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The Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Mind Control 2021 Conference Presentations

June 22, 2021

The Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Mind Control 2021 Conference Presentations

The Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Mind Control 2021 Conference Presentations

Regular Conference – Saturday and Sunday May 22 – 23, 2021
Clinician’s Conference – Friday May 21, 2021

The conference was an excellent conference again this year. Survivorship would like to thank all those that supported and participated in the conference.

Conference Information is at:

For survivors of ritual abuse, mind control and torture and pro-survivors

Grey Faction, Satanic Temple and Lucien Greaves Fact Sheet

Survivors may want to read or watch the material on this page with a safe support person as this material may remind people of their programming.

None of the material on this page, on linked pages or from the conference is meant as therapy, or to take the place of therapy.

Dissociation of Identity and Trained Trauma-Mediated Behaviors Presenter: Randy Noblitt

Randy Noblitt

Dissociation of Identity and Trained Trauma-Mediated Behaviors 2021 Randy Noblitt – PowerPoint

Dissociation of identity (DI) is a construct proposed (Noblitt & Perskin, 1995; Noblitt & Noblitt, 2000, 2014) to account for some individuals’ experiences and enactments of multiple selves. People who meet the diagnostic criteria for dissociative identity disorder, or other specified dissociative disorder, examples 1, 2, or 4 may also show evidence of DI. The more popular theories of dissociative identity disorder suggest that it is a response to overwhelming trauma or disorganized attachment, but some individuals with DI also report a history of deliberate abuse that involved training to respond with dissociative behaviors to various cues and signals in a ritualized context. This presentation will review the empirical literature related to the credibility of ritual abuse allegations, and provide a clinical methodology for the evaluation and treatment of survivors with behaviors that may be the result of circumscribed traumatic training.

Randy Noblitt is a clinical psychologist and professor of clinical psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University, Los Angeles. He is the principle author of Navigating Social Security Disability Programs: A Handbook for Clinicians and Advocates (2020) as well as Cult and Ritual Abuse: Narratives, Evidence and Healing Approaches, 3rd Edition (2014). He is the co-editor and a contributor to Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-first Century: Psychological, Forensic, Social and Political Considerations (2008).

Information on Randy Noblitt and His Research

Deliberate Disinformation in the Orkney ritual child abuse case
Presenter: Sarah Nelson

Sarah Nelson

Deliberate Disinformation in the Orkney ritual child abuse case – Sarah Nelson – Word doc

The Orkney child abuse case, a notorious and highly publicised case in the UK from 1991 – 1992, had the 30th anniversary in February this year of nine children being removed into care in “dawn raids” by police and social workers. After claims by three children from another family on South Ronaldsay, part of these northerly Scottish islands, about strange outdoor rituals and organised sexual abuse, grounds for action against their middle class parents and a clergyman referred to “group sexual activity, including ritualistic music, dancing and dress”.
Six weeks later a Scots sheriff called the charges “fatally flawed” and dismissed the case without even hearing the evidence. The children were returned home in a blaze of international publicity. The evidence has never been tested to this day in any criminal or civil court; the parents were considered innocent, receiving an apology and financial compensation afterwards.
The case delivered a hammer blow to child protection against sexual abuse from which it has still not recovered. Anniversaries of the case are replayed in most media complete each time with substantial disinformation, and ridicule and dismissal of “satanic abuse” allegations. This presentation will summarise the main features of the case and describe the elaborate untruths and disinformation created around it from the start.

Dr. Sarah Nelson OBE (Universities of Edinburgh) has written and presented widely for decades on sexual abuse issues. Her research and publications include the voices of young survivors, critiques of current child protection systems, community prevention, ritual and organised abuse, media representations of abuse cases, and adult survivors’ experiences of mental and physical health services. She has also been a professional adviser to the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament. Her book Tackling Child Sexual Abuse: Radical approaches to prevention, protection and support (Policy Press, UK and University of Chicago press, USA)) was published in 2016.

Self-Esteem  Presenter: Wendy Hoffman

Self-Esteem – Wendy Hoffman – Word doc

Programming turns you away from your true self. Programmers and even satanic families do everything they can to make their victims feel bad about themselves, debasing them in every way possible. Deprived of the self-esteem that others take for granted makes surviving victims more vulnerable to programming lies. The hardest job is surviving satanic mind control while receiving little or no compassion, empathy or love. The second hardest job is healing from it. This healing is crucial if you want to belong to yourself, find out who you are, make your own decisions and life choices. It is hard work to explore what perpetrators put in innocent minds. This presentation addresses a preparatory step for this healing work. Before you begin, and even as you proceed, even after you finish, work on assessing how you really are as an individual, your courageous strengths and abilities. This workshop discusses ways survivors can achieve a truer picture of who they are, as well as ways their therapists and supporters can help them.

