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December 16, 2016

Shattered but Unbroken: Voices of Triumph and Testimony
Editor : Amelia van der Merwe, Editor : Valerie Sinason

Shattered but Unbroken is an edited volume focusing on Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), which combines the narratives of survivors of ritual abuse with academic contributions on the causes, correlates and interventions applicable to DID.

The book is divided into two distinct parts.

Part I begins with the missing memoir of Anna, a survivor of ritual abuse. Anna chose not to publish her memoir for fear of retribution from her perpetrators. The plight of Anna is interwoven between all the contributions in the book, be they life writing or academic contributions. So too are the life writings of Annalise, writing under pseudonym. Instead of using Anna’s memoir, the politics of anonymity is addressed by a range of survivors of ritual abuse, who write about their decision to use their real name in their narratives, or to use pseudonyms.

Part II of the book contains academic contributions, which deal with the causes, correlates and interventions applicable to the most common response to ritual abuse, DID. These include a range of topics, such as the history of DID, cross-cultural perspectives, DID’s saturation with shame, debates and controversies around this diagnosis, and its relationship to culture and memory, a South African qualitative study, co-morbidity and selected reflections on its treatment, among other contributions.

Product Preview:

How Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law Is Being Used to Defend Child Abuse and Other Crimes

Michael Jackson ran the ‘most sophisticated child sexual abuse’ operation in history: suit

Court upholds sentence given to rabbi in voyeurism case

Catholic Archbishop Wilson loses bid to have charge of concealing child abuse thrown out of court ABC Newcastle

New child abuse suits filed against Catholic Church in Guam

Iran rocked by abuse allegations against top Qur’an reciter

Sold as salvation, Sixties Scoop placed children in abusive system

Fugitive preacher Victor Barnard pleads guilty to sexual assault, will serve 30 years

THE BRAINWASHING OF MY DAD A film by Jen Senko A filmmaker examines the rise of right-wing media through the lens of her father, whose immersion in it radicalized him and rocked the foundation of their family.

Hillary Clinton Freed Child Rapist
Hillary Clinton’s role in a 40-year-old rape case became the focal point of a viral meme in 2016, but the claims made about it were mostly inaccurate.

Child rape victim comes forward for the first time in 40 years to call Hillary Clinton a ‘liar’

How Hillary Clinton Grappled With Bill Clinton’s Infidelity, and His Accusers

Jane Doe Who Accused Trump of Raping Her When She Was 13 Drops Her Suit

Documenting Trump’s Abuse of Women  For his 1993 book, “The Lost Tycoon,” Harry Hurt III acquired Ivana’s divorce deposition, in which she stated that Trump raped her.

Trump Rape Accuser to Refile Suit in New York

Rape Lawsuit Against Donald Trump Dismissed — for Now
The plaintiff’s attorney says the lawsuit was will be refiled with information from a new witness.

Former TV reporter says Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her in 1980s

A look at the sexual misconduct allegations against Donald Trump and Bill Clinton

Scale of sexual abuse in UK universities likened to Savile and Catholic scandals
Stories of more than 100 women shared with Guardian expose pattern of harassment which remains largely hidden

Rotherham child abuse charges: Eight guilty

Three men jailed over Bristol child abuse ring

Victim Says Hastert ‘A Monster’ Protected by Child Abuse Law

Film explores Harold Evans’s work to expose the truth about thalidomide

Survivorship conference presentations are at:

Victims of sexual abuse find comfort at conference 18th annual sexual and ritual abuse conference

‘My Scientology Movie’: Louis Theroux’s Revealing Expose On The Cult of Scientology

How Well-Meaning, Intelligent People End Up in a Cult

Leader of a ‘cult-like’ yoga ashram sexually abused children and tortured them with hard labour, starvation and humiliating public nudity

Guatemala Raids Hasidic Group Suspected of Child Abuse

Neil Brick, Editor of S.M.A.R.T. Newsletter, Celebrates Twenty Years of Online Child and Ritual Abuse Research

Inside China’s secret brainwashing centres: ‘People only see what the government wants them to see’

Trafficking in America Task Force Mission Statement:
UNICEF estimates there are nearly two million children in the commercial sex trade

The Real Impact of Child Abuse on Life Span
A past history of abuse and trauma can have a significant impact on a person’s well-being and longevity.

How to Avoid Being Mind Controlled at a Conference – Presentation at the 2016 Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference – August 2016

The Urban Legends of Those Attacking Ritual Abuse Theories and the False Logic of False Memory Proponents and Their Occultist Supporters – Presentation at the 2016 Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference

Neil Brick – Radio Interview – Scientific Information about Ritual Abuse Crimes

Judge Allows A CIA Torture Lawsuit To Move Forward For The First Time
A federal judge indicated Friday he will deny a request from two CIA-contracted psychologists to throw out a lawsuit filed on behalf of three victims of the agency’s now-defunct enhanced interrogation program.

may be heavy for survivors
Lecture by D. Corydon Hammond, originally entitled “Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse” but now usually known as the “Greenbaum Speech” delivered at the Fourth Annual Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality, Thursday June 25, 1992, at the Radisson Plaza Hotel, Mark Center, Alexandria, Virginia, United States of America.

Dissecting Disbelief: Possible Reasons for the Denial of the Existence of Ritual Abuse in the United Kingdom Kate Richardson Researcher in Child Abuse and Exploitation, United Kingdom (2015)  IJCJ&SD 2015  4 (2): 77-93   ISSN 2202-8005

Books on Ritual Abuse

White Witch in a Black Robe by Wendy Hoffman is a memoir about how secret high-level mind control is performed throughout victims’ lives and the ways heads of governments and religious organizations participate in this, as well as the healing process and how the mind becomes whole again.

The Enslaved Queen: A Memoir about Electricity and Mind Control by Wendy Hoffman, a survivor of mind control and ritual abuse who is also a therapist. This memoir exposes the existence and practices of organized criminal groups who abuse children, helps survivors of those abuses, and provides important information for professionals about the dissociative brain.

