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2020 Survivorship Conference, Survivorship Notes Available Online   

November 5, 2019

Our Survivorship November/December Notes is available for free online at

This issue has information on the Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Mind Control 2020 Conference, Recovered Memories and Dissociative Amnesia – Scientific Evidence and Accuracy Rates, Jeffrey Epstein, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Sidney Gottlieb, mk-ultra, stopping child pornography and clergy abuse.

The Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Mind Control 2020 Conference


Regular Conference – Saturday and Sunday May 16 – 17, 2020

Clinician’s Conference – Friday May 15, 2020

Where: Reconnect Integrative Trauma Treatment Center, 881 Alma Real Dr #311, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Complimentary lunches will be provided for conference attendees.

Special deals are available for early registrations. We are presently accepting applications for speakers and conference volunteers at

PowerPoints from the Survivorship Conference are now available at:

 Deception by Organized Abuser Groups: Helping Yourself and Your Clients Think Through the Issues by Alison Miller

The Use of Music and other Auditory Stimuli in Psychological Therapy with Extreme Abuse Survivors by Randy Noblitt

The Complexities of Identifying Ritual Abuse and Mind Control in Your Client by Eileen Aveni

Deception by Organized Abuser Groups: Helping Your Front People and Your Insiders Recognize the Lies and Tricks Which Keep You Enslaved by Dr. Alison Miller

A Survivor’s View of Recovery from Ritual Abuse by Neil Brick

I Believe You: A Therapist Looks at 30 Years of Work with Survivors of RA/MC by Eileen Aveni

Please note: None of the material on these pages or at the conference is meant as therapy, or to take the place of therapy. This presentation may remind survivors of their programming, so please use caution while reading.

Recovered Memories and Dissociative Amnesia – Scientific Evidence and Accuracy Rates

Recovered memories have been defined as the phenomenon of partially or fully losing parts of memories of traumatic events, and then later recovering part or all of the memories into conscious awareness. There is very strong scientific evidence that recovered memories exist. This has been shown in many scientific studies. The content of recovered memories have fairly high corroboration rates.

A body of empirical evidence indicates that it is common for abused children to reach adulthood without conscious awareness of the trauma.

Child Abuse Wiki

110 Corroborated Cases of Recovered Memory:

Research discussing corroboration and accuracy of recovered memories

Memory disturbances and dissociative amnesia in Holocaust survivors

The following articles provide compelling scientific evidence in support of the phenomena of dissociation and recovered memory in Holocaust survivors.

SMART Ritual Abuse Conference – August 2018, News Articles

June 7, 2018

The 2018 Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference
August 18 – 19, 2018  DoubleTree Hotel, Windsor Locks, CT

 Special Price $175 until June 15, 2018

 Conference Speakers

The Credibility of Ritual Abuse Allegations – Presenter: Randy Noblitt, PhD
Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) – Presenter: Jillian Jackson
Radikal Healing – Presenter: Manjot Singh Khalsa
Be Here Now – Presenter: Manjot Singh Khalsa
Changes in Awareness of Severe Abuse and Child Abuse Crimes Over Twenty Five Years   Presenter: Neil Brick

Survivorship has several professionally made videos about our conferences. 
Survivorship Conference May 2018 – Promotional Video

Survivorship Conference 2017 – Promo Video

Survivorship Movie (the Survivorship edit) from our 2012 conference

We also have a research based evidence page.

Ritual Abuse Evidence

Child Abuse Wiki – Ritual Abuse
Ritual abuse exists all over the world. There have been reports, journal articles, web pages and criminal convictions of crimes against children and adults.

Proof That Ritual Abuse Exists

Empirical and Forensic Evidence of Ritual Abuse
by James Randall Noblitt and Pamela Perskin Noblitt (2014)

Large List of Ritual Abuse and Satanic Ritual Abuse References

Child Abuse Wiki – Recovered Memories
There is very strong scientific evidence that recovered memories exist. This has been shown in many scientific studies. The content of recovered memories have fairly high corroboration rates.

The Dark Tunnels of McMartin – Dr. Roland C. Summit

The McMartin Preschool Case – What Really Happened and the Cover-up

Denying Ritual Abuse of Children – Catherine Gould The Journal of Psychohistory 22 (3) 1995

2008 Publications on Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

Lacter, E (2008-02-11). “Brief Synopsis of the Literature on the Existence of Ritualistic Abuse”.

Bottoms, Shaver and Goodman in their 1993 study to evaluate ritual abuse claims found that in 2,292 alleged ritual abuse cases,15% of the perpetrators in adult cases and 30% of the perpetrators in child cases confessed to the abuse. Data from Brown, Scheflin and Hammond (1998). Memory, Trauma Treatment, And the Law (W. W. Norton) ISBN 0-393-70254-5 (p.62) Bottoms, B. Shaver, P. & Goodman, G. (1993) Profile of ritual abuse and religion related abuse allegations in the United States. Updated findings provided via personal communication from B. Bottoms. Cited in K.C. Faller (1994), Ritual Abuse; A Review of the research. The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children Advisor , 7, 1, 19-27