Wendy Hoffman endured various forms of high level secret mind control, and consequently had amnesia for most of her life. She wants to help and support other survivors in their quests for freedom. Late in life, when she regained memory, she wrote books about what she had been forced to forget or dissociate. Among her published books are the memoirs, The Enslaved Queen (2014) and White Witch in a Black Robe (2015), as well Forceps, poems about the birth of the self (2016), and a co-authored book of essays with Alison Miller, From the Trenches (2018). Her third memoir, A Brain of My Own with an Afterword by Alison Miller is forthcoming. She has a LCSW-C and decades of experience, a MA and MFA.

Mind Control and How to Stop it  Presenter: Neil Brick

Mind Control and How to Stop it – Neil Brick – PowerPoint

This presentation explained how mind control and different suggestive techniques work in a variety of individual and public settings. These will include interpersonal relationships, abusive relationships, ritual abuse settings, social media, political manipulation and hypnosis. Ways to expose and prevent mind control will be discussed. Social views of mind control will be presented.

Neil Brick is a survivor of ritual abuse and mind control. His work continues to educate the public about child abuse, trauma and ritual abuse crimes. His child abuse and ritual abuse newsletter S.M.A.R.T. has been published for over 26 years.

You’re Not Who They Said You Are: My Battles For Freedom and Justice Through Perseverance and Exposing the Truth

Presenter: Olivia

In this presentation, she gave a broad overview of surviving 40 plus years of satanic ritual abuse and mind control. Her primary focus will be on the past four years when she made the decision and commitment to reclaim her core identity, at all costs. She believes that all survivors possess a spirit of resiliency that enabled them to live through the traumas the first time and with that same resiliency they have what they need to fight for their own truth and to take back their own life. Her journey to freedom and healing has not been absent of pain, fear, grief, loss and rejection, to name a few. It was her conscious decision to fight back and to pursue vindication not only for herself but for other survivors and has been key in her process to healing.

Olivia is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse and mind control at the government level. Through her own experiences, she has gained extensive knowledge into many elements that encompass and keep intact such an evil and complex system. With courage, perseverance and commitment into her own journey to freedom and healing, she has chosen to break her own silence and to be the voice for the many survivors who have not yet been heard and are far too afraid to be seen. Her mission in life is to educate others based on her experiences and to be an advocate for those who are suffering and remain largely misunderstood, silenced and, too often, rejected. Olivia’s desire is to use her story as a source of strength, determination and compassion with the hopes of shedding light into the darkness that she has known all too well.

Bill Cosby, Spotlight film – Boston clergy abuse scandal , Jared Fogle, Afghanistan child abuse, Grammar counsellor ritually abused students, Emotional child abuse, Rotherham inquiry, Indigenous children removed from homes, Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Newsletter

November 6, 2015

The last few weeks there were new trauma articles about Bill Cosby, ‘Spotlight’ film Boston clergy abuse scandal, Horace Mann sexual abuse of students, Grammar counsellor ritually abused students, Diocese of Duluth and child abuse victim, Polygamist sect – Warren Jeffs, Rotherham rape inquiry, Afghan child sex abuse reports and the newest child abuse and ritual abuse newsletter.

Court orders Bill Cosby deposition in Dickinson case
Bill Cosby and his former lawyer have been ordered to give a sworn out-of-court testimony in the defamation case brought by Janice Dickinson.
The ex-supermodel alleged that they falsely called her a liar after she claimed the comedian sexually assaulted her three decades ago.

Bill Cosby ‘accused of attacking his own children’s nanny’, as he continues to deny sexual assault allegations
According to Radar Online, Cosby’s daughter Ensa revealed the allegations to a friend, claiming the incident occurred in 1997.
“Ensa said it was an unwanted sexual advance, and [the nanny] was hysterical,” a source – who is claimed to have passed a polygraph test – told the site….

Bill Cosby May Face First Sex Assault Charges From Newly Elected Prosecutor

The statute of limitations runs out in January, so the clock is ticking.
A newly elected suburban Pennsylvania prosecutor could be positioned to bring the first criminal charges of sex assault against comedian Bill Cosby

‘Spotlight’ film illuminates Boston clergy abuse scandal   Investigation led to Cardinal Law’s resignation  It was a scandal that shook the Roman Catholic Church to its core: Hundreds of priests molested children for decades and got away with it because church leaders covered it up.

