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December 1, 2015

News articles on the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal, Bill Cosby defamation case, Leah Remini Childhood in Scientology, Vatican properties ‘used as brothels,’ Headteacher may have abused 100 boys, Tom Petty childhood physical abuse, child abuse backlash, Boy Scouts Allege Sexual Abuse,  Jared Fogle gets 15 years in prison for child porn, sex crimes, Liberia  ritual killings, Paedophile ring used boys home, India’s Marital Rape Crisis and litany of child abuse by Catholic priests.

Penn State has paid more than $92M as a result of Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal: report
Sandusky, 71, is spending 30 to 60 years behind bars after he was found guilty in October 2012 of abusing 10 boys over the course of 15 years. The long-time defensive coordinator for legendary Nittany Lions football coach Joe Paterno used his “Second Mile” charity for troubled kids to find and identify his victims. Many of the assaults took place at Penn State athletic department facilities.
The convicted pedophile claims he is innocent of all charges and is seeking a new trial. He admitted to showering with boys, but said he never molested them

At Worcester hearing, depositions in Bill Cosby defamation case ordered next August
Four women added their names to the lawsuit earlier in November, making a total of seven women from five states. The assaults allegedly occurred between 1969 and 1990, with Mr. Cosby allegedly making the defamatory statements to the media between 2005 and 2014.
Mr. Cosby – who has been accused of drugging and raping dozens of women over several decades – has not been charged with a crime. As most of the allegations have emerged within the past year, they fall outside the statute of limitations for criminal conduct

Bill Cosby to be deposed by model Janice Dickinson’s attorney
Bill Cosby is scheduled to be deposed by model Janice Dickinson’s attorney in her defamation lawsuit against the comedian for denying he raped her.

Leah Remini on Her Challenging Childhood in Scientology: I Was Cleaning Hotel Rooms at Age 13
Leah Remini is now one of the most high-profile and outspoken critics of the Church of Scientology, but when she was first introduced to the religion, she found comfort in both the structure and the freedom the church brought to her childhood.

Leah Remini Opens up to PEOPLE About Leaving Scientology: ‘It’s Like a Rebirth’
Leah Remini is opening up about her three decades in Scientology and why she decided to leave
The Church of Scientology denies nearly all of Remini’s claims.

Vatican properties ‘used as brothels and massage parlours where priests pay for sex,’ claims report

Headteacher ‘may have targeted more than 100 boys over 25 years’
Jon Styler killed himself in 2007 after arrest over historic sex abuse claims
Solicitor for alleged victims now claims head may have abused ‘100 boys’
He said: ‘I believe we’ve only scratched the surface, there may be 100 plus’
Alleged victim claims to have logged abuse allegation with Gwent Police two years prior to Styler’s arrest but said it wasn’t ‘taken into account’

EXCLUSIVE: Tom Petty went from hillbilly to rock icon in a ‘fiery’ relationship with Stevie Nicks to a heroin addict haunted by father who ‘beat the living s***’ out of him
Tom Petty, 65, escaped his dysfunctional home life by watching television and dreaming of going to Hollywood
‘I was used to living in hell,’ reveals the rock legend in new book
‘He beat me so bad that I was covered in raised welts, from my head to my toes. I was f***ing five’
There was a chemistry with Stevie Nicks who called ‘intense, fiery’
Petty opens up about his volatile first marriage, his relationship with Stevie Nicks and the woman who ‘saved him’ – wife of 14 years, Dana York
The rock star, now 65, became addicted to heroin in his 50’s and reveals a therapist told him ‘people with your level of depression don’t live’

A backlash continues, covering up crimes against children and protecting a hierarchical and unjust social structure that exists by propagandizing and mind controlling its members. Living without mind control is like living without addictions. Everything looks, feels and becomes real. Those that are not familiar with mind control, social programming and propaganda techniques are being mind controlled.  People believe they are not mind controlled – the reality is that everyone is, the question is how much.

17 Former Connecticut Boy Scouts Allege Sexual Abuse
The plaintiffs’ lawyer said that one child was molested more than 1,000 times by now-deceased scoutmaster Donald Dennis.
Seventeen former Boy Scouts have filed a lawsuit charging that their scoutmaster in Ridgefield sexually abused them from 1963 to 1975.

Jared Fogle, ex-Subway spokesman, gets 15 years in prison for child porn, sex crimes
Fogle faced two counts: traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor, and distribution and receipt of child pornography. Russell Taylor, has agreed to plead guilty to child exploitation and child pornography charges.

Liberia president says ritual killings on the rise
Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Thursday vowed to crack down on those responsible for a rise in ritual killings in the West African country as it seeks to emerge from the shadow of an Ebola epidemic. In some areas of central Africa, body parts are prized for their supernatural powers and are used in black magic ceremonies. Local media have reported at least 10 related murders in Liberia since the summer.

Up to 85% of child abuse in England remains undetected, study says
About 50,000 cases of sexual abuse were recorded by police and local authorities in the two years to March 2014 but the findings indicate that official figures vastly underestimate the true scale of child sexual abuse. The actual number of children abused in that period is thought to be as many as 450,000.

Paedophile ring used boys home
An ”organised ring” of paedophiles believed to include Anglican and Catholic clergy used a Sunday afternoon ”children’s Christian program” in the 1970s to sexually abuse boys at a church-run Wallsend boys home.

India’s Marital Rape Crisis Reaches ‘Tragic Proportions’
One-third of men in India, where spousal rape is legal, admit to having forced a sexual act on their wives.
Rape within marriage remains legal in several countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, including Singapore, China, Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco. And even in countries where spousal rape is technically a crime, strong legislation and adequate punishment is often severely lacking.
In several states in the U.S., including Ohio, Oklahoma and Connecticut, marital rape is “semi-legal,” according to a June report by The Daily Beast. Sexual violence within marriage is also an “infrequently prosecuted” crime in America…. 

The litany of child abuse by Catholic priests that no longer shocks the world
Once the evidence revealed at the royal commission in Melbourne would have made headlines everywhere. Now it merely fits into a devastating pattern
In Melbourne over the past 35 years, 454 people made claims or substantiated complaints about child sexual abuse by priests, religious employees or volunteers.

Detective told child abuse victim she must have been ‘asking for it’, inquiry hears
Royal commission hearings into Melbourne archdiocese hears police failed to investigate abuse, despite questions about conduct of priest involved