On Page 170 (first edition), of Cult and Ritual Abuse – Noblitt and Perskin (Praeger, 1995) states “One of the best sources of evaluative research on ritual abuse is the article “Ritual Abuse: A Review of Research” by Kathleen Coulborn Faller (1994)….in a survey of 2,709 members of the American Psychological Association, it was found that 30 percent of these professionals had seen cases of ritual or religion-related abuse (Bottoms, Shaver & Goodman, 1991). Of those psychologists who have seen cases of ritual abuse, 93 percent believed that the reported harm took place and 93 percent believed that the alleged ritualism occurred. This is a remarkable finding. Mental health professionals are known to be divergent in their thinking and frequently do not agree with one another regarding questions of the diagnosis and etiology of psychiatric problems…this level of concurrence in a large national sample of psychologists…would be impressive….the similar research of Nancy Perry (1992) which further supports (the previous findings)…Perry also conducted a national survey of therapists who work with clients with dissociative disorders and she found that 88 percent of the 1,185 respondents indicated”belief in ritual abuse, involving mind control and programming” (p.3).”

Craighead, W. E.; Corsini, R.J.; Nemeroff, C. B. (2002) The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science Published by John Wiley and Sons ISBN 0471270830 – Sadistic Ritual Abuse (p.1435 – 1438)

Sexual Abuse in Day Care: A National Study – Executive Summary – March 1988 – Finklehor, Williams, Burns, Kalinowski “The study identified 270 “cases” of sexual abuse in day care meaning 270 facilities where substantiated abuse had occurred involving a total of 1639 victimized children….This yielded an estimate of 500 to 550 reported and substantiated cases and 2500 victims for the three-year period. Although this is a large number, it must be put in the context of 229,000 day care facilities nationwide service seven million children….allegations of ritual abuse (“the invocation of religious, magical or supernatural symbols of activities”) occurred in 13% of the cases.”

Books on Ritual Abuse

Johnson Davis, Anne  Hell Minus One: My Story of Deliverance From Satanic Ritual Abuse and My Journey to Freedom Transcript Bulletin Publishing – ISBN 978-0-9788348-0-7 – 2008  “Anne’s parents confessed their atrocities—both in writing and verbally—to clergymen, and to detectives from the Utah Attorney General’s Office.  Anne’s suppressed memories, which erupted when she was in her mid-30s, were fully substantiated by her mother and stepfather….The book’s foreword was written by Lt. Detective Matt Jacobson, who was the lead investigator with the Utah Attorney General’s Office on Anne’s case in 1995.”

Hell Minus One – signed verified confessions of satanic ritual abuse – Anne’s parents confessed their atrocities – both in writing and verbally.

Epstein, O., Schwartz, J., Schwartz, R.  Ritual Abuse and Mind Control: The Manipulation of Attachment Needs 2011 Karnac Books. London ISBN 1-85575-839-3 Google Books Version

Hoffman, Wendy White Witch in a Black Robe is a memoir about how secret high-level mind control is performed throughout victims’ lives and the ways heads of governments and religious organizations participate in this, as well as the healing process and how the mind becomes whole again.

Hoffman, Wendy The Enslaved Queen: A Memoir about Electricity and Mind Control   Written by a survivor of mind control and ritual abuse who is also a therapist, this memoir exposes the existence and practices of organized criminal groups who abuse children, helps survivors of those abuses, and provides important information for professionals about the dissociative brain.

Miller, Alison  Healing the Unimaginable – Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control  is a practical, task-oriented, instructional manual designed to help therapists provide effective treatment for survivors of these most extreme forms of child abuse and mental manipulation.

Miller, Alison  Becoming Yourself: Overcoming Mind Control and Ritual Abuse  In contrast to the author’s previous book, Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control, which was for therapists, this book is designed for survivors of these abuses. It takes the survivor systematically through understanding the abuses and how his or her symptoms may be consequences of these abuses, and gives practical advice regarding how a survivor can achieve stability and manage the life issues with which he or she may have difficulty.

Noblitt, J.R.; Perskin, P. S. (eds) (2008). Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-first Century: Psychological, Forensic, Social and Political Considerations. Bandor, OR: Robert Reed, 552. ISBN 1-934759-12-0.

Noblitt, JR; Perskin PS (2000). Cult and ritual abuse: its history, anthropology, and recent discovery in contemporary America. New York:Praeger. ISBN 0-275-96665-8.

Cult and Ritual Abuse – James Randall Noblitt – Chapter 6 – Empirical Evidence of Ritual Abuse,M1

Rutz, Carol (2001). A Nation Betrayed. Grass Lake, MI: Fidelity Publishing. ISBN 0-9710102-0-X.  The Chilling True Story of Secret Cold War Experiments Performed on our Children and Other Innocent People by Carol Rutz

Ryder, Daniel. (1992). Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse: Recognizing and Recovering – CompCare Pub.

