Submissions Requested for Anthology of Writings by Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Safer Society Press ( is interested in receiving submissions of well-crafted, creative literature-poems, essays, short stories, and short plays-written by survivors of sexual abuse. The submissions are being considered for a forthcoming national literary anthology the press is planning. Entries can be about the experience itself, its short-term or long-term impacts, survival and/or recovery from such an experience, or other related, relevant topics.

Please limit short stories, plays, and essays to a maximum of 2,500 words in length; poems should be no longer than two pages in length.
Each submission needs to be accompanied by contact information for the author that includes, if at all possible, name, mailing address, phone
number, and email address. Considering the sensitivity of the material
to be published, full names of perpetrators will not be used, although, when appropriate, first names can be used. In most instances in the anthology, the press would prefer to publish submissions under authors’ first names, but in other instances will allow full names, a
pen name, or the use of “anonymous.” A small honorarium will be paid
to authors whose work is published in the forthcoming anthology.

*Please send submissions both by snail mail and email by August 15,
2009*. Please mail submissions to Marjorie Ryerson, Editorial Director, Safer Society Press, P.O. Box 340, Brandon, VT 05733. Please email the same submissions to Mailed materials will not be returned unless accompanied by an SASE. For questions, write the editor at, or phone 802-247-3132.

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