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January 7, 2015

Prince Andrew named in US lawsuit over underage sex claims in case related to banker Jeffrey Epstein but he denies involvement, Alan Dershowitz, Simon Danczuk states the child abuse inquiry is being deliberately sabotaged by Government, the Ministry of Defence pays out £2 million to settle cadets’ sex abuse claims, Allegations of child sex abuse in Indian country,  Tor’s most visited hidden sites host child abuse images, Police investigating 718 cases of child abuse in Northern Ireland and the Establishment cover-up of child abuse in UK.

Prince Andrew named in US lawsuit over underage sex claims
In case related to banker Jeffrey Epstein, woman alleges in court filing that she was forced to have repeated ‘sexual relations’ with duke
A woman who claims that an American investment banker loaned her to rich and powerful friends as an underage “sex slave” has alleged in a US court document that she was repeatedly forced to have sexual relations with Prince Andrew. 

Prince Andrew denies involvement in ‘sex slave’ case: Read the claims and the full legal text
Below is the full text of the legal document detailing the allegations of the alleged Espstein ‘sex slave’ scandal which is claimed to have involved Prince Andrew. It has been edited only to remove legal jargon and other legal references.
A Buckingham Palace spokesperson has strongly denied that the Duke of York had and involvement or knowledge of such matters. 

Jeffrey Epstein: Prince Andrew’s paedo billionaire pal ‘tried to stop girls he abused talking to FBI’
Court papers claim that Epstein tracked down girls and promised to ‘look after them’ if they kept quiet
Prosecuters believed Jeffrey Epstein was tampering with potential witnesses when he was investigated over underage sex crime allegations, court documents have revealed.

How A Famous Harvard Professor Got Caught Up In A Financier’s Sex Abuse Scandal
One of America’s most famous lawyers, Alan Dershowitz, is being accused of having sex with an underage girl who was allegedly being exploited by one of his clients.
Dershowitz — a professor emeritus at Harvard Law who’s famous for defending O.J. Simpson — refutes those allegations, which were made as part of a lawsuit filed by lawyers including Paul Cassell (a former federal judge) on behalf of women who were allegedly sex trafficked as minors by the financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Dershowitz: ‘I’m an Innocent Victim of an Extortion Conspiracy’ Jan 2, 2015  By Jacob Gershman
Attorney Alan Dershowitz is swinging back at what he describes as fabricated claims, alleged in a U.S. court document, that he was involved in a prostitution ring connected to the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal….
“It’s a completely, totally fabricated, made-up story,” Mr. Dershowitz told Law Blog in an interview Friday. “I have never had sex with an underage woman. They made up this story out of whole cloth. I’m an innocent victim of an extortion conspiracy.”….  

Simon Danczuk: child abuse inquiry is being deliberately sabotaged by Government
Labour MP claims vested interested are seeking to protect ‘high profile’ abusers
The Government is deliberately sabotaging the inquiry into historic claims of child abuse to protect “high profile figures,” a Labour MP has claimed. h ttp:// 

Couple accused of abusing a child in ‘black magic’ case are found guilty of all counts
indecently assaulted a schoolgirl and held her down while her husband raped her
convicted in 1982 for five sex offences and for indecent assault and for aiding and abetting another man to rape a 14 year old girl as part of a devil worship ritual 

Ministry of Defence pays out £2 million to settle cadets’ sex abuse claims
One case involved a teenage girl who was sexually abused by her adult cadet instructor and gave birth to her abuser’s child

A man of healing, a saga of suffering
Allegations of child sex abuse are complicated by a legal maze in Indian country

Child sexual abuse on the reservations is at the root of the many problems that follow for Indian children — depression, alcohol and drug abuse, juvenile detention and suicide, according to Indian country experts   

Tor’s most visited hidden sites host child abuse images
Most traffic to sites hidden on the Tor network go to those dealing in images of child sexual abuse a study suggests. The six-month study sought to catalogue hidden services on the so-called “dark net” and work out which were the most popular.
It found lots of sites peddling illegal drugs but the most popular were those involved with abuse.
However, the researcher behind the study said it was hard to conclude that people were behind all the visits.  

Police investigating 718 cases of child abuse in Northern Ireland
And calls to local NSPCC helpline show sharp rise
Officers are probing 718 “live” cases where the victim was aged under 18.
The figure is thought to include a number of historic allegations relating to children’s care homes.  