Secret Weapons – Two Sisters’ Terrifying True Story of Sex, Spies and Sabotage by Cheryl and Lynn Hersha with Dale Griffis, Ph D. and Ted Schwartz. New Horizon Press, P O Box 669 Far Hills, NJ 07931 – ISBN0-88282-196-2 Is a well-documented, verifiable account of not one, but two childrens’ long untold stories of being CHILD subjects of Project MKUltra. Quotes from the book: “By the time Cheryl Hersha came to the facility, knowledge of multiple personality was so complete that doctors understood how the mind separated into distinct ego states,each unaware of the other. First, the person traumatized had to be both extremely intelligent and under the age of seven, two conditions not yet understood though remaining consistent as factors. The trauma was almost always of a sexual nature…” p. 52 “The government researchers,aware of the information in the professional journals, decided to reverse the process (of healing from hysteric dissociation). They decided to use selective trauma on healthy children to create personalities capable of committing acts desired for national security and defense.” p. 53 – 54 The book also contains a variety of documents on mk-ultra and different projects as well as reports to the Presidential Committee on Radiation and Mind Control, including information on the five Canadians’ lawsuit against the U.S. Government.

Sachs, Adah & Galton, Graeme (Eds)  Forensic Aspects of Dissociative Identity Disorder  Karnac Books, 2008 ISBN 1855755963 “book examines the role of crime in the lives of people with Dissociative Identity Disorder” In this book there is a chapter on The extreme abuse surveys: Preliminary findings regarding dissociative identity disorder  authors: Becker, T.; Karriker, W.; Overkamp, B.; Rutz, C. p. 32‑49 Data on the study is included in the chapter. Eighty‑four percent of those saying they had been diagnosed with DID/MPD also stated that they were survivors of RA/MC. 543 stated they had been ritually abused in a satanic cult.

Sinason, V (1994). Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse. New York: Routledge. ISBN 0-415-10543-9.

News Articles

Some of these articles may describe violence and/or abuse.

 The Weinstein Co. Files For Bankruptcy, Cancels Non-Disclosure Agreements
The Weinstein Company Holdings LLC announced that it has filed for voluntary bankruptcy and entered into an agreement to sell its assets to a Dallas-based equity firm.

Secret world: The women in the UK who cannot report sexual abuse
They often fled their homelands to escape sexual abuse – but for many asylum seekers, it continues in the UK. Fear of deportation often means they don’t tell police, but one effect of the Harvey Weinstein revelations is that they have now begun to talk about their experiences among themselves….”These women have endured a prolonged and continual cycle of abuse – fleeing sexual violence and walking straight into a life of abuse while in the UK.”
The situation is worst for those who are living in the country without having applied for asylum.
“Currently there is data-sharing between police and UK immigration officers and we have heard of cases where women go to report abuse and are held in detention centres or even deported back to the countries they came from, and the deadly situations they were trying to escape. The current system prevents these women from reporting sexual violence and the predators know this,” Girma says…..

Multiple arrests made Friday in possible animal ritual sacrifice in West Bexar County

 Jehovah’s Witnesses accused of silencing victims of child abuse  Scores of alleged victims come forward and describe culture of cover-up in religious group in UK  More than 100 people

On July 21 and August 25, 2018, Ellen Lacter will teach the following class at UCSD Extension:
Victims of Ritual Abuse and Child Trafficking: Recognition, Play Therapy, and Symbolic Communication  UCSD Extension Play Therapy Certificate Program Website     Email:

Judge orders Dos Palos ‘satanic’ murder defendant to stand trial The 37-year-old Dos Palos woman who is accused of killing her mother in an alleged “Satanic” sacrifice was held to answer for murder….

Affidavit: Demons, mental issues could have played role in Duncan murder
DUNCAN, Ok (RNN Texoma) – The man accused of killing a 19-year-old woman on Saturday morning told police he was seeing faces and hearing voices before the murder, according to court documents. Duncan police interviewed 18-year-old Kevin Miller just hours after he allegedly shot Caitlin Harmon at his home….
Police say he told them he had spent his free time that day watching videos on YouTube and he bought a satanic Bible off of Amazon before performing satanic rituals in his backyard….

Warren double-murder suspect to seek insanity ruling
The defense attorney for a man accused of brutally beating to death his aunt and uncle in their Warren home will pursue an insanity defense.
….The same list was found in Borowiak’s backpack, which also contained a map to his aunt and uncle’s home and religious “artifacts” such as crosses, Bibles, charms and jewelry, police said. Religious and Satanic items also were found in the Warren trailer where Borowiak had been living.
Borowiak’s Facebook page also included references to God, the Bible, Satan and the Grim Reaper….

Attorney General Becerra Announces Guilty Plea by CEO Carl Ferrer and Permanent Shutdown of the Online Sex Trafficking Website
Ferrer pleads guilty to conspiracy and money laundering
Prosecution against shareholders James Larkin and Michael Lacey continues
….“Human trafficking is modern-day slavery, and it is happening in our own backyard,” said Attorney General Becerra. “The shutdown of is a tremendous victory for the survivors and their families. And the conviction of CEO Ferrer is a game-changer in combatting human trafficking in California, indeed worldwide.”

Bill Cosby guilty on all three counts in indecent assault trial  A jury found Bill Cosby guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault on Thursday, for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his home in a Philadelphia suburb in 2004…..Although dozens of women have accused Cosby of sexual misconduct, only Constand’s allegations resulted in criminal charges….. Constand initially told police about the assault in 2005, a year after the assault occurred. Former Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor at the time decided not to file charges in the case, and Constand and Cosby settled a civil lawsuit for $3.38 million in 2006…..

