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December 9, 2013

This week there were new articles on experiments on residential school children,  allegations of the UK gov’t giving money to the Paedophile Information Exchange, Rev. Paul Flowers, a Ritual Abuse Conference and webinar, Jimmy Savile, allocating liability in the courts for child pornography and clergy abuse reports from Minnesota.

Forum to probe experiments on Alberni residential school children

Government ‘gave money to child sex ring in 70s’
Government allegedly gave tens of thousands of pounds to Paedophile Information Exchange, which openly campaigned to legalise child sex

Shamed Co-op Bank boss Paul Flowers was linked to a special school at the centre of one of Britain’s worst child sex abuse scandals

The fall from grace of Co-op Bank boss and reverend Paul Flowers
From drug-taking and drink-driving to sex offences and fiddling expenses

Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse 2014 Conference
Survivors Supporting Survivors

Jimmy Savile: 19 more hospitals to investigate links

Twenty-Two Faces
Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities
Judy Byington

Child Abuse Recovery educates on dissociation, supports ritual abuse survivors and exposes child exploitation rings.

Articles on Batley

Colin David Batley...leader of a cult which operated as a paedophile ring sexually abusing childre

Paedophile cult leader convicted for ‘satanic’ rape campaign – Colin Batley was self-styled high priest

Kidwelly sex cult: Town unaware of ‘evil paedophile’….Colin Batley, described as an “evil paedophile”, was running a satanic sex cult

Five found guilty in sex cult trial

My ‘cult sex’ at 15…The alleged victim said “evil” Colin Batley

Guilty: Paedo cult’s demon ‘Lord’ THE self-styled “Lord” of a black magic sex cult was facing jail last night – after being convicted of sexually abusing young children.  Colin Batley

Satanic sex cult leader guilty of child rape

Survivorship Webinar Reminder
Saturday, December 14, 2013
12:00 noon Pacific Time
Presenter: Neil Brick
How to get through the holidays using different approaches.

Allocating Liability for Child Pornography, in Full or Fractional Shares

Victim Impact Statement of Amy – the Victim in the Misty Series I am a 19 year old girl and I am a victim of child sex abuse and child pornography.


Minn. Archdiocese Posts List of Accused Priests 


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October 27, 2013

This week there were articles about Corey Feldman’s new book ‘Coreyography’ and Hollywood sexual abuse, information on a Grand jury having prepared a child abuse indictment against JonBenet Ramsey’s parents, the consequences of childhood sexual abuse, Jimmy Savile’s former chauffeur, retired DJ Dave Herman being arrested in the Virgin Islands, ritual crimes, the rebuttal of the Witch-Hunt Narrative and information on Loftus misrepresenting an important case.

Corey Feldman’s ‘Coreyography’ Details Sexual Abuse He, Corey Haim Faced

Corey Feldman details Hollywood sexual abuse in his memoir ‘Coreyography’

Corey Feldman: Pedophilies rampant in Hollywood; he and Corey Haim their victims

Grand jury prepared child abuse indictment against JonBenet Ramsey’s parents, newly released documents show

Long-term consequences of childhood sexual abuse by gender of victim. Contact CSA was reported by 16% of males and 25% of females.

Survivorship Webinar: Energy Psychology and Muscle Testing – Sat. November 16

Jimmy Savile’s former chauffeur and flatmate arrested for a second time over fresh allegations of historic child sex abuse

petition asking for a Congressional investigation of the CIA mind-control of children

2007 Extreme Abuse Surveys

Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities

1995 Congressional Hearing MKULTRA Victim Testimony B Christine Nicola:

Are taxpayers funding child torture?

Retired DJ Dave Herman arrested in Virgin Islands, accused of trying to arrange sexual abuse encounter with minor

David Herman Complaint

describes crimes
Four arrested for ritual killing of five-year-old in Nigeria

Harwood believed Theologo satanic sacrifice part of God’s plan: psychologist

The Witch-Hunt Narrative: Politics, Psychology, and the Sexual Abuse of Children

Loftus Misrepresents Important Case

news items – severe abuse, rape in Asia, effect of abuse, congressional hearing, Chris Denning, Cyril Smith

September 16, 2013

This week a new study came out about rape in Asia, the effects of untreated child abuse and neglect, a petition requesting a congressional hearing for mind control survivors, a webinar and conference for survivors of severe abuse and articles on Chris Denning and Cyril Smith.