Healing the Unimaginable – Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control by Alison Miller is a practical, task-oriented, instructional manual designed to help therapists provide effective treatment for survivors of these most extreme forms of child abuse and mental manipulation.

Becoming Yourself: Overcoming Mind Control and Ritual Abuse by Alison Miller   In contrast to the author’s previous book, Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control, which was for therapists, this book is designed for survivors of these abuses. It takes the survivor systematically through understanding the abuses and how his or her symptoms may be consequences of these abuses, and gives practical advice regarding how a survivor can achieve stability and manage the life issues with which he or she may have difficulty.

Forceps: Poems about the Birth of the Self by Wendy Hoffman
The search for my true past came in distinct waves. This collection of poems includes some from the long period when I knew something was drastically wrong but didn’t consciously know what that was and some from the breakthrough when I discovered my never-bloomed self. The poems cover the outskirts of my awakening, my plowing through and arrival in the middle of awareness. When dissociated memories and emotions exploded inside, eventually they filtered into a poem. The horror transmuted itself. These poems are that record.  I have regained a real, not imposed, self.


news items: Bill Cosby, Philadelphia clergy abuse, ritual abuse books and evidence, mind control, Lord Janner, Comfort Women, Survivorship conference, Magdalene Laundries, Sexually Assaulted Military Dependents, Greenbaum speech

January 6, 2016

News articles about trauma, rape and child abuse:
Bill Cosby charged with felony sexual assault,  a new trial ordered for Msgr. Lynn, chief defendant in Phila. clergy abuse case,  Survivorship will be having a child and ritual abuse conference in May, Wendy Hoffman’s new book about high-level mind control is available, the Lord Janner sex abuse case may still go on despite his death, a  radiographer was jailed, more than a milion child abuse images and videos, South Korea, Japan reach agreement on ‘comfort women,’ controversial Irish home for unmarried mothers unmarked mass grave for up to 800 children and the Magdalene Laundries and U.S. Troops are suspected of sexually assaulting military dependents.

Bill Cosby charged with felony sexual assault in Pennsylvania

Bill Cosby was charged on Wednesday with sexually assaulting a woman after plying her with drugs and alcohol in 2004, marking the only criminal case against the once-beloved performer whose father-figure persona has been tainted by dozens of misconduct accusations.
Constand, a former basketball team manager at Temple University in Philadelphia, Cosby’s alma mater, is one of more than 50 women who have publicly accused the star of sexually assaulting them in incidents dating back decades.

New trial ordered for Msgr. Lynn, chief defendant in Phila. clergy abuse case
overturning for a second time a landmark verdict that was the first conviction nationwide of a Catholic Church official for covering up child sex abuse by priests.

Philadelphia prosecutors seek rehearing in Catholic church official’s clergy abuse case
District Attorney Seth Williams says in a statement he has filed an application for a re-argument of Lynn’s case before the full state Superior Court. He says the filing is in response to a decision by a three-judge panel on Tuesday to award a new trial to Lynn

The Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse Conference – May 2016

Survivorship will be having our annual conference on May 7 – 8, 2016 at the Executive Inn & Suite – Oakland, CA

How to Avoid Being Mind Controlled at a Conference

may be heavy for survivors
Lecture by D. Corydon Hammond, originally entitled “Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse” but now usually known as the “Greenbaum Speech,” delivered at the Fourth Annual Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality, Thursday June 25, 1992, at the Radisson Plaza Hotel, Mark Center, Alexandria, Virginia, United States of America.

White Witch in a Black Robe by Wendy Hoffman is a memoir about how secret high-level mind control is performed throughout victims’ lives and the ways heads of governments and religious organizations participate in this, as well as the healing process and how the mind becomes whole again.
The memoir begins with the author’s childhood in a multi-generational cult family, her ordinary life in the normal world and her simultaneous secret tortuous world. She describes her world travels as a satanic cult queen and prophet, encountering well-known and influential people. The final section portrays the process of weaving the pieces of her mind back together with the help of a therapist, and adjusting to life with a whole mind. 

Books on Ritual Abuse

Ritual Abuse Evidence
Ritual abuse exists all over the world. There have been reports, journal articles, web pages and criminal convictions of crimes against children and adults.

Lord Janner sex abuse case may still go on despite his death in ‘trial of facts’
Janner, a one-time Labour MP for Leicester West, had been accused of 22 counts of historical sex offences against boys but died at the weekend.

Hospital radiographer jailed, possessing more than a milion child abuse images and videos

South Korea, Japan reach agreement on ‘comfort women’
Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said his government will give 1 billion yen ($8.3 million) to a fund to help those who suffered. South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se said that as long as Tokyo sticks to its side of the deal, Seoul will consider the issue “irreversibly” resolved.
“Although the Japanese government announced that it ‘feels (its) responsibilities,’ the statement lacks the acknowledgment of the fact that the colonial government and its military had committed a systematic crime,” said the Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery. “The government had not just been simply involved but actively initiated the activities which were criminal and illegal.” The group took issue that it did not address the issue of Japanese history textbooks glossing over the scope of the war crimes.

Secret tapes of woman who spent years at controversial Irish home for unmarried mothers reveals there WAS an unmarked mass grave for up to 800 children
Some 796 children died at a single Irish care home between 1925 and 1961
It was feared children’s bodies were buried in a mass grave at the site
A worker at the home in Galway made a taped interview before her death
That interview confirms the existence of a mass grave at the site in Tuam
The Magdalene Laundries
The Magdalene Laundries were institutions, generally run by Catholic religious organisations that operated for more than 200 years from the 18th century to the late 20th Century. In Ireland the first was founded in Dublin in 1765 and the last closed in 1996. They were established to house unmarried mothers. An estimated 30,000 women were confined in these institutions in Ireland.

U.S. Troops Suspected Of Sexually Assaulting Military Dependents: Report
In total, the children of service members, or military dependents, are sexually assaulted hundreds of times each year, data the Defense Department provided exclusively to The Associated Press show. The abuse is committed most often by male enlisted troops, according to the data, followed by family members….
An AP investigation published in November found more inmates are in military prisons for child sex crimes than for any other offense.
There were at least 1,584 substantiated cases of military dependents being sexually abused between fiscal years 2010 and 2014, according to the data. Enlisted service members sexually abused children in 840 cases. Family members of the victims accounted for the second largest category with 332 cases.