Bill Cosby: A 50-year chronicle of accusations and accomplishments

Cardinal George Pell: Vatican treasurer faces historical sexual offences trial   Australia’s most senior Catholic has said he will plead not guilty to all charges

‘Three Girls’, Cyril Smith and Knowl View – why did predators have free rein in Rochdale?
The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse made a damning assessment of institutional attitudes in the town, going back decades.
….But over the last forty years, the close-knit communities that make up Rochdale have been rocked by a string of child sexual abuse scandals.  At times it seems abusers have had free rein in the town. Why? Has there been a series of conspiracies and cover-ups as some believe?
Or merely a perfect storm of disregard – the toxic mix of paedophile networks, self-serving politicians, small-town poverty and government neglect?  On Thursday a long-awaited report lifted the lid on the widespread sexual abuse carried out by former Rochdale MP Cyril Smith and several other predatory paedophiles.

‘Satanic Christian’ couple in child porn case caught by FBI Cincinnati task force
A special agent and police officer working for an FBI Cincinnati task force helped uncover “systematic” sexual abuse of children by a woman and man who claimed they were a “Satanic Christian” couple, court documents show.
The couple sexually abused six children who were in their care and produced multiple images of child pornography, officials said. Federal prosecutors in a news release called the couple’s behavior “depraved” and said it “represented ongoing, systematic and horrific abuse of multiple children.”

Michigan State’s $500 Million for Nassar Victims Dwarfs Other Settlements
Victims of Lawrence G. Nassar, the Michigan State University physician who sexually abused young women under the guise of medical treatment, would receive $500 million from the university in a settlement that is believed to be the largest ever reached in a sexual abuse case involving an American university.  It dwarfed the size of the settlement reached in the sex abuse scandal at Pennsylvania State University. And it was larger than many of the settlements that followed the child sex abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic Church…. 332 women who sued the university over abuse by Dr. Nassar.

Brainwashed : The Secret CIA Experiments in Canada
It sounded like a bad Hollywood horror movie. Patients at a psychiatric hospital subjected to intensive shock treatments, LSD and drug-induced comas. But for hundreds of Canadians, it was an all-too real nightmare. They were brutal experiments on human guinea pigs — funded by the Canadian government and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.
Concerned about the brainwashing of U.S. soldiers who had been Korean prisoners of war, the CIA funded mind-control experiments across North America. They turned to Dr. Ewen Cameron and Montreal’s famed Allen Memorial Institute.  In the 1950s and 1960s, patients committed to the hospital for something as simple as post-partum depression were subjected to chemically- induced sleep for weeks and continuous rounds of electroshocks. Many emerged broken and destroyed, their memories erased and minds permanently damaged.

 The Bitter Secret of ‘Wormwood’
….In Errol Morris’s new series, Wormwood, which blends documentary with dramatic reconstructions, he sets out to explore an episode in the history of US intelligence that is irresistibly sensational, the CIA’s cold war “mind control” program of the 1950s and 1960s. Code-named MK-ULTRA, the program involved agents experimenting with methods for gaining full control of a person’s thoughts and behavior using LSD, hypnosis, electric shocks, and other bizarre means—the films The Ipcress File (1965) and The Parallax View (1974) show cool, stylized versions. The thesis offered by Wormwood’s principal subjects is that, during the same period, the CIA ran an authorized, extrajudicial execution program of dissenting agents who were active in the agency’s secret operations.

News Articles – Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, Jerry Sandusky, Ritual Abuse, Child Brides, Online Abuse, Twelve Tribes, Satanic Ritual Abuse

July 22, 2016

News articles about trauma, including Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Cosby, Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno, Child and Ritual Abuse Conference, Twelve Tribes Church, Child Brides sold, Online Child Abuse and Army Abusers.

Why The New Child Rape Case Filed Against Donald Trump Should Not Be Ignored
The new Jane Doe child rape claim against Mr. Trump is consistent with verifiable facts about Mr. Trump and his friend Jeffrey Epstein,

Bill Cosby loses bid to get criminal case dismissed
A judge on Thursday denied Bill Cosby’s effort to compel the accuser in his criminal sex assault case to testify before trial, ruling the comedian shouldn’t get a new preliminary hearing.   .
Then, after dozens of women began accusing Cosby of drugging and/or raping them in episodes dating back decades, a judge in 2015 released part of the transcript of a deposition Cosby gave in the Constand civil suit, in which he acknowledged obtaining drugs to give to women he sought for sex

Joe Paterno was told Jerry Sandusky abused a 14-year-old boy in 1976, according to testimony in newly unsealed documents

New court documents suggest others at Penn State knew of Jerry Sandusky abuse
A man testified in court in 2014 that Penn State football coach Joe Paterno ignored his complaints of a sexual assault committed by assistant coach Jerry Sandusky in 1976 when the man was a 14-year-old boy, according to newly unsealed court documents.

