblitt & Perskin, 1995; Noblitt & Noblitt, 2000, 2014) to account for some individuals’ experiences and enactments of multiple selves. People who meet the diagnostic criteria for dissociative identity disorder, or other specified dissociative disorder, examples 1, 2, or 4 may also show evidence of DI. The more popular theories of dissociative identity disorder suggest that it is a response to overwhelming trauma or disorganized attachment, but some individuals with DI also report a history of deliberate abuse that involved training to respond with dissociative behaviors to various cues and signals in a ritualized context. This presentation will review the empirical literature related to the credibility of ritual abuse allegations, and provide a clinical methodology for the evaluation and treatment of survivors with behaviors that may be the result of circumscribed traumatic training.

Randy Noblitt is a clinical psychologist and professor of clinical psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University, Los Angeles. He is the principle author of Navigating Social Security Disability Programs: A Handbook for Clinicians and Advocates (2020) as well as Cult and Ritual Abuse: Narratives, Evidence and Healing Approaches, 3rd Edition (2014). He is the co-editor and a contributor to Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-first Century: Psychological, Forensic, Social and Political Considerations (2008).

Information on Randy Noblitt and His Research

Deliberate Disinformation in the Orkney ritual child abuse case
Presenter: Sarah Nelson

Sarah Nelson

Deliberate Disinformation in the Orkney ritual child abuse case – Sarah Nelson – Word doc

The Orkney child abuse case, a notorious and highly publicised case in the UK from 1991 – 1992, had the 30th anniversary in February this year of nine children being removed into care in “dawn raids” by police and social workers. After claims by three children from another family on South Ronaldsay, part of these northerly Scottish islands, about strange outdoor rituals and organised sexual abuse, grounds for action against their middle class parents and a clergyman referred to “group sexual activity, including ritualistic music, dancing and dress”.
Six weeks later a Scots sheriff called the charges “fatally flawed” and dismissed the case without even hearing the evidence. The children were returned home in a blaze of international publicity. The evidence has never been tested to this day in any criminal or civil court; the parents were considered innocent, receiving an apology and financial compensation afterwards.
The case delivered a hammer blow to child protection against sexual abuse from which it has still not recovered. Anniversaries of the case are replayed in most media complete each time with substantial disinformation, and ridicule and dismissal of “satanic abuse” allegations. This presentation will summarise the main features of the case and describe the elaborate untruths and disinformation created around it from the start.

Dr. Sarah Nelson OBE (Universities of Edinburgh) has written and presented widely for decades on sexual abuse issues. Her research and publications include the voices of young survivors, critiques of current child protection systems, community prevention, ritual and organised abuse, media representations of abuse cases, and adult survivors’ experiences of mental and physical health services. She has also been a professional adviser to the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament. Her book Tackling Child Sexual Abuse: Radical approaches to prevention, protection and support (Policy Press, UK and University of Chicago press, USA)) was published in 2016.

Self-Esteem  Presenter: Wendy Hoffman

Self-Esteem – Wendy Hoffman – Word doc

Programming turns you away from your true self. Programmers and even satanic families do everything they can to make their victims feel bad about themselves, debasing them in every way possible. Deprived of the self-esteem that others take for granted makes surviving victims more vulnerable to programming lies. The hardest job is surviving satanic mind control while receiving little or no compassion, empathy or love. The second hardest job is healing from it. This healing is crucial if you want to belong to yourself, find out who you are, make your own decisions and life choices. It is hard work to explore what perpetrators put in innocent minds. This presentation addresses a preparatory step for this healing work. Before you begin, and even as you proceed, even after you finish, work on assessing how you really are as an individual, your courageous strengths and abilities. This workshop discusses ways survivors can achieve a truer picture of who they are, as well as ways their therapists and supporters can help them.

Wendy Hoffman endured various forms of high level secret mind control, and consequently had amnesia for most of her life. She wants to help and support other survivors in their quests for freedom. Late in life, when she regained memory, she wrote books about what she had been forced to forget or dissociate. Among her published books are the memoirs, The Enslaved Queen (2014) and White Witch in a Black Robe (2015), as well Forceps, poems about the birth of the self (2016), and a co-authored book of essays with Alison Miller, From the Trenches (2018). Her third memoir, A Brain of My Own with an Afterword by Alison Miller is forthcoming. She has a LCSW-C and decades of experience, a MA and MFA.

Mind Control and How to Stop it  Presenter: Neil Brick

Mind Control and How to Stop it – Neil Brick – PowerPoint

This presentation explained how mind control and different suggestive techniques work in a variety of individual and public settings. These will include interpersonal relationships, abusive relationships, ritual abuse settings, social media, political manipulation and hypnosis. Ways to expose and prevent mind control will be discussed. Social views of mind control will be presented.

Neil Brick is a survivor of ritual abuse and mind control. His work continues to educate the public about child abuse, trauma and ritual abuse crimes. His child abuse and ritual abuse newsletter S.M.A.R.T. has been published for over 26 years.

You’re Not Who They Said You Are: My Battles For Freedom and Justice Through Perseverance and Exposing the Truth

Presenter: Olivia

In this presentation, she gave a broad overview of surviving 40 plus years of satanic ritual abuse and mind control. Her primary focus will be on the past four years when she made the decision and commitment to reclaim her core identity, at all costs. She believes that all survivors possess a spirit of resiliency that enabled them to live through the traumas the first time and with that same resiliency they have what they need to fight for their own truth and to take back their own life. Her journey to freedom and healing has not been absent of pain, fear, grief, loss and rejection, to name a few. It was her conscious decision to fight back and to pursue vindication not only for herself but for other survivors and has been key in her process to healing.

Olivia is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse and mind control at the government level. Through her own experiences, she has gained extensive knowledge into many elements that encompass and keep intact such an evil and complex system. With courage, perseverance and commitment into her own journey to freedom and healing, she has chosen to break her own silence and to be the voice for the many survivors who have not yet been heard and are far too afraid to be seen. Her mission in life is to educate others based on her experiences and to be an advocate for those who are suffering and remain largely misunderstood, silenced and, too often, rejected. Olivia’s desire is to use her story as a source of strength, determination and compassion with the hopes of shedding light into the darkness that she has known all too well.

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