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news articles – sex offender double lives, DID, ritual abuse, Penn State, West Memphis Three, clergy abuse

July 30, 2012

This week there were many articles. These include: one in six sex offenders lives undetected digital double life, Dissociative Identity Disorder and its Connection to Satanic Ritual Abuse,  repressed memory in child molestation lawsuit was settled, worldwide arrests around a global child pornography network, Penn State football punished by NCAA over Sandusky scandal and civil case, new information on the West Memphis Three Case, a research article on work, PTSD, dissociative identity disorder and satanic ritual abuse, settlement in Springfield clergy abuse lawsuit and the ongoing Native Canadian case.

One in six sex offenders lives undetected digital double life, study finds

Dissociative Identity Disorder: The Mystery Surrounding its Etiology and its Connection to Satanic Ritual Abuse (research paper)

THE GREENBAUM SPEECH – Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse
lecture by D.C.Hammond

Psychiatrist testifies on repressed memory in child molestation lawsuit

Deal ends trial of surgeon (repressed memory)

Photo e-mailed from Mass. man led to vast global child pornography network

Largo puppeteer faces child pornography charges                  

7th man arrested in Operation Tailspin is a registered sex offender

Bond amounts vary widely for Operation Tailspin suspects

ASO: 6   arrested in Web sting, tried to meet underage girls for sex

website has voice mails believed to be from Sandusky

Penn State football punished by NCAA over Jerry Sandusky scandal

UPDATE 4-Penn State hit with unprecedented penalties for Sandusky scandal

Dale Griffis – West Memphis Three Case Information
Dale Griffis – Copies of Documents in regard to Columbia Pacific University

Return to work: a case of PTSD, dissociative identity disorder, and satanic ritual abuse.
Precin P. Work. 2011;38(1):57-66.

Ritual Abuse And Extreme Abuse Clinician’s Conference August 10, 2012 – CEUs are available at the conference.

$500K settlement in Springfield clergy abuse lawsuit

The Case against the Crown, the Vatican and other Agents of Genocide: Common Law Courts, Indictments and Juries to be Established by September 15, 2012

Ronald Brown, Puppeteer, Planned To Rape, Kill…Children: Florida Police


news items – US medical experiments, severe abuse crimes, clergy abuse lawsuit

September 1, 2011

This week there have been several articles on severe child abuse cases in the US. Additional articles and transcripts were put on line about clergy abuse and extreme child abuse testimonies.

Unethical U.S. medical experiments done in Guatemala in the 1940s

Police: Jonathan James, 10-Year-Old, Died After Being Denied Water As Punishment

Lawsuit claims Vatican withheld papers in abuse case –
Attorney asserts Church acted as priest’s employer

Survivorship Ritual Abuse Webinar – Memory and Survivors

CD information on the 2011 ritual abuse conference

Always Getting Stronger: Giving Child Abuse Survivors a Voice in the World

Alleged ritual abuse by Freemasons and The Order of the Eastern Star, otherwise known as Co-Freemasonry in Australia

The Official Story vs. Reality: Child Abuse Survivors as Whistleblowers

The Myth of Panic – Exposing Theories Used to Cover Up Ritual Abuse Crimes