Fraternity, Bill Cosby, Jehovah’s Witness, Catholic Church/ Cardinal Pell, Rotherham sex abuse trial, Peter Walbran, Satanism, Lord Janner, Operation Hydrant

December 17, 2015

News articles about rape, trauma and child abuse: Peace Corps volunteers punished for reporting sexual assault, Fraternity pledge’s death, Bill Cosby allegations, Jehovah’s Witnesses did not report allegations to the police, Operation Hydrant: 2,228 child abuse suspects, Catholic church knew it had abuse ‘time bombs’, Catholic Church saves $62 million on sexual abuse claims, Priest warned police officer to drop investigation or lose job, 682 child abuse suspects arrested, Cardinal Pell, Rotherham victim’s sex abuse claims ‘dismissed by police officer’, Rotherham sex abuse trial, Lord Janner unfit to plead in child sex abuse trial, Convicted child abuser Walbran arrested teaching at Thai school and attempted murder recounted by teens – infatuation with Satanism.

Peace Corps volunteers blamed, punished for reporting sexual assault?
Nearly 7,000 Peace Corps currently serve in about 65 countries. Roughly one in five of them is sexually assaulted during that service, according to the results of a recent anonymous Peace Corps safety questionnaire, obtained exclusively by CBS News.
The report also shows that nearly half don’t report the assaults.

Fraternity president testifies against brothers in pledge’s death
A Pennsylvania college fraternity president says he and four others charged in a pledge’s death during a hazing ritual in the Poconos tried to “cover it all up” when they met weeks later.

Bill Cosby Lawyers Seek to Reseal Court Records
acknowledgment, under questioning, by Mr. Cosby that in the 1970s he obtained quaaludes to give them to young women with whom he wanted to have sex.

Cosby sues 7 accusers for defamation, seeks damages and retractions

Cosby also denied he had sexually assaulted any of the seven women. He has not been charged with any crime. More than 40 women have come forward to publicly accuse Cosby, 78, of assaulting them over four decades, often saying he supplied them with drugs.  Cosby’s lawyers or representative denied the accusations in the media.

Jehovah’s Witnesses ‘fostered distrust’ of secular authority – royal commission counsel
Church’s response to child sexual abuse fell short of best practice
Since 1950 the church has received 1,066 allegations against its members and did not report any of them to police.

Operation Hydrant: UK police identify 2,228 child abuse suspects
302 people of “public prominence”, including 99 politicians and 147 from television, film or radio. 761 different institutions, including 288 schools and 204 children’s homes.

Catholic church knew it had abuse ‘time bombs’, child sex abuse inquiry hears
Bishop Connors agreed with Gail Furness SC, senior counsel assisting the commission, who said there was little, if any, concern about the victims.
The commission heard there was a culture in the Catholic church of keeping abuse allegations secret.

Catholic Church saves $62 million on sexual abuse claims
The Catholic Church avoided paying up to $62 million in compensation to sexual abuse victims by creating the controversial Melbourne Response program, which capped payments at $50,000 for each victim.
Internal documents also show church leaders ordered written records about sex abuse be “kept to a minimum” to avoid losing lawsuits, and hired one of the country’s best spin doctors in a bid to prepare for the scandal in the early 1990s.
In August 1996, Archbishop Pell discussed the idea of creating a special trust to “avoid an open-ended call on funding for counselling fees” for abuse victims, to only days later canvass suggestions of how the church could financially support three paedophile priests set to be released from prison.

Priest warned police officer to drop investigation or lose job, child abuse hearing told
Father Peter Taffe ‘told officer Denis Ryan he would be out of a job’ if he pursued an investigation into the Mildura parish priest Monsignor John Day
Furness said Mulkearns had told another Mortlake victim’s mother: “How am I to take the word of a child over one of my priests?”

Teachers and medical staff among 682 child abuse suspects arrested
More than a hundred people in positions of trust among those arrested since March
A total of 399 children have been safeguarded as a result of the operation

Cardinal Pell told to attend child abuse inquiry after video link request denied
Pell, Australia’s highest-ranking cleric, was due to give evidence about child sexual abuse that occurred in institutions run by Catholic church authorities in and around Ballarat, and evidence about measures taken by the archdiocese of Melbourne to investigate child sexual abuse, known within the church as “the Melbourne Response”, before Melbourne’s county court

Rotherham victim’s sex abuse claims ‘dismissed by police officer’
Court hears that complainant, then aged 12, was accused of lying after telling officer about the abuse

Rotherham sex abuse trial:  ‘had sex with child 100 times’
An alleged victim of child sexual exploitation has said she was forced to have sex with Asian men against her will in houses, a park and churchyard.

Lord Janner: Judge rules dementia sufferer is unfit to plead in child sex abuse trial
Court hearing on 87-year-old peer’s mental health is told former Labour grandee is suffering from ‘advanced and disabling’ dementia
Janner is accused of 15 counts of indecent assault and seven counts of a separate sexual offence against a total of nine alleged victims in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.
Twenty-one of the offences relate to complainants who were aged 16 or under at the time.

Convicted child abuser Peter Dundas Walbran arrested teaching at Thai school
Police have detained a Sydney man jailed in 2012 over the rape and molestation of Indonesian boys as young as eight who was found teaching at a school in north-eastern Thailand.

describes crimes
Attempted murder recounted by giggling teens
The girls had not given up on their infatuation with Satanism.
They’d sacrificed animals as part of their obsession. They’d shared blood.
But Sarah wanted more. She fantasised about killing people.
“Spill the blood of all!” she wrote on a blood splattered journal page.


news items: Jared Fogle, Bill Cosby, Former Archbishop, Yeshiva Rabbi, Satanic Slayings, paedophile gang, paedophile witch, violence against women

September 15, 2015

This week there were news articles on the Jared Fogle former Subway sandwich pitchman case, Bill Cosby allegations, 446 child abuse arrests in South Yorkshire, Former Archbishop Dies Ahead of Vatican Child Abuse Trial, historic child abuse and Brandon Smyth, Senior Melbourne Yeshiva rabbi resigns over handling of child sex abuse scandal, child abuse cases in the military, animal rescued from witchcraft ritual, Paedophile witch wants supervision conditions eased, Man convicted in Satanic hotel slayings in Barrie appeals, ritual abuse research, violence against women at universities and paedophile gang jailed. 