Spotlight Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton Movie HD
The true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese, shaking the entire Catholic Church to its core.

I was abused by clergy: Anglican Bishop Greg Thompson tells of abuse as 19-year-old

Former school principal jailed for sexually abusing 14 children

Horace Mann alum details shocking sexual abuse of students at elite prep school in new book

Royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse
Brisbane Grammar counsellor ritually abused students, royal commission told
The commission was in contact with 80 former students of both schools claiming abuse, Lloyd said.

Royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse
Former Brisbane Grammar headmaster says ‘unlikely’ he dismissed abuse claim
The commission’s nine-day hearing is probing responses to Lynch’s suspected ritual sexual abuse of more than 60 students under the guise of “relaxation therapy” for more than two decades at both Grammar and St Paul’s.   “Richland County deputy Ben Fields had a history of excessive force violations.” 

Emotional child abuse may be just as bad as physical harm
The effect was most profound for children who suffered from all four types of abuse, or from the most severe forms of maltreatment.

Assessment of the Harmful Psychiatric and Behavioral Effects of Different Forms of Child Maltreatment  Taken together with high worldwide prevalence and evidence that emotional and physical pain share a common somatosensory representation in the brain it is clear that emotional abuse is widespread, painful, and destructive.

Ten of Jared Fogle’s child abuse victims paid $1m total prior to sentencing
Four other victims expected to receive restitution before former Subway spokesman is sentenced next month – a rare move in child sexual abuse cases
Jared Fogle agreed to plead guilty to receiving child abuse images and having sex with minors.

Attorney: Diocese of Duluth should pay millions to child abuse victim
Attorney Jeff Anderson asked jurors in Ramsey County Wednesday to award $11.7 million to a man who says he was sexually abused by a priest in the Diocese of Duluth when he was a teenager in the late 1970s.
The case is the first clergy sex abuse lawsuit to be argued in front of a jury in Minnesota since state lawmakers passed the Child Victims Act in 2013

Rotherham inquiry police charge seven men with child abuse offences
Four Rotherham men charged with rape, two from Goole with indecent assault and one Sheffield man charged with conspiracy offences

Polygamist sect limits sex to ‘seed bearers,’ court document says

Afghan child sex abuse reports leads to IG investigation
A number of American troops who deployed to Afghanistan have said they saw signs of widespread sexual abuse and believed there was a policy, even if unofficial, encouraging them to ignore the crime rather than create tension between Americans and Afghans.
The sexual abuse of boys is widespread in Afghanistan, often referred to as “Bacha Bazi” — literally, “boy play.”

describes violence
Texas woman used in ‘blood ritual’ while being held captive

describes violence
7 life sentences handed to 2 mass murderers in KZN
The pair hacked their family members to death in what appears to have been a witchcraft ritual.

Indigenous children removed from homes in the 1960s begin to heal      
For three decades across Canada, thousands of aboriginal children were taken from their homes and adopted.
members of a stolen generation.
Beginning in the mid-1960s — and for several decades after — thousands of indigenous children across Canada were removed from their homes and typically placed with white middle-class families in Canada and abroad.
Patrick Johnston, author of the 1983 report Native Children and the Child Welfare System, dubbed it the Sixties Scoop.

Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Newsletter – November 2015

Hosanna Church Ponchatoula, Louisiana Satanic Ritual Case – Satanist paedophile ring ‘ritually raped up to 25 children’

Psychological sequelae in adult females reporting childhood ritualistic abuse

Blue House case, ritual abuse, battered woman received asylum

Jesuits, DID/MPD book, abuse epigenetics

news items – French Schools, MI5 ‘hid’ child abuse, VIP paedophile ring, sex trafficking sting, Margaret Thatcher, Cyril Smith, Scotland’s child abuse survivors, child abuse streamed live, former Devon headmaster organist jailed

April 14, 2015

This week there were several news articles, including a major child abuse cover-up in French schools, MI5 ‘hid’ child abuse at boys’ home, Kincora historic VIP paedophile ring, sex trafficking sting operation – 25 to 35 million people are enslaved worldwide, Scotland’s child abuse survivors, child abuse streamed live to gang, Former Devon headmaster and organist jailed for abuse and charity steps up removal of child sex abuse images (31,266 pages last year).

National Scandal Over Major Child Abuse Cover-Up in French Schools

The French education system is set to become the focus of a national scandal after minister for education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem was forced to admit last week that 16 teachers were allowed to work in schools last year despite holding previous convictions for paedophilia.