Child and Ritual Abuse Newsletter – July 2016   Bill Cosby, Andrea Constand, Michael Jackson, Donald Trump, Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky, Mike McQueary, clergy sex abuse crisis, Catholic church, Jimmy Savile scandal,  Mormon Church, LDS Church, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Child abuse inquiry, Kincora home, MI5 blackmail, historical institutional abuse inquiry, Victor Barnard, Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, Satanism in Britian, CIA Torture Lawsuit,  enhanced interrogation program, Books on Ritual Abuse, Lecture by D. Corydon Hammond, Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse, Greenbaum Speech, Wendy Hoffman, Karnac books, Ellen Lacter, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder, MPD, Childhood Trauma, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Reasons for Denial of Existence of Ritual Abuse,false childhood memories, False Autobiographical Events in Childhood, satanic rituals

Child and Ritual Abuse Conference August 2016

Articles by Neil Brick

Twelve Tribes: The Church Preached Child Abuse & Slavery
According to ex-members of Twelve Tribes who spoke to The Daily Beast, children are regularly beaten and leaders preached slavery is necessary.

Tales of a child bride: ‘My father sold me for 12 cows’
When she was 12, Grace was abducted and then raped and beaten every day for 11 months.

Man worked with his army abusers for decades after horrific apprentice ritual
in initiation ritual at army school of music on the Mornington peninsula

Man jailed for 10 years for dozens of child abuse offences
thousands of underage girls on social media in attempt to persuade them to perform sexual acts on camera

Minnesota cult leader charged with 59 counts of child sex abuse
Pine County prosecutors charged Barnard in April 2014 with 59 counts of criminal sexual conduct for allegedly having sexual relationships with two girls in his “Maidens Group” at his River Road Fellowship compound near Finlayson, about 90 miles north of Minneapolis.

British paedophile sentenced to 85 years in US for trafficking child abuse images
Domminich Shaw, a ‘kingpin’ of sexual violence against children, sent dozens of images online and discussed plans to assault and kill a child while on probation

The twisted confessions of pastor from Louisiana who inspired ‘True Detective’, Satanic writings on church walls

Hosanna Church Ponchatoula, Louisiana Satanic Ritual Case
Agents graphically describe abuse

West Point Day Care Sexual Abuse Case with Ritual Abuse allegations

News Articles – Catholic Clergy Abuse, Satanic Ritual Abuse, MK-Ultra/Mind Control, Bill Cosby, Dissociative Identity Disorder, False Memory, CIA Torture Lawsuit, Cult Abuse, claims of MI5 blackmail, LDS church

June 6, 2016

Malawi: Satanic Cult Sex Offender Jailed 18 Years – Student Tells Malawi Court He Indulged in Occult
he was a member of a Satanic sex cult and that his under-dealings were a fulfillment of a covenant with the devil.

Priest removed for sex abuse works at pregnancy center for teens
Catholic priest removed in 2009 from two churches amid allegations he abused teen is now a director at Eastpointe center for teens that he cofounded  The Rev. Kenneth Kaucheck, 69, was banned from public ministry by the Archdiocese of Detroit in 2009

Mind Control Documents & Links
proof mk-ultra exists
This page includes information on mk-ultra, the CIA, mind control, Operation Paperclip and the Nazis, the 1995 congressional hearings, the 2010 veterans vs CIA court case,  Artichoke, the CIA Supreme Court cases, Ewen Cameron and the Sleep Room and the MK/Naomi project.

How two psychologists teamed up with the CIA to devise a torture program and experiment on human beings.

The CIA program violated not only international and U.S. prohibitions on torture — it also violated the well-established ban on non-consensual human experimentation.

Judge Allows A CIA Torture Lawsuit To Move Forward For The First Time
The Senate report refers to psychologists James Elmer Mitchell and John “Bruce” Jessen using pseudonyms, and describes their integral role in creating and executing an interrogation program that taught prisoners “learned helplessness” by exposing them to uncontrollable pain. The duo’s company received $81 million from the CIA for the work on the interrogation program.

Out of the Darkness
How two psychologists teamed up with the CIA to devise a torture program and experiment on human beings.

Mitchell and Jessen were interested in applying the psychological concept of “learned helplessness” to interrogation. Psychologist Martin Seligman pioneered studies on the phenomenon in experiments he conducted on dogs in the 1960s. Seligman used the term “learned helplessness” to describe the state of utter passivity prompted by a series of negative events that leads subjects to believe there is nothing they can do to escape their suffering. Seligman conducted his experiments by administering electric shocks to different groups of dogs. When given the chance to avoid their pain, the dogs in his experiment that had been able to escape the shocks did so quickly. Those that couldn’t stop the pain didn’t even try to avoid it, even when given the opportunity. They believed they had no ability to control their fates. They had learned helplessness.
Mitchell and Jessen posited that this theory could be applied to interrogation — that harsh measures could be used to break any resistance of al-Qaida captives by inducing a state of learned helplessness. Torture would “shape compliance” with interrogation, Mitchell and Jessen theorized. Once detainees were abused to the point of learned helplessness, resistance would crumble, and the detainees would divulge information that they might otherwise withhold.
No legitimate science backs up this assumption.

S.M.A.R.T.  ritual abuse newsletter was founded in 1995 by Neil Brick.
The purpose of S.M.A.R.T. is to help stop ritual abuse and child abuse and to help those who have been ritually abused.  We work toward this goal by disseminating information on the connections between secretive organizations, ritual abuse, and mind control, by encouraging healing from the damage done by child abuse, ritual abuse and mind control, and by encouraging survivors to network.  We publish scientific information about ritual abuse and trauma crimes.