The woman who helped break the Jared Fogle case
Less than two weeks after Fogle, the former Subway sandwich pitchman, agreed to plead guilty to child pornography charges, Taylor on Tuesday also took a plea deal.

Perverse text messages led to Jared Fogle’s downfall
In the messages, Taylor had “offered to send her images or videos of young girls,” an affidavit states. “Russell Taylor made this offer during a series of text messages that included discussions of sexual matters, including bestiality and sadistic or masochistic abuse.”

Former franchisee alerted Subway about Jared Fogle, lawyer says

A former franchisee alerted a Subway advertising executive in 2008 about her concerns about pitchman Jared Fogle, according to her lawyer.
Cindy Mills exchanged phone numbers with Fogle after they met at an event, said Robert Beasley, a lawyer in Florida who represents Mills. After Fogle began talking about paying for sex with minors, the lawyer said Mills alerted a regional Subway contact in Florida where her business was based.

Model Who Alleges Bill Cosby Drugged and Assaulted Her Speaks Out: I’ll Never ‘Get Over’ What Happened
Model Chloe Goins whose allegations may be the first to fall within the statute of limitations and lead to a criminal case against the comedian

Bill Cosby loses latest legal skirmish

VIDEO: 446 child abuse arrests in South Yorkshire since Jay Report
42 current and former South Yorkshire Police officers subject to an Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation over potential misconduct over the Rotherham scandal.  

Former Archbishop Dies Ahead of Vatican Child Abuse Trial
Jozef Wesolowski had been the most senior Vatican official arrested on allegations of child sex abuse 

Inquiry into historic child abuse to focus on homes allegations
In June, the HIA, spent a week examining the failings that allowed notorious paedophile priest Fr Brendan Smyth to continue abusing children over four decades.
The inquiry was set up in January 2013 by the Northern Ireland Executive to investigate child abuse which occurred in residential institutions over a 73-year period from 1922 to 1995.

Senior Melbourne Yeshiva rabbi resigns over handling of child sex abuse scandal

Children were allegedly subjected to sectarian abuse by staff at a state run institution
Of more than 4,000 residents, 66 individuals  made allegations to the Inquiry of some form of abuse

The number of child abuse cases in the military hits a decade high

In fiscal year 2014, officials tracking family violence within the military confirmed 7,676 cases of child abuse or neglect, an increase of 10 percent from the previous year, according to annual statistics on child abuse and domestic violence. Confirmed cases of neglect – which excludes physical and sexual abuse – rose by 14 percent, military officials said. 

Child and Ritual Abuse Mind Control Newsletter – September 2015
This newsletter has information on Bill Cosby, Josh Duggar, Edward Heath, Leon Brittan, Jehovah’s Witnesses, US torture doctors – Hoffman Report, Richard Beck, Elizabeth Loftus, Clergy Abuse, Jozef Wesolowski, The Vatican, Pakistan child abuse scandal and Ritual Crimes.

Our CD Order Form for The 2015 Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference is now online at

Presentations included Dr. Randy Noblitt and Neil Brick.
Special Prices are available until September 20, 2015 and a paypal button is at the website.

Aylesbury child sex abuse: ‘bad parenting made girls vulnerable’
Judge made the comments while sentencing six men to jail for 82 years for abusing girls in Buckinghamshire

describes animal abuse
Abandoned, mistreated wild animals rescued from Mexico brought to Colorado animal sanctuary
the rescued coyote was used by its owners for witchcraft ritual

Paedophile witch Robin Fletcher wants supervision conditions eased

Convicted rapist has spent nearly more than nine years under strict order after serving jail sentence.

Man convicted in Satanic hotel slayings in Barrie appeals
Dobson met the women through a website called Joy of Satan  

Dobson guilty of first-degree murder in double Satanic slaying in Barrie
Barrie suicide-pact killer tells judge he believed he did “the right thing” 

Man charged with attempted murder
Accused of throwing a knife at a woman
a crucifix which a witness stated Gonzalez had taped to the wall upside down, and what the witness said appeared to be a satanic altar  

Proof That Ritual Abuse Exists

Large List of Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse References

Ellen Lacter “Brief Synopsis of the Literature on the Existence of Ritualistic Abuse”.

Government orders inquiry over violence against women at universities
a quarter of students had been groped or subjected to inappropriate touching. Two-thirds of the 2,000 students polled said they had seen that others had to put up with unwanted sexual comments.

Seven members of ‘terrifyingly depraved’ paedophile gang jailed
Judge tells men who abused babies and young children while hiding behind veil of respectability that their actions were ‘contrary to all humanity’

We Believe the Children – What Beck Left Out, Bill Cosby, Jimmy Savile – BBC, Edward Heath, Ritual Murders, Sex trafficking, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Santeria Priest, Milwaukee archdiocese, Pakistan child abuse video case scandal

August 13, 2015

New articles on rape and trauma crimes: Ross Cheit exposing the inaccuracies in Beck’s “We Believe the Children,” ritual murders in the Florida Panhandle, Bill Cosby lawsuit and more accusers, articles on Jimmy Savile and the BBC and Edward Heath former PM, Milwaukee archdiocese, Jehovah’s Witnesses, a Santeria priest, a major Pakistan child abuse video case and scandal and a study showing the link between trauma exposure and physical health.

We Believe the Children – What Beck Left Out
Richard Beck admits that his work is not investigative journalism. He describes it as history. But historians do not rely on secondary sources for major arguments and historians do not omit evidence for the sake of telling a simplified story.