There WAS an Establishment cover-up of child abuse as the powerful looked after themselves, says former inquiry chief
Lady Butler-Sloss says Establishment did not think abuse was serious
Senior members of British society in the past did not think child abuse was as serious or important as protecting politicians and other members of the elite, she suggested  

John Mann MP says scale of historical child abuse claims ‘too many for state’
The number of victims claiming historical child abuse could reach the tens of thousands and is too many for the state to cope with, an MP says.  

Cleanse web of all child abuse images, urges NSPCC chief
has identified nearly 28,000 offending web pages – more than twice last year’s total.

Child abuse images must be removed from the internet before viewing them becomes an acceptable part of home life, says NSPCC chief

Vatican questioned at the UN about abuse scandal, Satanic and Ritual Related Crimes, Child and Ritual Abuse Conferences, UK Abuse Claims

January 20, 2014

This week the Vatican was questioned at the UN about the child sexual abuse scandal. In Northern Ireland, 300 victims of child homes tell their story.  Several news reports detailed crimes involving Satanist and rituals. Several UK cases connected to the Jimmy Savile investigation including Dave Lee Travis, Bill Roache and Freddy Starr continue. 

Vatican at UN – abuse scandal

UN slams Vatican for ‘efforts to cover up’ pedophile priests in sex abuse scandal

Vatican will be questioned about its record on child sexual violence  
The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva is holding the meeting in two sessions
Watch the UN review via livestream here!

The review will take place on Thursday, January 16, 2014 the “reportback” by CCR and SNAP
Tune in here .

SNAP and CCR submitted reports to the Committee on the Rights of the Child
detailing how the Holy See has violated the core principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.,-et-al  

Vatican tells UN hearing ‘no excuse’ for child abuse  

UN panel confronts Vatican on child sex abuse by clergy  

300 victims of child homes horror to tell their story as abuse inquiry finally opens – Northern Ireland  

Nuns ‘battered boys stupid’ in Derry children’s home, victim tells child abuse inquiry
Man now aged 55 says he was caned on the feet by Sisters and sexually abused by older boys  

Occult and Ritual Crimes

‘Satanist’ kills black metal singer 

‘Devil nurse’ fined $1,300 for posting pictures with dead nursing home patients…added satanic messages  

Man admitted ritualistic killing of Dublin landlord in chess row, say police  

Nigeria: Mother of 18-Yr-Old Boy Who Killed Virgin for Ritual Speaks  

Saratoga Springs Child Abuse Examiner Judy Byington

UK and Jimmy Savile related cases

Dave Lee Travis charged with 13 counts of indecent assault and one count of sexual assault

Coronation Street’s Bill Roache ‘Raped’ 14-Year-Old Twice, Court Hears 

More than 20 schools face compensation claims from alleged abuse victims in wake of Jimmy Savile scandal 

‘Savile scandal made mum tell cops about Roache rape’ Alleged victim’s son speaks out 

Freddie Starr arrested for third time over sex abuse claims
The comedian was first arrested over a year ago by detectives from Operation Yewtree 

Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Conferences

Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse 2014 Conference  Saturday, May 17, 2014 Oakland, CA
Survivors Supporting Survivors
Two days of survivor and professional workshops.

A conference to help survivors of severe child abuse (ritual abuse) and torture
will be held on August 15  – 17, 2014 Windsor Locks, CT 

Ritual Abuse And Extreme Abuse Clinician’s Conference August 15, 2014

news items – Ritual crimes, Satanic ritual crimes, Clergy abuse, Facebook, Google, Jimmy Savile

June 3, 2013

This week there were new articles on ritual murder and Satanic ritual killings, clergy abuse in Australia and Los Angeles, Institutional abuse in Northern Ireland, Facebook and rape, Google and child abuse images and Jimmy Savile at a Scout camp.