Child and Ritual Abuse Newsletter  – May 2016
Dennis Hastert, Paterno/Sandusky, Janner, Cyril Smith, MK-Ultra, Jared Fogle, CIA Torture Lawsuit, satanic cult killings, Warren Jeffs, Risks of harm from spanking, Witch-Hunt Narrative

Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Conference – August 2016
Speakers: Dr. Alison Miller, Dr. Randy Noblitt, Pam Perskin, Neil Brick, Eilieen Aveni and Jeri Shivans.

Information about Alison Miller and Her Research

Former leader of cult-like Ontario church pleads guilty to assault
Fred King admitted to spitting on people, kicking, punching or slapping church members and making some of them strip in front of the congregation.
Known as “The Prophet” at the Church of Jesus Christ Restored in Chatsworth, Ont., King’s charges relate to his time as leader of the Church from 1978 to 2008.

Common Forms of Misinformation and Tactics of Disinformation about Psychotherapy for Trauma Originating in Ritual Abuse and Mind Control By Ellen Lacter

Satanic Cult Sex Offender Jailed 18 Years, Priest removed for sex abuse works at pregnancy center for teens

Ethical standards, truths, and lies –  attempts to arrive at truth about critical aspects of trauma after decades of lies and cover-ups

Hosanna Church Ponchatoula, Louisiana Satanic Ritual Case

The twisted confessions of pastor from Louisiana who inspired ‘True Detective’, Babies in black dresses abused while laying in a Pentagram, drinking cat’s blood and Satanic writings on church walls, Youth Found Hanged in L.I. Cell after His Arrest in Ritual Killing

Minnesota cult leader charged with 59 counts of sexual abuse said sex was ‘God’s word’, Killer Luke Mitchell demands Satanic books in jail due to his ‘religious beliefs’

Conclusive evidence that Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD) is caused by extensive childhood trauma and not iatrogenically (resulting from the activity of physicians) or socially.

Army’s secret Cold War experiments – radioactive particles, social autism
The Army’s secret Cold War experiments on St. Louisans

Ritual Abuse Information
Ritual abuse exists all over the world. There have been reports, journal articles, web pages and criminal convictions of crimes against children and adults

Ottawa diocese repeatedly warned about local clergy’s most notorious abuser
Andrew Duffy, Ottawa Citizen May 18, 2016
The Archdiocese of Ottawa continues to pay for the many sins of Rev. Dale Crampton.
Court documents reveal that the diocese has paid $741,783.44 in compensation to 10 of Crampton’s victims, who were sexually abused by the Catholic priest between 1963 and 1982.
More lawsuits are before the courts. The victims in those cases are seeking $3.7 million.
In total, the diocese now knows of at least 17 people who say they were victimized by the priest as children.
Through interviews and court documents, the Citizen has learned that members of the Ottawa clergy were warned at least seven times about Crampton’s sexual misconduct, beginning in 1965.

Police expect 30,000 new child abuse reports from Goddard inquiry
Exclusive: Extent of child sexual abuse in England and Wales begins to become clear as inquiry passes on 100 cases a month
Child sex abuse cases are now being passed to the police at a rate of 100 a month.

Cult leader’s extradition from Brazil to Minn. to face rape charges suddenly called off

Dispute between Brazil and U.S. over sentencing is behind the delay.
By Paul Walsh Star Tribune  May 19, 2016
Minnesota cult leader Victor Barnard was arrested in February 2015 while on the run in Brazil, where he remains imprisoned.
Cult leader Victor Barnard was supposed to have been put on a flight from Brazil under guard of federal agents Thursday and returned to Minnesota to face charges that he raped young followers in his congregation, but an unexpected delay has popped up, a defense attorney said. The extradition is now on an indefinite hold.
Barnard faces 59 counts of first- and third-degree criminal sexual conduct for allegedly molesting young girls he called “maidens” in his Pine County congregation.

Bill Cosby to stand trial for assault charges, judge rules
Cosby has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than 50 women. But he will never stand trial in the vast majority of cases because the statutes of limitations have passed. Cosby has denied he sexually assaulted any women.

Judge Says Sexual Assault Case Against Bill Cosby Can Go To Trial

charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault in the case, which involves a former Temple University employee who says Cosby assaulted her in his home in 2004. Each count carries five to 10 years in prison.
The statement “said that Constand felt dizzy, had blurred vision … after Cosby allegedly gave her pills she thought were herbal medicine,” Allyn reports. Cosby says the pills were Benadryl and the sexual contact was consensual

Bill Cosby Admitted to Sex with Teens, Said Agency Sent Five or Six Models to His Studio Each Week
in Newly Released Deposition   admitted to having sex with at least two teen-aged girls

Bill Cosby Accuser Jennifer Thompson: One of the Teens He Had Sex With was Me

a document re-surfaced in which he admitted having sexual contact with teens sent to him by a modeling agency.
an agency would send “five or six” models each week to the studio where he filmed The Cosby Show

Bill Cosby Says He Became Andrea Constand’s Mentor Because He Wanted to Have Romantic Relationship with Her: Deposition

The Sad Irony of Bill Cosby Finally Being Prosecuted
What’s harder to believe: that it took a year for Andrea Constand to accuse the star of sexual assault, or that it’s taken 11 years and dozens more women coming forward for those accusations to be heard in court?
more than 50 women have accused Bill Cosby of sexual misconduct.