Expert on Ritual Murders About the Triple Homicide in the Florida Panhandle 
I’ve worked on dozens of ritual murders and testified on them, Satanist in LA who murdered his mother, Toledo, Ohio, priest who ritually killed a nun in the sacristy of the chapel on Easter Saturday

Bill Cosby to Be Deposed by Sept. 30 in Molestation Lawsuit: ‘We Are Looking Forward to That Day,’ Says Accuser’s Lawyer

LAPD’s Bill Cosby investigation could help establish pattern of abuse

Barbara Kay: To understand Bill Cosby, start with Alfred C. Kinsey

Three More Women Come Forward to Accuse Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault

Meirion Jones: ‘Everyone on right side of the Savile argument has been forced out of the BBC’

Edward Heath abuse claims: Five forces investigating ex-PM 
Edward Heath, who was prime minister from 1970 to 1974, died in 2005
Five police forces are investigating claims of historical child sexual abuse involving former PM Sir Edward Heath.

FBI: Child Abuse ‘Almost at an Epidemic Level’ in U.S. 

Tens of thousands of children are being sexually exploited each year in the U.S., according to an investigation by the BBC.  Despite rescuing 600 children last year, the FBI says child sex abuse is at epidemic levels where tens of thousands of children are believed to be sexually exploited in the country each year.

Sex trafficking: Lifelong struggle of exploited children  By Ian Pannell BBC News 30 July 2015
In the US, poverty, deprivation and exploitation draw thousands of its own children down into a dark underworld that offers few ways out.

Human trafficking: The lives bought and sold

Millions of men, women and children around the world are currently victims of human trafficking – bought and sold as commodities into prostitution and forced labour. This trade in people criss-crosses the globe – and it is a lucrative business.

Milwaukee archdiocese settles with clergy abuse survivors for $21 million
The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee said Tuesday that it will pay $21 million to more than 300 victims of clergy abuse in a settlement that would end a four-year bankruptcy proceeding.

Authorities: Congregation elders didn’t report child abuse

The Delaware attorney general’s office is suing a Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation in Sussex County, claiming that elders failed to report an unlawful sexual relationship between a woman and a 14-year-old boy, both of whom were congregation members.

Santeria priest claims sexual assault was part of healing ritual, police say
A Santeria priest has been accused of sexually assaulting a girl during what he claimed were healing rituals, Police think there may be other victims who were sexually assaulted

Priest of Caribbean Santeria religion ‘used HEALING ritual as cover to sexually abuse 16-year-old girl’
Pablo Pinto Mata, 46, is accused of sex attack against girl in 2013
Allegedly used three-part ritual to dupe her into undressing for attack
Mata has business linked to Santeria in Montebello, California
The faith has roots in Africa and incorporates elements of Catholicism

Child abuse scandal shocks Pakistan, families angry at police
Villagers in the central Punjabi village of Husain Khan Wala told Reuters that a prominent family there has for years forced children to perform sex acts on video. The footage was sold or used to blackmail their impoverished families.
when she tried to file a report at the Ganda Singh Wala police station a month and a half ago, “the police station clerk told me to get lost and I was thrown out”
Activist Mobeen Ghaznavi said he had 130 video clips containing abuse.
“People are afraid. They are being threatened and intimidated,” he said.

7 charged in Pakistan child abuse video case

a gang of 20 to 25 people had abused the children between 2009 and 2014
400 videos were made of 280 minors

Number of arrests in child abuse scandal rises to 14
main accused of Kasur child abuse scandal, has confessed to subjecting children to abuse and making their videos
Several parents of victims were consistently blackmailed and coerced into paying hundreds of thousands of rupees with threats of releasing the videos in public

Pakistan police officers, spy fired over child abuse case

UCT PhD study shows link between trauma exposure and physical health
clear link between trauma exposure‚ chronic physical conditions and other mental disorders – the first time that a scientific study has established this link.

news items: Duggars investigated, Huckabee co-author, Colombia shaman arrested, Keller case, Bishops Resigns, Vatican ex-envoy faces a child sex abuse trial

June 16, 2015

This week there were several news articles about child abuse, rape and trauma. The Duggar family is under investigation by DHS, a Central-Colombia shaman was arrested for the rape of over 50 women, a new child abuse scandal hit Mike Huckabee, a report states his co-author molested girl, two bishops resign in Minnesota over a sexual abuse scandal and a Vatican ex-envoy Wesolowski faces a child sex abuse trial.

Duggar family under investigation, refuses to let official check on child: 911 call

Duggars were investigated by DHS in May and 911 was called, new report claims

Women’s issues, ‘Up For Debate’ campaign gets Nova Scotian support

Nova Scotia woman ‘tortured’ for years by family speaks out 

Central-Colombia shaman arrested for ‘drugging and raping at least 50 women’

Fran’s Day Care – Keller case
throws out 1992 convictions of sexual assault, Court declines to find innocence in case involving claims of satanic abuse

New child abuse scandal hits Mike Huckabee: Republican White House hopeful’s co-author molested girl, 11, and escaped charges because of statute of limitations
John Perry co-authored Huckabee’s 2008 campaign memoirs and is now revealed to have molested girl between ages of 11 and 14
Police concluded abuse had taken place but they were alerted to it after statute of limitations had kicked in
Perry tells Daily Mail Online ‘the parties involved were reconciled and restored years ago’ and abuse emerged because of vendetta
No suggestion Huckabee knew Perry was an abuser but comes after Duggar family revealed to have covered up son Josh’s molestation of sisters

2 Bishops Resign in Minnesota Over Sexual Abuse Scandal
Two bishops in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis resigned their posts Monday, the second time this spring that American church leaders have stepped aside after complaints over their handling of sexual abuse claims involving priests.
In Minnesota, Archbishop John C. Nienstedt and an auxiliary bishop, Lee A. Piché, announced their departures less than two weeks after prosecutors in St. Paul accused the archdiocese of willfully ignoring warning signs of a pedophile priest.