MI5 ‘hid’ child abuse at boys’ home: Former Army intelligence officer claims security chiefs told him to ‘stop digging’ when he reported possible paedophile ring
Brian Gemmell said spy chiefs ordered him to ‘stop digging’ at boys’ home
Former Army Intelligence officer claims MI5 covered up the sexual abuse
Staff jailed in 1980s for sexual abuse at notorious Kincora children’s home

Kincora historic VIP paedophile ring
A Kincora abuse victim from Northern Ireland has told Channel 4 News how he was also abused at London’s Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square at the hands of “very powerful people”

Utah Attorney General speaks on sex trafficking sting operation
The U.S. Department of Justice and State Department say that 25 to 35 million people are enslaved worldwide — more than “all of the slaves in the transatlantic slave trade over generations cumulatively,”

British Child-Abuse Survivors Are Threatening Direct Action if They Don’t Get Justice from the Government
“People are beginning to realize that this is not about ‘conspiracy theorists’ as David Cameron called us. This is about real cover-up and real politicians involved in the worst sort of crimes,” added Phil. “It’s now become quite clear the Cabinet Office—David Cameron and Nick Clegg attempted to suppress evidence about Margaret Thatcher’s role in covering up what Cyril Smith got up to. The Cabinet Office tried to block Freedom of Information requests on the subject on four occasions.”

Scotland’s child abuse survivors call for compensation
SURVIVORS of historical child abuse in care homes, educational institutions, by religious orders and high-profile members of the Scottish establishment are calling for compensation to be granted as part of a forthcoming public inquiry.
In Care Abuse Survivors (INCAS), which represents nearly 400 victims of institutional abuse, said that, over the past 17 years of campaigning for an inquiry, scores of victims have died of old age, ill-health and suicide while waiting for justice for the shocking abuse they suffered as children while in care

Child abuse was streamed live to gang, jury hears
Paedophiles who raped and abused a baby and a young boy streamed attacks online for other members of an alleged child sex ring to watch, a court has heard.
They would connect to the internet using the “dark web” – hiding their online activity – the jury heard

Former Devon headmaster and organist jailed for “cruel and shocking” abuse regime on vulnerable school boys
A boarding school teacher has been jailed for 21 years after being found guilty of inflicting a reign of terror over vulnerable boys for two decades.
Downing has been the organist at Torrington church for 50 years during which his activities at the school have remained a secret. He went on to be a teacher at schools all over North and Mid Devon before he retired.  Downing, of Warren Lane, Torrington, denied 39 charges of indecent assault or gross indecency against seven boys aged seven to 12 between 1970 and 1985.
He was jailed for 21 years by Judge Graham Cottle who told him that some of his assaults would now be classified as rape….

Charity steps up removal of child sex abuse images 
The UK-based Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) said it assisted in the removal of 31,266 pages last year, compared with 13,182 in 2013.


news items – Satanic Abuse, Ritual Abuse Evidence, Recovered Memories Corroboration rates, DID/MPD connection to child abuse, False Memory Syndrome: A False Construct

November 10, 2014

This week news articles and several new research compilations were posted. These include information about Satanic abuse in Scotland, ritual abuse evidence, the veracity of recovered memories of child abuse,  research evidence showing that Dissociative Identity Disorder (MPD) is caused by childhood trauma and information on false memory syndrome being a false construct.

EXCLUSIVE: Charities claim that the satanic abuse of children is rife

Child abusers filmed murder, claims charity

UK charities warn about rife child abuse, pedophile rings
Two major charities in the UK have warned that children continue to fall victim to rape, murder and even the production of so-called snuff films.

Ritual Abuse Evidence – Statistics, Research, Legal Cases and Studies

Child Abuse Wiki – Ritual Abuse
Ritual abuse exists all over the world. There have been reports, journal articles, web pages and criminal convictions of crimes against children and adults.

Recovered Memories of Child Abuse: Accuracy and Veracity, Corroborated Cases

Recovered Memories – Child Abuse Wiki
Corroboration rates
Many studies show high corroboration rates for recovered memories of traumatic events. These rates vary from 50 – 75%, 64%, 77%, 50%, 75%, 68%, 47%, and 70%. One study showed amnesia in 12 murderers, with “objective evidence of severe abuse…obtained in 11 cases”. There are also additional studies showing the corroboration of recovered memories.