Almost a quarter of men ‘admit to rape in parts of Asia’

New report finds that effects of child abuse and neglect, if untreated, can last a lifetime

petition “Request Congressional Investigation: CIA Mind-control of Children”

Are Mind-Control Survivors Breaking Their Silence?

Survivorship Webinar – October 5 – Going from being split to full integration
Saturday, October 5, 2013
12:00 noon Pacific Time
Presenter: Alison
“What it has been/is like for me to go from being split to having achieved full integration.”

Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse 2014 Conference – Survivors Supporting Survivors

Survivors Ask Congress to Investigate CIA Mind-control of Children

Former Radio One DJ Chris Denning re-arrested by Jimmy Savile detectives

How MP Cyril Smith got away with child abuse

Why are Survivors of CIA Mind-control Claiming Children are Tortured Today?

1995 Mind Control Congressional hearings testimonies

Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today SMART

Judy Byington, Child Abuse Recovery CAR

Kevin Annett, International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS ) .

news items – press conference NYC Sept 4, Survivorship Webinar, Vatican, Castro, Irish priest, Marsha Allen, Keller Case

September 2, 2013

This week there are several new developments in the child protection and rape and trauma prevention fields.  There will be a press conference in NYC Wed. night (Sept. 4) to expose child abuse. There will be a webinar on Saturday (Sept 7) to help educate people about trauma. There is a movement to “de-secularize” the Vatican. There were additional articles on Ariel Castro, an Irish Priest, the Masha Allen Lawsuit (Child Porn Victim Sues Viewers), Yeshiva University Sex Abuse,  Fran’s Day Care – Keller Case, Sex Assault In Soccer Hazing Ritual and a Black Jesus’ cannibal rape cult leader was killed.

Press Conference – Abuse Survivors Unite To Expose Child Genocide, Ritual Torture and Trafficking
Wed, Sept 4th 7 PM
Henry George School of Social Science
121 East 30th Street New York, NY

Saturday, September 7

Italian politicians to meet with Kevin Annett and ITCCS to plan “comprehensive campaign to de-secularize” the Vatican

Houses next to Ariel Castro’s former Seymour Avenue property torn down

Irish priest arrested in Tenerife over claims he abused boys in Britain over a 36-year period

Sexually explicit photos of bound, gagged children spur arrest of Wilton Manors man,0,5265997.story

Masha Allen Lawsuit: Child Porn Victim Sues Viewers For $150K A piece

Yeshiva University Sex Abuse Extended beyond Boys High School

Fran’s Day Care – Keller Case

Fifth Maine West Student Claims Sex Assault In Soccer Hazing Ritual

Oxford Textbook of Psychopathology – stats on dissociation
By Paul H Blaney, Theodore Millon,+Hus,+Waraich,+%26+Somers,+Hus,+Waraich+PubMed&hl=en&sa=X&ei=SOgjUtCIMtGvsQS08oHgBA&ved=0CDAQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=%28Goldner%2C%20Hus%2C%20Waraich%2C%20%26%20Somers%2C%20Hus%2C%20Waraich%20PubMed&f=false

Black Jesus’ murder: Leader of 6,000-strong cannibal rape cult killed
describes violence

Kevin Annett
ITCCS   and

Judy Byington   
Child Abuse Recovery

Neil Brick
Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today

news items – Ritual Abuse Conference, Ariel Castro, Trafficking, Monks, Haiti, Army, Aboriginal Children, Clergy Abuse

August 5, 2013

This week there were many new articles on child abuse, rape and trauma prevention and education. Ariel Castro was sentences to 1,000 plus years, but claims most of “the sex…was consensual” (blame the victim). A child trafficking rescue saved 105 victims. Monks in Scotland have been accused of sexual abuse. Army Child Abuse Cases Jump 40% from 2009. Aboriginal children used in medical tests in Canada. Thousands protest freeing of Spanish pedophile in Morocco. An international child abuse and ritual abuse conference will be held next weekend in New England.