I took blame, ritual murder accused says

Ritual killing application fails

Gauteng sees rise in Satanic ritual killings

Sixth Circuit – Dissent Criticizes Limited Restitution Options—dissent-critic.html

Australia cardinal apologises over clergy child sex abuse

Court orders release of additional priest files

Cardinal George Pell admits Church covered up cases of child sex abuse

Child Abuse Recovery is dedicated to exposing Child Abuse

Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry: Northern Ireland victims launch joint campaign

How Facebook Learned Rape is Bad for Business 5/30/2013
Sandy Garossino

Jimmy Savile: West Yorkshire Police reveal abuse figures
30 May 2013
….By March, 450 claims had been made against Savile

Jimmy Savile ‘took his Passion Wagon to Scout camp’

Google donates just 90 seconds’ profit to charity policing child abuse
Internet giant pledged only £20,000 to Internet Watch Foundation last year, despite multibillion-dollar turnover

Google in firing line over net child porn images

Scots charity demands crackdown on child sexual abuse images

Ritual Abuse Conference August 2013

news items – Psychopaths, Friedmans, Autism, Sex Assault, Savile, Clergy, Ritual Crimes

April 29, 2013

This week there were several new articles about research involving psychopathy and neurobiology and Autism risks connected to abused women. Research shows that most reported sexual assaults never make it further than reports to the police. More probes and charges have been reported in inquiries connected to the Jimmy Savile/BBC case. Several ritual crimes involving Satanism have been reported and are in court. More information has come out about clergy abuse in Ireland.

Psychopaths Are Not Neurally Equipped to Have Concern for Others

What Was Left Out? A Critique of “Capturing the Friedmans”

Women Abused in Childhood at Higher Odds of Having Child With Autism: Study
Researchers speculate that effect on immune system, stress response might explain why

The Neurobiology of Sexual Assault – 86 percent of the reported sexual assaults never went any further than the police

Harvard And the CIA Continued

Disgraced Jimmy Savile was ‘sex mad’ during 1970s Irish trip
Fellow celebrities arrested in sweep are a who’s-who of 70s pop

Top British publicist charged with 11 sex assaults

EastEnders paedo probe (BBC soap)

Catholic child abuse: 187 allegations against 98 priests have led to zero convictions  

Abuse survivor demands state inquiry into clerical sex crimes in Northern Ireland. 

Cult leader on the run over baby’s ritual bonfire killing in Chile as four appear in court including the child’s mother

Chile arrests 4 accused of burning baby in rite

Baby burned to death in satanic ritual after Chilean cult leader says infant is the Antichrist

‘I wanted to sell victim’s phone’ – apparent satanic ritual killing 

Ritual killing deviated from Bible verse

Game used to pick satanic ritual victim

Mohlakeng residents march against Satanism 

Witch doctor sentenced to death for beheading 11-year-old boy 

Ritual Murder in Makeni

Court hears details of satanic ritual

Girl’s satanic horror 

Restitution Returns to the United States Supreme Court criminal restitution for victims of child pornography.

Parents Claim School Officials Ignored Sexual Assaults

Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse 2013 Conference

Survivors Moving Forward May 4 – 5, 2013 Oakland, CA

news items – Elizabeth Smart, Jimmy Savile, Delaware pediatrician, childhood trauma/war PTSD

November 26, 2012

This week it was announced that Elizabeth Smart, the Utah kidnap victim, will be writing a memoir. The Jimmy Savile – BBC Scandal continues in the UK. A large settlement was made in the Delaware pediatricians case. Scientific research that there is evidence that traumatic childhood experiences may contribute to wartime PTSD.

Utah kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart preparing memoir.
caused a national sensation.

Jimmy Savile scandal: George Entwistle to give evidence at Newsnight inquiry

Survivorship Webinar – How can we survive the holidays – December 1st

$123M settlement approved in Del. child abuse case
The former pediatrician last year was found guilty of raping or assaulting more than 100 girls

Historic child abuse investigation will now cost £19m, Assembly told
institutional child abuse in Northern Ireland

Rochdale child abuse case: exploited girls faced ‘absolute disrespect’

45 children a day at risk from sexual exploitation by gangs, warns inquiry

Groomed, raped, frightened: the victims of child sexual exploitation

Embattled Childhoods May Be the Real Trauma for Soldiers With PTSD
ScienceDaily (Nov. 19, 2012) — New research on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in soldiers challenges popular assumptions about the origins and trajectory of PTSD, providing evidence that traumatic experiences in childhood — not combat — may predict which soldiers develop the disorder….

Peace and War Trajectories of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms Before, During, and After Military Deployment in Afghanistan