Recovered Memories of Child Abuse: Accuracy and Veracity
110 Corroborated Cases of Recovered Memory:
53 Cases from Legal Proceedings
25 Clinical Cases and other Academic/Scientific Case Studies
33 Other Corroborated Cases of Recovered Memory

Research Evidence showing that Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD) is caused by Childhood Trauma
Conclusive evidence that Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD) is caused by extensive childhood trauma and not iatrogenically (resulting from the activity of physicians) or socially. Individual identities have been shown to have clear physiological differences. These are only a few of the many studies available in professional journals and research books.
Child Abuse Wiki – Dissociative Identity Disorder patients with DID often report having a history of severe physical and sexual abuse. The reports of patients suffering from DID are often confirmed by objective evidence

False Memory Syndrome: A False Construct

The term False Memory Syndrome was created in 1992. Research has shown that most delayed memories of childhood abuse are true. In general, it has been shown that false allegations of childhood sexual abuse are rare, with some studies showing rates as low as one percent and some studies showing slightly higher rates. It has been found that children tend to understate rather than overstate the extent of any abuse experienced.

Survivorship Webinar: Three Steps to Let Go of the Pain of Childhood Abuse

September 25, 2014


Survivorship Webinar:  Three Steps to Let Go of the Pain of Childhood Abuse


Upcoming Webinar:

Date: Sunday September 28th, 2014
Time: 5pm PT/8pm EDT
Presenter: Rachel Grant
Topic: Three Steps to Let Go of the Pain of Childhood Abuse and Finally Feel Normal

Do you feel worthless, undeserving, unfixable, or unlovable? Are you ready to let go of the pain of abuse and finally feel normal?

If you are beyond sick and tired of feeling broken and burdened by the past, this 90 minute webinar is for you. You will be taught the three steps you need to take in order to let go of the pain of childhood abuse and finally feel normal. Rachel will also share with you her secret to becoming a beyond survivor

By participating in this webinar, you will:
•    Discover the number one thought that is getting in the way of you believing you can heal
•    Rewire your brain and end the emotional roller coaster of feeling good one day and miserable the next
•    Identify exactly what is preventing you from being your genuine, authentic self
•    Learn three doable step that will lead you out of the pain of the past and into the future you have always wanted

Rachel Grant is the owner and founder of Rachel Grant Coaching and is a Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach. She works with survivors of childhood sexual abuse who are beyond sick and tired of feeling broken, unfixable, and burdened by the past. She helps them let go of the pain of abuse and finally feel normal. She is also the author of Beyond Surviving: The Final Stage in Recovery from Sexual Abuse. Rachel holds an M.A. in Counseling Psychology. She provides a compassionate and challenging approach for her clients while using coaching as opposed to therapeutic models. She is a member of the International Coach Federation & San Francisco Coaches.

Registration closes Thursday evening, September 25, 2014

To reserve a space in the webinar, e-mail Shamai at   and give her this information:

1.Your name
2. The webinar you wish to attend: Three Steps to Let Go of the Pain of Childhood Abuse and Finally Feel Normal
3. Amount and method of payment  (check, PayPal, money order)
4. Your preferred e-mail address (so we can send you instructions)
5. The name you will be using for the webinar. (This does not have to be your real name or your message board screen name.)

You will receive a confirmation email immediately and a guide and instructions after the registration closes

Webinars are on a sliding scale from $50.00 to full scholarship (Please remember to factor in the cost of the telephone call.)

The PayPal button is near the bottom of the page

If you wish to pay by check please send it to: Survivorship, Family Justice Center, 470 27th Street, Oakland, CA 94612.


Experiences of Torture among American Indian, Alaska Native and First Nations Sex Trafficking Victims – Dr. Alexandra (Sandi) Pierce
Sunday October 12th 5pm PT/8pm EDT

The purpose of this webinar is to provide information on the role of torture in breaking, prostituting, and controlling young American Indian sex trafficking victims. Historical and current factors are described to increase participants’ understanding of Native girls’ extreme vulnerability to sex traffickers, the interaction between historical trauma and current vulnerabilities, and victims’ complex trauma responses.

Dr. Alexandra (Sandi) Pierce is an applied sociologist of Onondowagah (Seneca) and European descent. She is the principal investigator and author of Shattered Hearts, the first research report ever published in the U.S. on the commercial sexual exploitation of American Indian girls and women. Sandi holds Master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Minnesota’s Department of Sociology and is founder and President of Othayonih Research, an independent applied research and evaluation firm. She is a member of the American Psychological Association’s and the State of Minnesota’s Human Trafficking Task Forces. She is also an active member of a national coalition of domestic sex trafficking survivor-leaders. Sandi’s current research, a partnership with Dr. Lauren Martin, Research Director at the University of Minnesota’s University Research and Community Outreach/Engagement Center, focuses on the market aspects of juvenile sex trafficking in Minneapolis.

Survivorship members may listen to past webinars in the members’ section.