16th Annual Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Conference August 9 – 11, 2013

Ritual Abuse And Extreme Abuse Clinician’s Conference August 9, 2013

Judge sentences Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro to life, plus 1,000 years

Diaries kept by Ariel Castro’s captives paint picture of torment, trauma

Castro’s statement: Classic signs of a narcissistic sociopath, experts say

‘Most of the sex … was consensual’: Castro’s blame-the-victim act all too familiar, abuse experts say

Child Sex Trafficking Rescue: FBI Saves 105 Victims in ‘Operation Cross Country’

Michael Madison Indicted For Deaths Of 3 Ohio Women

Senior figures plan own investigation into allegations that monks abused boys at Fort Augustus and Carlekemp Priory schools

Ex-pupils allege they were raped and abused by monks at schools in Scotland

Head of Benedictines apologises over abuse

Police investigate Australian priest over Scottish abuse allegations

Man sentenced to 165 years in prison for sexually abusing children in Haiti

Army Child Abuse Cases Jump 40% From 2009: Report

The Army’s hidden child abuse epidemic

30,000 kids abused, 118 killed; Army saw 40 percent increase in cases from 2009 to 2012

Aboriginal children used in medical tests, commissioner says

Priest personnel files released in California court case reveal alleged abuser in N.J.

The $115,000 Question – FMSF – McHugh book

Thousands protest freeing of Spanish pedophile in Morocco (PHOTOS)

Why Bench Warrants on Vatican, Queen, Government, Church Officials?

news items – Ritual Abuse, Ariel Castro guilty, Roman Polanski, Jimmy Savile, Frank Olson

July 29, 2013

This week Ariel Castro plead guilty, Roman Polanski’s victim released a new book, NHS staff is accused of bringing victims to Jimmy Savile, Frank Olson’s family’s lawsuit was dismissed and two severe abuse conferences are in less than two weeks.

16th Annual Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Conference August 9 – 11, 2013

Ritual Abuse And Extreme Abuse Clinician’s Conference August 9, 2013

Frank Olson Family’s Lawsuit Against Alleged CIA Murder Dismissed

Cleveland kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro will return to court Wednesday morning – pleaded not guilty to 977 kidnapping and rape charges

Led by the Catholic Pope, Do Church and State Continue to Cover-up Child Abuse?

Satanic cult blamed for ritualistic killing of Dartmoor foal which was horrifically mutilated in centre of ring of fire during full moon

Book Review
‘Against Their Will’ looks at children used for tests

Roman Polanski Rape Victim Unveils Startling, Disturbing Photo for Book Cover   (Exclusive) “The Girl” Samantha Geimer’s memoir

Ariel Castro avoids death penalty with plea deal in Cleveland kidnappings,0,728821.story

Ariel Castro victims relieved by guilty plea

Cleveland Kidnapping Update: Victim could face Ariel Castro in court, source tells CBS

Victims claim Savile recruited NHS staff to deliver him young patients to abuse

Celebrity arrests could soar after horrified police discover Jimmy Savile’s secret lair at record shop

Jimmy Savile Sex Scandal: Sick List of Victims Found in Manchester Record Shop

Head of Family cult settles claim by accuser out of court

The Family Friday….ran a bizarre cult known as The Family.

news items – Ariel Castro, clergy moves millions to trust fund, child trafficking, cult crimes, ritual crimes, ritual abuse conferences

July 8, 2013

This week there were many new articles on child abuse, trauma crimes and related articles. These include articles on Ariel Castro, Cardinal Dolan moving $57 million off the archdiocesan books into a cemetery trust fund, John Paul II moving close to sainthood, the Shefford Catholic boys’ home, a paedophile priest telling a boy he could get his dead grandfather into heaven if he performed a sex act, survivors uniting to expose child trafficking networks, Internet giants planning to wipe out child abuse images, UK child migrations’ scandalous history,  ritual and torture crimes, the threat of the live streaming of child sex abuse images, cult crimes and resources for survivors and helpers of severe abuse.

Some of these pages describe graphic accounts of abuse.