Timeline Bill Cosby: A 50-year chronicle of accusations and accomplishments
By Kyle Kim, Christina Littlefield and Mark Olsen April 26, 2016

UK Column Live – Satanic Ritual Abuse

North Carolina ‘Satanist’ And ‘Cannibal’ Arrested For Murder, Bodies Found In Shallow Graves In Backyard
Algarad’s neighbors told local authorities that he routinely performed both satanic rituals and animal sacrifices in his back yard as well. North Carolina law enforcement officers report that animal bones have been found on the property, and that more arrests are possible as the investigation moves along….

Feces-strewn floors, pentagrams on every wall and graves in the garden: Inside the North Carolina ‘Satanist killer’s’ house of horrors
Algarad was arrested and charged with murder October 5 after the two bodies were discovered at the house in Clemmons where neighbors say he has performed animal sacrifices and satanic rituals.

Tennessee Satanist Gregory Scott Hale Arrested for Murder and Cannibalism
A Satanist who murdered and dismembered a woman before eating parts of her body, has been arrested in Manchester, Tennessee  Hale also admitted eating portions of her corpse during a ritual. He claims to have never met the woman he killed.   The deranged man was known to have performed satanic rituals using animal body parts, which he acquired from the slaughterhouse where he worked.

Annual report shows continued toll of clergy sex abuse crisis
The Catholic church paid $153 million in the United States last year to settle lawsuits, and fielded hundreds of new accusations, as fallout continued from the clergy sex abuse scandal exposed in the early 2000s, a new report from church leaders says.
Between 1950 and June 2015, more than 17,600 people made clergy abuse allegations that US Catholic officials have deemed credible.
More than 6,500 clerics were accused of abuse nationwide between 1950 and June 2015, church data show.
Many of the cases deemed credible by the church were alleged to have occurred from the 1960s to the 1980s. Clergy preyed upon boys in the vast majority of reported cases. The alleged abuse most often began when victims were between 10 and 14.
Between 1950 and the end of June 2015, about $3.5 billion was spent on settlement-related costs by US church officials, according to the church.

Jeffrey Franklin’s dark writings foreshadowed his deadly attack on his family
The writings are also marked by an apparent fascination with the occult.
“Devil worship-based,” predominant theme of Satanic worship

Catholic Church spent $2M on major N.Y. lobbying firms to block child-sex law reform

Child abuse inquiry turns to Kincora home and claims of MI5 blackmail
Inquiry will hear from men abused as boys at Northern Ireland children’s home and allegations that perpetrators were protected by working as spies

Hostages, drugs, grenades — Colombia cracks down on notorious “Bronx” slum
Police said they had removed more than 2,000 people — many of them homeless drug addicts — from the neighborhood and rescued 136 minors, some of them victims of the sex trade….houses for satanic worship and places for the sexual exploitation of minors….many of the 18,000 minors her organization has helped over the last 28 years have emerged from the Bronx and neighborhoods like it.

How child sexual abuse became a family business in the Philippines

Tens of thousands of children believed to be victims of live-streaming abuse, some of it being carried out by their own parents
The number of ongoing live-streaming criminal cases in the Philippines is rising, from 57 in 2013, growing to 89 in 2014, and up to 167 in 2015

A crime scene of unspeakable horror’: child sex abuse and the internet

Perpetrators of online child sexual abuse will continue to take advantage of the latest technology to serve their purposes

Mormon Church accused of turning blind eye to child abuse in foster care program
The Mormon Church has been hit with another lawsuit saying that it did nothing to protect children in a church-run foster program from sexual abuse.
Two Navajo siblings sued The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Navajo Nation court earlier this year. A second lawsuit made public Tuesday outlines similar allegations.

Another Navajo Member Sues LDS Church over Childhood Sexual Abuse
A Navajo woman is suing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, saying she was sexually assaulted while participating in the church’s Lamanite Indian Student Placement Program. This is now the third claim of sexual abuse that has been brought against the Mormon Church by members of the Navajo Nation since March.

Author, ex-prosecutor slams critics of Child Victims Act, urges New York to stop protecting abusers
The time to pass the Child Victims Act is now. Some have raised the concern of false reporting, but the statistics are abundantly clear that this problem represents a small fractional proportion — less than 2% of all claims. For example, California saw about five false claims out of 850 against the Catholic Church. False reporting occurs in every category of crime and it is certainly an issue in cases which fall within the statute of limitations. It is part of the job of every prosecutor to identify those complaints and get them out of the system. They are rare, and they should never be a barrier to the overwhelming number of valid complaints that deserve to be investigated….

The Satanic Child Sex Abuse Case That May Have Inspired ‘True Detective’

The Hosanna Church was the heart of a child sex abuse scandal shrouded in reports of devil worship and rituals with cat blood and pentagrams. Is this the case behind ‘True Detective’?

Richard Huckle faces life sentences for Malaysia child abuse
facing multiple life sentences for numerous sex crimes against Malaysian children which he boasted about on the “dark web”.
Richard Huckle, 30, from Ashford in Kent, admitted the offences against victims aged between six months and 12 years, from 2006 to 2014. It is believed Huckle abused up to 200 children.
More than 20,000 indecent images were found on his computer.