For information on joining Survivorship, go to

Complete details on all our webinars are at

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact

1,400 children Rotherham UK, Satanic Craigslist Killers Dodge Death Penalty, Culture of Silence and Denial around Child Abuse

September 2, 2014

This week there were new articles about a major inquiry in Rotherham stating 1,400 children were abused. The Satanic Craigslist killers will not be receiving the death penalty and there was a media discussion of the culture of silence and denial around child abuse.

Abuse Cases in British City Long Ignored, Report Says 1,400 Children in Rotherham, England, Were Sexually Abused

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham (1997 – 2013)

Rotherham abuse
1,400 children were abused, 1997-2013

Escaping Ritual Abuse in Australia

Satanic Craigslist Killers Dodge Death Penalty for Man’s Vicious Murder
A young married couple who killed a man who answered their Craigslist advert, and then claimed more victims, have dodged the death penalty for murder.
Following her arrest and charge for the murder of LaFerra, Miranda claimed to have killed 22 more victims and dumped their body parts in locations close to a venue where she previously worked as a go-go dancer.
Miranda said the alleged killing spree was motivated by her beliefs in Satanism.

Craigslist Killers: Satanic murder married couple lure man to death with sex ad on website
Following her arrest the 19-year-old boasted from her prison cell on Valentine’s Day she had killed at least 22 other people over six years in a cross-country murder spree motivated by her satanic cult beliefs.

This culture of silence and denial around child abuse must end

‘Culture of denial’ leaving UK children at risk of serious abuse
Deputy children’s commissioner Sue Berelowitz says, despite Rotherham and gang violence cases elsewhere, police and authorities are practising ‘wilful blindness’

Royal Commission, Diocese breach case, Ice Bath challenge, Survivorship Webinars

August 25, 2014

This week there were news articles on Cardinal George Pell comparing priests to truck drivers and the Royal Commission, the KC diocese must pay $1.1 million in breach of contract case, an Ice Bath Challenge to End Sexual Abuse and Survivorship Webinars for child abuse and ritual abuse survivors and co-survivors.

Cardinal George Pell compares priests to truck drivers as he claims Catholic Church leaders should not be held responsible for child sex abuse
He said the church was no more legally responsible for priests who abuse than a trucking company that employs a driver who molests women
The Vatican has refused to hand over the files of Australian priests accused of sex crimes to the child abuse royal commission

Cardinal George Pell to give evidence at child sex abuse inquiry
Pell was archbishop of Melbourne when the church set up the Melbourne Response compensation scheme

Child sexual abuse royal commission: O’Callaghan advised abuse victims on strength of cases
victims were told if they chose to go to police, they were no longer eligible for compensation

Pell denies church responsible in abuse
The Catholic Church is no more legally responsible for priests who abuse children than a trucking company which employs a driver who molests women, Cardinal George Pell maintains.

Judge confirms that KC diocese must pay $1.1 million in breach of contract case

The Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese must pay the $1.1 million ordered by an arbitrator last spring for violating the terms of a 2008 settlement with priest sexual abuse victims

Former teacher Charles Napier charged with child abuse
Charles Napier, 67, from Sherborne, Dorset, is accused of indecently assaulting 21 boys aged between eight and 13.

Ice Bath Challenge – End Sexual Abuse

Survivorship Webinars – Three Steps to Let Go of the Pain of Childhood Abuse
Experiences of Torture among American Indian, Alaska Native and First Nations Sex Trafficking Victims

news items – Clergy Abuse, Memory of Murder, Witch-Hunt narrative, Sexual Violence, Cyril Smith, Human Trafficking, convicted murderer and Satanism

April 21, 2014

This week there were several new articles about trauma and trauma crimes.  The U.N. will be questioning the Vatican again on clergy abuse, Ross Cheit has another article on the Witch-Hunt narrative, a man has a memory of an old murder, research was presented on the normalization of sexual violence, more information came out on former MP Cyril Smith and allegations he was protected by a high-level paedophile ring, a cult leader was charged with 59 counts of sexual abuse, new articles on a convicted murderer’s interest in Satanism and information on human trafficking and slavery.

U.N. to question Vatican again on clergy sex abuse

Describing Abusive Behavior as “Young Love”  
Proponents of the witch-hunt narrative have a particular kind of blindness to real abuse.
Proponents of the witch-hunt narrative have a particular kind of blindness to real abuse. That is, they don’t see sexual abuse in places where it is obvious to others. The book (The Witch-Hunt Narrative) is full of examples where real abuse is described as a false accusation or false conviction by proponents of the narrative.