Catholic Archdiocese in Minnesota Charged Over Sex Abuse by Priest
Prosecutors in Minnesota filed criminal charges on Friday against the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, accusing church leaders of mishandling repeated complaints of sexual misconduct against a priest and failing to follow through on pledges to protect children and root out pedophile clergymen.  

Vatican ex-envoy Wesolowski faces child sex abuse trial
The Vatican is to put its former envoy to the Dominican Republic, Jozef Wesolowski, on trial on child sex abuse and child pornography charges.

news items: Josh Duggar molestation claims, Rabbi Freundel voyeurism conviction, Keller day care case, Priest abused every young boy at school, 1,400 suspects investigated by police child sex abuse allegations

May 25, 2015

This week there were several news articles about rape and trauma. These include:  Josh Duggar ‘was subject of molestation claims in 2005 and was turned in by his father Jim Bob’, Josh Duggar Records Destroyed By Arkansas Police At Judge’s Request,  Online Commenter Warned About Josh Duggar Molestation Accusations 8 Years Ago, Duggars Used Homeschool Program Devised By Accused Sex Abuser,  19 Kids and Counting eldest son Josh has admitted he was accused of molesting underage girls as a teenager. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, admitted they knew about it and worked to ensure he was never charged, Rabbi sentenced to six and a half years prison term for voyeurism, Rabbi Barry Freundel Taped Sex Encounters With ‘Several’ Women, The Definition of ‘Rape’ Cannot Change with a Marriage Certificate, Priest abused every young boy at regional Victorian school, Reduced Child Abuse Sentence Causes Uproar in Argentina, more than 1,400 suspects, including politicians and celebrities, have been investigated by police probing historical child sex abuse allegations, historic child sex abuse in Scotland have identified 110 suspects, including 37 VIPs and information on the Fran’s Day Care/Keller Case.

Josh Duggar ‘was subject of molestation claims in 2005 and was turned in by his father Jim Bob’

A new report claims that 19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar was named in an underage sexual abuse probe
Jim Bob Duggar allegedly turned his son in to Arkansas State Police after ‘he caught him leaving a young girl’s bedroom and learned something inappropriate happened’
The trooper who took the report in 2005 never followed up with Josh, and then was arrested himself and ‘convicted on child pornography charges’

Josh Duggar Records Destroyed By Arkansas Police At Judge’s Request    
Police in Arkansas have destroyed records detailing the investigation into sexual abuse allegations against TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting” star Josh Duggar.
Lewis also told the AP that these types of records are usually kept indefinitely.

Online Commenter Warned About Josh Duggar Molestation Accusations 8 Years Ago

Duggars Used Homeschool Program Devised By Accused Sex Abuser
The Duggars followed a homeschooling program by the Advanced Training Institute, headed by accused sex abuser Bill Gothard.

The Duggars’ dangerous cult of purity
The Duggars built their brand on a slavish dedication to ideals of modesty and purity, keeping their children away from Unwholesome Influences

Now what for the Duggars?
It’s an open question as to whether the TLC network will keep the damaged Duggar family’s show, 19 Kids and Counting, on the air now that eldest son Josh has admitted he was accused of molesting underage girls as a teenager. And, his pious parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, admitted they knew about it and worked to ensure he was never charged.–duggars-reality-show-now/27773707/

19 Kids and Counting eldest son Josh has admitted he was accused of molesting underage girls as a teenager. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, admitted they knew about it and worked to ensure he was never charged.–duggars-reality-show-now/27773707/

Rabbi sentenced to six and a half years prison term for voyeurism
Bernard “Barry” Freundel, 63, of Washington D.C., a rabbi who had worked for a Jewish congregation in Washington, D.C., was sentenced today to a prison term of six years and six months on 52 counts of voyeurism stemming from a series of incidents between 2009 and 2014 in which he secretly took video recordings of women preparing for a Jewish ritual bath

Rabbi Barry Freundel Taped Sex Encounters With ‘Several’ Women
In addition to the 52 women he filmed while they were completely naked between March 4, 2012 and Sept. 19, 2014, Freundel recorded an additional 100 women since April 2009 who were not part of the criminal complaint due to the statute of limitations.
In addition to his crimes, Freundel videotaped himself engaged in “sexual situations” with “several women” who were not his wife, according to the memo

The Definition of ‘Rape’ Cannot Change with a Marriage Certificate

over 40 percent of married women in India between 15 and 49 years of age have been beaten, raped or forced to engage in sexual intercourse with their spouses, one in every five Indian men surveyed admitted to forcing their wives into sex, the law expressly states that forced sexual intercourse by a man with his wife, provided the latter is not under 15 years of age, does not constitute rape, only about six of every 100 acts of sexual violence committed by men other than husbands actually get reported

Child abuse royal commission: Priest abused every young boy at regional Victorian school, inquiry hears
A notorious paedophile priest abused every boy at a regional Victorian school between the age of 10 and 16, the child sex abuse inquiry has heard.
Some of Australia’s most notorious abusers were part of a paedophile ring operating in and around Ballarat for years, including Gerald Ridsdale, Robert Best and Edward Dowlan.

Reduced Child Abuse Sentence Causes Uproar in Argentina
Two Argentine judges are under fire for reducing the sentence of a convicted child abuser on the grounds that his 6-year-old victim had suffered earlier abuse and therefore had already been traumatized.
In the newly publicized 2014 ruling, the judges cut the sentence of Mario Tolosa, a sports club vice president, from six years to 38 months. They ruled that his acts should not be considered “gravely outrageous” in legal terms because the boy already “was making a precocious choice” of his sexuality, apparently a reference to homosexuality.
Other attorneys criticized the decision and the Argentine Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Trans has demanded the judges be removed from the bench for a ruling it said placed a 6-year-old victim “in the position of a suspect.”

More than 1,400 suspects, including politicians and celebrities, have been investigated by police probing historical child sex abuse allegations.