Ariel Castro deemed mentally fit to stand trial, denied access to 6-year-old daughter

Ariel Castro’s home an oasis of calm on chaotic block, police records show

Cardinal Dolan and the Sexual Abuse Scandal

moved $57 million off the archdiocesan books into a cemetery trust fund

Dolan Sought to Protect Church Assets, Files Show
move nearly $57 million into a cemetery trust fund to protect the assets

New York Times editorial calls allegations against Cardinal Timothy Dolan “shocking”

John Paul II close to sainthood
Holy See’s deep-seated problems — clerical sex abuse, dysfunctional governance and financial scandals at the Vatican bank

Shefford Catholic boys’ home abused urged to tell police

Paedophile priest told boy (7) he could get dead grandfather into heaven if he performed sex act

Survivors Unite to Expose Church & State Child Trafficking Networks

Internet giants planning to wipe out child abuse images
UK child migration: a scandalous history
150,000 children were forced out of Britain

Durham families describe anguish in ‘cult’ murder sentencing

Girl claims father gang-raped her, large clips were attached to her and electric shocks, men assaulted her with a live snake

Live streaming of child sex abuse an ’emerging threat’
An estimated 50,000 UK web users are involved in distributing abuse images.

Threat Assessment of Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse June 2013
Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre London

Ukraine police unit stormed after brutal rape

Convicted killer guilty of ritualistic murder of Welsh pensioner told he will die in prison

Witness gives chilling account of ritual murder

Death sentence passed on police officer who killed his wife for ritual

Woman and five men face trial in February over child sex charges
The alleged offences relate to 17 victims, 16 girls and one boy

Cult leader gets two life sentences for the murders of a little boy and one of his wives

describes graphic crimes
Police Pick Body in Another Ritual Murder

Survivorship Webinar
“What a service dog is and how service dogs can help people with PTSD.”

Saturday, July 13
12:00 noon Pacific Time

The 16th Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference August 9 – 11, 2013  

Ritual Abuse And Extreme Abuse Clinician’s Conference August 9, 2013

news items: Recovered Memories, Satanic Ritual, Stuart Hall, Sex Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Extreme Abuse, Mind Control, Capturing the Friedmans, Ritual Abuse

June 24, 2013

This week there were articles on a murder case solved by recovered memories, a murder connected to an apparent satanic ritual, Stuart Hall in England, sex traffcking, domestic violence, the shunning of an abuse accuser and severe and extreme abuse. There is also information on the Capturing the Friedmans case.

Miami Cold Case Murder Solved With Recovered Memories

Teen Accused Of South Africa Family Murders in an apparent satanic ritual

Sex initiation ritual another blight on ADFA

Hall had claimed his victims were lying as part of ‘vendetta against people in public eye’

An insult to all his victims: Sex predator Stuart Hall will serve just TWO WEEKS in jail for every one of the 13 girls he attacked

Sexual Trafficking, Up Close and Personal
‘Roadkill’ Bears Witness to Human Trafficking

When Fathers Say ‘No More’ to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Michael Bolton

After Sexual Abuse Case, a Hasidic Accuser Is Shunned, Then Indicted

What do Rosanne Barr, Herschel Walker, J.Hill and 2,186 others have in common? Child Safety   June 19, 2013 Judy Byington

2007 Extreme Abuse Survey

Utah Woman Jenny Hill Sees Human Sacrifice

Toos Nijenhuis ritual abuse survivor who explains her torture and experience with human sacrifice in Holland

Capturing the Friedmans: Annotated Bibliography

Geraldo Rivera’s interview with Jesse Friedman

The Secret Life of Arnold Friedman By Alvin E. Bessent – Newsday  — LI., NY May 28, 1989,0,1599081.story

In Their Own Words:  Jesse’s Victims Speak Out

Case of Arnold Friedman and Jessie Friedman “Capturing The Friedmans”

CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS”  Documentary or Whitewash?

S.M.A.R.T. Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Newsletter Issue 111 – July 2013

The 16th Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference August 9 – 11, 2013

Ritual Abuse And Extreme Abuse Clinician’s Conference 2013

news items – priests, teachers, Sandusky, Savile, ritual abuse, Friedmans, Dozier

April 1, 2013

This week there many new articles about clergy abuse, Sandusky, ritual abuse crimes, child abuse cover ups, Jimmy Savile, West Memphis Three, Capturing the Friedmans, Educator Abuse and the Dozier School for Boys.