Man claims he witnessed Dana Bradley murder
RCMP investigate, inform him no new evidence found

‘The guy is the real thing’
Doctor says man’s story of Dana Bradley murder shouldn’t be written off as false memory syndrome

‘There’s nothing left I can do,’ says man convinced he witnessed murder
….Commission interim chair Ian McPhail wrote in the final report that the forensic psychiatrist’s diagnosis of false memory syndrome didn’t play a role in the attention given to the investigation, and wasn’t the basis for the investigators’ dismissal of the tip.

Disturbing Study Finds Women Actually Think Sexual Violence is Normal
Sadly, statistics show us that they’re not exactly wrong.

Normalizing Sexual Violence
Young Women Account for Harassment and Abuse

Cyril Smith ‘protected by a high-level Westminster paedophile ring’ claims MP

Children as young as EIGHT were abused at school linked to paedophile MP Cyril Smith

Cyril Smith sex abuse scandal: Police told of ‘at least’ 11 more suspects

New Pa. laws redefine who must report child abuse

Minnesota cult leader charged with 59 counts of sexual abuse

Report: Accused child molester said sex was ‘God’s word’

Nebraska Supreme Court rejects Rulo cult leader’s appeal, but execution still in limbo

Killer Luke Mitchell demands Satanic books in jail

Jodi Jones killer Luke Mitchell demands right to study Satanic textbooks in prison due to his ‘religious beliefs’

Over 100 ‘Human Trafficking’ Victims Rescued

National Statistics on Child Abuse

India’s child maids face slavery, abuse and sometimes rape

Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse May 2014 Conference      
“Survivors Supporting Survivors,”  May 17 – 18, 2014 at the Executive Inn & Suites in Oakland, CA.
speakers are now listed at:
The conference Keynote Speaker is Jennifer Freyd, Ph.D.

child, clergy, institutional and ritual abuse articles

The NATRC seeks Truth and Reconciliation over historical and present-day extreme abuse and human rights violations.


news items – Witch-Hunt Narrative challenged, McMartin Preschool case, Burton House children’s home, church diocese sues another

March 30, 2014

This week there were more articles about Ross Cheit’s soon to be published book, “The Witch-Hunt Narrative
Politics, Psychology, and the Sexual Abuse of Children,” the McMartin Preschool case, Burton House children’s home, First Nations youth death records, clergy abuse and increases in child abuse.

The Witch-Hunt Narrative
Politics, Psychology, and the Sexual Abuse of Children
Ross E. Cheit Oxford University Press
Empirically challenges the view that a series of high-profile cases in the 1980s and early 1990s were hoaxes
Shows how a narrative based on empirically thin evidence became a theory with real social force, and how that theory stood at odds with the reality of child sexual abuse

Panel Discussion: The Witch-Hunt Narrative: Politics, Psychology and the Sexual Abuse of Children

Victim breaks 20-year silence over sex abuse only to be told he’d imagined it
Simon Whitter reported his years of trauma but was told his children’s home had never existed
A brave victim broke his 20-year silence over sex abuse he suffered as a child – only to be told by authorities that he’d imagined it.
….He was sent to Burton House children’s home in Manchester in 1986. There he was subjected to ritual sex abuse at the government-run home for boys.

B.C. to hand over 4,900 youth death records to TRC
The British Columbia government is expected Friday to give the Truth and Reconciliation Commission 4,900 death certificates of First Nations youth aged from four to 19 who died between 1870 and 1984.

Church diocese sues another over priest accused of sex abuse

Collapsed economy linked to abuse of women and children
The deteriorating economic situation in Zimbabwe is exacerbating violence against women and children….
In recent months there have been several reported cases across the country, highlighting the brutalisation of women and children through rape or ritualistic killings.

Child Abuse: The Deadly Cost of Inattention and Inaction

Mexico finds 370 abandoned immigrant children

McMartin Preschool Trial, Hosanna Church Satanic Ritual Case, Witch hunt narrative challenged, Lynne Moss-Sharman – ACHES-MC

March 17, 2014

This week there were news articles about the McMartin Preschool trial and the Hosanna Church Ponchatoula Louisiana Satanic Ritual Case. A new book by Ross Cheit challenging the child abuse witch-hunt narrative will be out in a few weeks. New information is available about campus sexual assault. Lynne Moss-Sharman, a Canadian survivor advocate and founder of the Stone Angels and co-founder of ACHES-MC passed away last week. Her hard work and research helped many child abuse and ritual abuse survivors.

The Problem of Campus Sexual Assault
When young women get to college, nearly 20% of them will be victims of attempted or actual sexual assault, as will about 6% of undergraduate men….[College rapists] tend to be serial offenders, and most of them commit a variety of different interpersonal offenses. They are accurately and appropriately labeled as predators.