Detectives investigating historic child sex abuse in Scotland have identified 110 suspects, including 37 VIPs.`

New Information on the Fran’s Day Care/Keller Case
State’s highest criminal court throws out 1992 convictions of sexual assault at Austin day care.
Court declines, however, to find Dan and Fran Keller innocent in case involving claims of satanic abuse.
Details at:


news items – Britian Child Abuse Cover Up, Cyril Smith, Tony Blair minister. ‘Satanic’ Rape, Black Mass, Mormon church, Scientology Documentary, Sex-trafficked kids and The Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse 2015 Conference

March 24, 2015

This week there were more articles about Britain’s child abuse cover-up investigation, possible police cover ups, Cyril Smith child abuse probe, an Australian Archbishop Charged With Concealing Child Abuse, a  ‘satanic’ rape: case, a Mexican satanist ‘Black Mass’, U.S. jails sex-trafficked kids in human rights abuse, Former Boy Scout sues Mormon church for sexual abuse, Going Clear a Scientology documentary and The Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse 2015 Conference.

The Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse 2015 Conference – Support Along the Path

Evidence mounts in Britain’s child abuse cover-up investigation

A dam of official silence around child abuse in Britain began to break after the 2011 death of entertainer Jimmy Savile.
On Monday, the BBC’s “Newsnight” program reported that an ex-detective had told it that a lawmaker, Cyril Smith, was arrested in the early 1980s as part of an investigation into child-sex parties, but was released hours later.

Top cop in Britain questioned by his own detectives for role in alleged cover-up of sex abuse claims against Tony Blair minister

Metropolitan Police Chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe facing probe over child abuse ‘cover-up’
Britain’s top cop was an Assistant Chief Constable at Merseyside in 1998 when the force uncovered claims one of Tony Blair’s ministers was a suspected paedophile
Britain’s top police officer faces being quizzed by his own detectives over claims that police covered up child sex abuse by politicians.

Cyril Smith child abuse probe: Police officer threatened   
Claims a police officer was threatened with the Official Secrets Act over allegations of child sex abuse relating to Cyril Smith are to be investigated.
The Manchester Evening News has reported claims an officer was warned to keep quiet after he found the former Rochdale MP at a house with two boys.
Twenty-three people have claimed they were abused by the Liberal MP, who died aged 82 in 2010.
Northamptonshire Police is also probing claims police released Smith after child pornography was found in the boot of his car on the M1 in the 1980s.

Cyril Smith M1 arrest to be probed by Northamptonshire Police
A cold case unit is to investigate claims police released MP Cyril Smith after images of child abuse were found in the boot of his car.
It is understood the Liberal MP, who died in 2010, was stopped on the M1 in Northamptonshire during the 1980s.
But he was released from police custody after making a telephone call to an unidentified third party in London, it has been claimed.

Australian Archbishop Charged With Concealing Child Abuse

The charge alleges the 64-year-old failed to report child sex abuse carried out by priest James Fletcher during the 1970s when they both served in the town of Maitland, north of Sydney.

Boy’s ‘satanic’ rape: case postponed

Inside the horrific Mexican satanist ‘Black Mass’ with live sacrifices     


Lord Janner: Inquiry into ‘limited’ child abuse investigation

U.S. jails sex-trafficked kids in human rights abuse, groups say
The United States violates human rights by treating sex-trafficked children as criminals and throwing them into jail, rights groups told an international commission on Monday.
Federal and international law requires that children in the commercial sex trade are treated as victims of trafficking, not as prostitutes.
Approximately 300,000 American children are at risk for commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking each year

Former Boy Scout sues Mormon church for sexual abuse

Going Clear is a ‘must-see’ Scientology documentary


news items – Margaret Thatcher awarding a knighthood to Cyril Smith, Cyril Smith child abuse probe, Westminster Child Abuse, Rochdale child sex ring, Bill Cosby, Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Newsletter

March 17, 2015

This week there were many new articles on child abuse in the UK, including Margaret Thatcher awarding a knighthood to Cyril Smith, Was Man Murdered For Exposing Paedophile Ring?, Child abuse at Westminster, Rochdale child sex ring, Cyril Smith child abuse probe ‘scrapped after his arrest’, Clergy Sex Abuse Victims In Montana’s Diocese of Helena To Receive $20 Million In Payments More than 360 abuse claims, Bill Cosby and the newest child abuse and ritual abuse newsletter.

Cabinet office in child abuse cover-up: MoS beats attempt by No10 to gag VIP file that shows Thatcher knew about paedophile MP Cyril Smith
Downing Street tried to block release of files exposing scale of cover-up
Cabinet Office only caved in after being threatened with High Court Action
Papers expose how much Establishment knew about Cyril Smith’s abuse
Margaret Thatcher was told police had probed claims he abused teenagers
She was warned that handing him knighthood risked damaging ‘integrity of the honours system’ – but went ahead anyway

British MP slams ex PM Thatcher for pedophile cover-up
March 08, 2015
Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was aware a Liberal MP was suspected of sexually abusing boys but “turned a blind eye” to it. She awarded a knighthood to Cyril Smith, secret documents, released after a yearlong fight for disclosure, reveal.

“There is no doubt about it now, from what we know, that she [Thatcher] turned a blind eye to people who were quite clearly pedophiles. That is absolutely clear,” said Labour MP Simon Danczuk, who exposed Cyril Smith’s abuse in Parliament.

Cyril Smith: Cabinet Office denies cover-up over files showing Margaret Thatcher knew of sex abuse claims against late MP
Dossier on Smith’s knighthood shows the then-PM was aware of paedophile allegations against him – but he went before the Queen regardless
The Government has been accused of trying to suppress a dossier of secret files which reveal that Margaret Thatcher knew about child sex abuse allegations against the MP Cyril Smith – before he was knighted.
The documents, only made public this week after an intervention from the Information Commissioner, include an undated letter marked “secret” warning Ms Thatcher that there was “the risk that such an award could give rise to adverse criticism”.

Was Man Murdered For Exposing Paedophile Ring?
Police investigating Westminster-linked child abuse are examining whether a man was murdered because he was about to expose a paedophile ring operating within a London council.
She described being raped alongside children and animals by senior figures in the council.