Holy Hell – one family’s story of sexual abuse by their priest

Artist Graham Ovenden accused of being paedophile

Graham Ovenden denies the charges

Sandusky speaks from prison: Witness’s ‘story changed a lot’

Satanic sex cult paedophile guilty

He stole my life”: How a teenager was forced to join a satanic sex cult… by her evil uncle

Ritual abuse laws

He stole my life”: How a teenager was forced to join a satanic sex cult… by her evil uncle

Paedo MP cover-up claim: Top cop removed from sex abuse probe after naming politicians as suspects

Anger rises in Gabon after rash of ritual killings

Criminal sentence – Colin David Batley

Blood-drinking devil worshippers face life for ritual Satanic killing
Murder trial reveals sinister link to British vampire groups

Argentinean courts confirm boy was killed in satanic ritual

(May, 2010)

ISSB of CA and CPPA present the Nineteenth Annual Northern California Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Conference:

NATIONAL SCANDAL: Family Courts Placing Children with Identified Sex Abusers
April 27th, 2013, 9:30 am to 5:00 pm,
at the Veterans Memorial Center, 203 East 14th Street, Davis, California

Official Audit Report (Massachusetts)
Department of Early Education and Care
found 119 instances where Level 2 and Level 3 sex offender addresses matched addresses of EEC child care providers

Women’s History Month Spotlight:
Judy Byington – Author of “Twenty-Two Faces

Justice Story: Killer priest murders nun in chapel sacristy, leaves demonic stab pattern over her heart

Satanist killer gets life in prison

Iowa Man Convicted of Killing Two Stepdaughters During Satanic Ritual,2933,485444,00.html

2 Killings At School Linked To Satanic Cult

Teens Allegedly Plotted A Siege

Teen-Ager Says Satanism Led to Killings

Wiccan killer pleads no contest

kobtv4 Aug 26, 2011
a self proclaimed witch, accused of stabbing a man to death on an albuquerque hiking trail, took a plea deal in court….

$10 million Los Angeles settlement first since document release

Prominent Australian entertainer arrested in relation to Jimmy Savile child sex investigation

WM3 defense accuse new ‘suspects’ with pot smoking gay tryst scenario

Sex abuse cases: ‘I have a personal stake in this’ (Video) Marci Hamilton  

Capturing the Friedmans

the film sacrificed truth in favor of creating artistic ambiguity

In Their Own Words:  Jesse’s Victims Speak Out

all of us have psychological scars 

Retired Teacher: School Officials Knew About Sexual Abuse, Did Nothing
Carol Buchanan tried to come forward in the 1990s, but was punished for it

Parents sue Grain Valley School District after teacher’s abuse

Scientists prepare to exhume bodies at Dozier School for Boys in the Florida panhandle

Dozier School for Boys survivor Captain Bill Nelson speaks out for first time

Captain Bill Nelson says he was beaten, assaulted

Jimmy Savile and others – Satanic Ritual Abuse, Dr. Phil – SRA, Rape, Restitution, Prevention, West Memphis Three

January 28, 2013

This week there were several new articles on satanic ritual abuse in the media involving Jimmy Savile (Top of the Pops) and other famous people. New information came out on the West Memphis Three.  Articles were published on rape, restitution for child pornography victims and the PA child sex abuse bill.

A VICTIM of Jimmy Savile’s satanic abuse told yesterday of her sheer terror as she was tied to an altar and raped by the depraved star during a black mass.

Pervert MP Cyril Smith was pals with satanic child sex monster 19 Jan 2013
Victim Michael Roberts reveals his devil-worshipping stepdad Michael Horgan organised abuse

Rape charge against Stuart Hall deepens BBC scandal

describes very violent crimes

Ritual killings that have terrorised Cameroon: 18 young women are abducted, murdered and found with brains, eyes and genitals missing

describes very violent crimes
City panicked by wave of suspected ritual killings
….In the past two weeks police have found 18 bodies dumped along the streets.

Paedophile sent extreme net child-abuse images

Dr. Phil – The Rest of the Story – By Judy Byington, Author, Twenty-Two Faces

The Truth About the West Memphis 3 Where did Exhibit 500 come from?

A Rape a Minute, a Thousand Corpses a Year 01/24/2013

The Price of a Stolen Childhood

Bishop, McGeehan announce reintroduction of child sex abuse bills