The witch-hunt narrative challenged, McMartin Preschool Trial
“I concluded that there were plenty of reasons for jurors to conclude that the original defendant, Ray Buckey, was guilty.”

McMartin Preschool Trial

Reporter’s Notebook: 6 Months of California Case By Robert Lindsey February 13, 1985 “Prosecutors say they intend to present as witnesses 41 former pupils of the school, almost all of whom, physicians testified at the hearing, showed physical evidence of having been sexually abused.

“Behind the Playground Walls – Sexual Abuse in Preschools” Jill Waterman, Robert J. Kelly, Mary Kay Oliveri, Jane McCord – Guilford Press New York 1993 “In the most well-known case, involving the McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, California, two juries from successive trials became hopelessly deadlocked and failed to agree on a verdict after 7 years of investigation and trial. At the press conference following the trial, 9 of the 11 jurors who agreed to be interviewed indicated that they believed the children had been molested, but they felt that the evidence presented did not enable them to state beyond a reasonable doubt who had perpetrated the abuse.”

Tunnel report that backed up the children’s stories at McMartin:
The project unearthed not one but two tunnel complexes as well as previously unrecognized structural features which defied logical explanation.

Boy, 7, Is Witness in California Child Abuse Case by Robert Lindsey January 23, 1985 A 7-year- old boy testified today that he had played ”naked games” at the Virginia McMartin Preschool near here and that in at least one of the games teachers at the school had touched his genital organs….Prosecutors have asserted that more than 100 children were abused at the school in the past decade.

McMartin Preschool Case – What Really Happened and the Coverup

McMartin Preschool Case Facts, Physical Evidence, Tunnels

Hosanna Church Ponchatoula Louisiana Satanic Ritual Case
describes crimes

Agents graphically describe abuse By Don Ellzey 11/30/07 In an interview with Bernard at the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office Substation on June 10, 2005….She said Bernard described the rituals at the church, although the rituals were not the point of the FBI investigation. Freitas said he volunteered the information….The rituals had a Satanic theme, including a Pentagram, the use of animals and animal parts such as chicken feet and the use of animal blood. Freitas said that according to Bernard, Patricia Pierson and Robin Lamonica, two defendants in the case, put animal blood on his daughter during one of the rites. She said Bernard claimed Pierson and Lamonica also sexually abused his daughter. He said animal blood was also put on other children, Freitas said.

Satanist paedophile ring ‘ritually raped up to 25 children’ By Tom Leonard in Ponchatoula 6/3/05 “In a case that has horrified Americans way beyond the Bible Belt, Louis Lamonica Jnr and eight members the Hosanna Church are accused of being members of a Satanic paedophile ring who ritually raped up to 25 children, as well as performing animal sacrifices.”

The Devil’s Handiwork? A church laid waste by its pastor’s bizarre behavior. By Sarah Childress – Newsweek June 6 issue – ….Lamonica said that he and other church members had molested children, and taught them to have sex with each other, as well as with a dog. He told the detectives that he drank cat blood, and poured it on the bodies of his young victims, according to Ponchatoula Police Chief David Vitter.” “After Lamonica’s confession, authorities arrested eight other members of the Hosanna Church congregation, including Lamonica’s wife, Robbin, and a Tangipahoa Parish sheriff’s deputy. Police say that church members abused as many as two dozen children, one only a year old, beginning in 1999, in rituals that they say may be tied to devil worship.

[Hosanna Church] Witnesses speak of cult-like activities at Hosanna The Daily Star, USA 5/25/05 Aimee Yee “People dressed in black clothing stood inside pentagrams and performed blood rituals at the Hosanna Church, according to information coming from an investigation by the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office. The nine suspects now in custody are believed to have been involved in the ritualistic practice of molesting and raping children from 1999 to 2003, when the church disbanded. Since the story broke on May 17, details of the abuse believed to have taken place at the church has become more explicit and graphic.”

7 Members of Louisiana Church Charged With Abuse of Children By Ariel Hart 5/20/05 “The pastor of a Louisiana church and six of its members, including the pastor’s wife and a sheriff’s deputy, have been arrested in what the police described as a cult-like sex ring that abused children and animals. All seven are being held on charges of aggravated rape, including rape of a child younger than 13, which can be prosecuted as a capital crime in the state, the authorities said.

Hosanna Church Ponchatoula, Louisiana Satanic Ritual Case

Lynne Moss-Sharman

Tomorrow A Million Coffins, And One Mourner: The Boys From Thunder Bay
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Lynne Moss-Sharman
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