Establishment child abuse: Council staff feared civil servant was murdered for planning to expose colleagues, report claims
Staff reportedly feared a civil servant was killed as a possible outcome for anyone who ‘asked too many questions’

Child abuse at Westminster: We haven’t even begun to awaken from the nightmare
“The history of childhood is a nightmare from which we have only recently begun to awaken,” warned the eminent social thinker Lloyd Demause back in 1974.

Rochdale child sex ring
No officers to be charged over Rochdale child abuse failure, say police
No police officer will be disciplined over a force-wide failure to tackle the sexual abuse of teenage girls in Rochdale, according to a report by Greater Manchester police (GMP).

Cyril Smith child abuse probe ‘scrapped after his arrest’
By Nick Hopkins and Jake Morris BBC Newsnight  16 March 2015
An undercover police operation that gathered evidence of child abuse by Cyril Smith and other public figures was scrapped shortly after the MP was arrested, BBC Newsnight has been told.
The Liberal MP, who died in 2010, was held during a 1980s probe into alleged sex parties with teenage boys in south London, a source told the programme.
He was allegedly released within hours of being taken to a police station.

Undercover elite child sex abuse investigation ‘scrapped by police commanders’
BBC Newsnight has claimed that an undercover police operation in possession of evidence that a member of the security services and a prominent MP were involved in child abuse was scrapped by commanders shortly after investigating officers sought to make arrests

UK Police Watchdog to Investigate Westminster Child Abuse Cover-Up
The UK police watchdog has announced that it is investigating the Metropolitan Police following allegations that the force was involved in a cover-up over child abuse offenses alleged to have been carried out by members of the British establishment between 1970 and 2005.
Clergy Sex Abuse Victims In Montana’s Diocese of Helena To Receive $20 Million In Payments
More than 360 abuse claims

The majority of abuse occurred at the hands of Jesuit priests at the Ursuline Academy and the St. Ignatius Mission, both in St. Ignatius, Montana.

Bill Cosby sexually assaulted me. I didn’t tell because I didn’t want to let black America down.  I let race trump rape.

Child Abuse And Ritual Abuse Newsletter Issue 121 – March 2015  
is now available at:

This issue includes information on:  Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts, Jeffrey Epstein, Alan Dershowitz, Westminster child abuse inquiry,  Margaret Thatcher, Leon Brittan, Westminster child abuse scandal, Don Hale, paedophile ring, Barbara Castle, Geoffrey Dickens,  Tom Watson,  Liz Davies, VIP Pedophile Ring, MI5, MI6, Britain’s security services, Kincora children’s home, Peter Hayman, Rotherham abuse,  Operation Sanctuary, Gary Glitter,  Fred Talbot, Insurance and Child Abuse, Oxfordshire gangs, Oxford child abuse report, Rochdale child abuse claim, Essex child abuse, Jersey care inquiry, Haut de la Garenne children’s home, Jimmy Savile,  Stoke Mandeville, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Knox Grammar School, Ian Paterson, Jehovah’s Witnesses,  perversion files, The Boy Scouts of America, Bill Cosby, Helen Gumpel, Helen Selby, Child abuse royal commission, Rabbi Yosef Feldman,  The Forgotten Children, children on Nauru,  Australia’s Orthodox Jewish community, Manny Waks, violence against women in Turkey, aboriginal women in Canada,  Online child abuse moving to Skype and Bitcoin, child sacrifice, Satanists Sacrificing Animals, Satanic rituals, Dutch backpacker held hostage in Melbourne, satanic sex abuse, satanic priest, Rape den initiation school,  OpDeathEaters,  Cyril Smith,  Facing Sex Trafficking: Atlanta’s Dirty Little Secret,  Kasey McClure, sexual abuse, sex industry, child abuse images bust

Ritual Crime in the State of Utah

“90% of Utah citizens believe that “ritualistic” child sex abuse is occurring”
“across the state there is increasing evidence of ritual activity”
“Law enforcement officers statewide report finding ritual sites”
“Evidence has shown that there are many isolated instances of ritual abuse of children”
“Zion Society…utilized religion as a vehicle to sexually abuse children”
“Other examples of this type of Satanist are Otis Toole and Henry Lee Lucas. These serial murders claimed to have individually or together killed more than 125 people. They state that they were members of a devil worshipping cult which sacrificed many people. “

news items – Darwin home, Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, Paraguay Bishop, Caius Veiovis reported Satanist, Satanic Sex Cult, LA School Miramonte

September 29, 2014

This week there were articles on the inquiry of sexual assaults in Darwin home, the Vatican arresting a former archbishop on child abuse charges, the pope sacking a Paraguay bishop accused of protecting an abuser priest, Caius Veiovis a reported satanist convicted in a triple murder, a victim of satanic sex cult wrote a book and reports questioning whether Miramonte an LA school district shredded child abuse reports.

Child abuse inquiry told of sexual assaults, beatings in Darwin home
Commission is hearing from members of the stolen generations who say they were abused in the Northern Territory
Indigenous children were beaten, sexually assaulted, stripped and chained to beds

Vatican Arrests Former Archbishop On Child Abuse Charges  Jozef Wesolowski is the first high-ranking Vatican official to face criminal charges for sexually abusing children

Pope sacks Paraguay bishop accused of protecting abuser priest
Pope Francis has sacked a bishop in South America who for years protected a priest accused of sexual misconduct.

Pittsfield Man With Implanted Horns Convicted Of Murder
kidnapping and slaying of three Massachusetts men in 2011.
“I’ll see you all in hell,” Caius Veiovis, 34, of Pittsfield, yelled at the jury that convicted him

Jury selection begins for trial of Caius Veiovis, last of triple-murder defendants
….At the time Veiovis allegedly told police he was a Satanist and vampire who drank human blood.

The Devil on the Doorstep – My Escape From a Satanic Sex Cult – Victim of satanic sex cult speaks out

Don’t turn a blind eye to child abuse or neglect  How is it possible that Erika Murray’s oldest children went to school, had friends, and saw relatives, yet nobody raised the alarm about the horrors filling their Blackstone home?

Miramonte: LA school district’s claim it shredded child abuse reports now in question