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news items – US medical experiments, severe abuse crimes, clergy abuse lawsuit

September 1, 2011

This week there have been several articles on severe child abuse cases in the US. Additional articles and transcripts were put on line about clergy abuse and extreme child abuse testimonies.

Unethical U.S. medical experiments done in Guatemala in the 1940s

Police: Jonathan James, 10-Year-Old, Died After Being Denied Water As Punishment

Lawsuit claims Vatican withheld papers in abuse case –
Attorney asserts Church acted as priest’s employer

Survivorship Ritual Abuse Webinar – Memory and Survivors

CD information on the 2011 ritual abuse conference

Always Getting Stronger: Giving Child Abuse Survivors a Voice in the World

Alleged ritual abuse by Freemasons and The Order of the Eastern Star, otherwise known as Co-Freemasonry in Australia

The Official Story vs. Reality: Child Abuse Survivors as Whistleblowers

The Myth of Panic – Exposing Theories Used to Cover Up Ritual Abuse Crimes