British paedophile ‘planned to marry victim and abuse foster children’
Richard Huckle, who has admitted 71 sexual offences against children, wanted to ‘mould’ a young girl to ignore his continued abuse, Old Bailey told   Richard Huckle targeted impoverished families in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur

‘Holy Hell’: How One Man Documented 22 Years Inside a Sadistic Cult
Former cult member’s documentary details over two decades of mind games and torture inside an L.A. cult
ranging from total mind control and forced abortions to alleged widespread sexual abuse and rape

It’s easy to implant false childhood memories, right? Wrong, says a new review
the rhetoric that false beliefs are easy to instil should be re-examined

Creating Memories for False Autobiographical Events in Childhood: A Systematic Review
susceptibility to false memories of childhood events appears more limited than has been suggested;jsessionid=5B1FB120F62930B9BB57453F86A0F172.f01t03

News items: Jersey Island Haut de la Garenne, Oregon militia, Cosby, School, Spotlight, UN peacekeepers, Lord Janner, Dark Web Child Abuse Network, Kids Company, Sex Slavery, Ritual Abuse Research and Conferences

January 27, 2016

News articles about sexual abuse, rape and pedophilia in the media:

Police officers involved in cover up of paedophile ring – Jersey Island Haut de la Garenne, Family of ranchers who inspired Ore. militia takeover accused of abusing teen relative, Oregon militia cites Mormon beliefs, Bill Cosby, New England Boarding School 40 alumni allege staff members or other pupils sexually assaulted them, Brian Finnegan accused of not being candid about knowledge of paedophile priests in a bid to protect himself and the Catholic church, priest Gerald Ridsdale, Spotlight: the reporters who uncovered Boston’s Catholic child abuse scandal, UK child abuse victims sue Catholic Church, UN peacekeepers ‘paid 13-year-olds for sex’,  Dark Web: FBI hacked into ‘dark web’ to bust up largest ever child abuse network, Lord Janner ‘abused 12 at children’s home’ as child sex case is DROPPED,  Janner: Three chances missed to put MP on trial for child abuse, Woman sold into sex slavery aged 14 and raped 110 times in a DAY, 3 Percent Rise in Child Abuse, child abuse probe into Kids Company, SMART Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Research and Newsletter, West Memphis Three Facts and Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse Conference – May 2016.

The Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse Conference – May 2016

Survivorship will be having their annual conference on May 7 – 8, 2016 at the Executive Inn & Suite – Oakland, CA Information about the conference is at:
Speakers include: Wendy Hoffman, Dr. Alison Miller, Dr. Steve Frankel, Neil Brick, Dr. Randy Noblitt, Pam Perskin and others.
Questions about the conference can be sent to:

S.M.A.R.T. Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Newsletter – January 2016
(Stop Mind control And Ritual Abuse)
This issue includes information on:
Jon Styler, historic sex abuse claims, Operation Hydrant, Rotherham sex abuse trial, Arshid Hussain, Irish home for unmarried mothers unmarked mass grave, St Mary’s Mother and Baby Home in Tuam County Galway, The Magdalene Laundries, Bill Cosby, Janice Dickinson, Bill Cosby defamation case, Bill Cosby charged with felony sexual assault, comfort women, sex slaves used by Japanese military in World War II, Penn State, Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal, Connecticut Boy Scouts Allege Sexual Abuse, scoutmaster Donald Dennis, Jared Fogle ex-Subway spokesman 15 years in prison for child porn and sex crimes, Paedophile ring used boys home, Anglican and Catholic clergy, Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse, child abuse by Catholic priests, Cardinal Pell, child abuse inquiry, paedophile priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale, Catholic Church, Msgr. Lynn Philadelphia clergy abuse case, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Lord Janner, child sex abuse trial, jailed for possessing child abuse images and videos, Christopher Daldorph, India’s Marital Rape Crisis, Peace Corps volunteers, reporting sexual assault, U.N. Peacekeeping Child Abuse Allegations, hazing ritual, Baruch College fraternity brothers, Chun Michael Deng, Convicted child abuser Peter Dundas Walbran, Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, White Witch in a Black Robe by Wendy Hoffman, high-level mind control, multi-generational cult family, satanic cult, The Enslaved Queen, Leah Remini, Scientology, Liberia ritual killings, Satanism, Satanic bible, ranchers Oregon militia takeover, Dusty Hammond, Mormon beliefs, child abuse and research, Tom Petty, Military Deployment, U.S. Troops Suspected Of Sexually Assaulting Military Dependents


SMART Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Research

Recovered Memory Data with information on recovered memory corroboration, theories on recovered memory, legal information, physiological evidence for memory suppression, replies to skeptics and books and articles on memory

Recovered memory corroboration rates – There are many studies that show fairly high corroboration rates for recovered  memories.

Basic Information on Dissociative Identity Disorder with sections on Basic Information on DID from the DSM-IV-TR, The History of DID/MPD, Diagnosing DID, Responses to those that state that DID is iatrogenic or a social construct,  MPD/DID connection to severe abuse, Recent information and DID resources  –

West Memphis Three Facts
Jessie Misskelley Confessed Many Times

Police officers involved in cover up of paedophile ring, says former Deputy Police Chief
Lenny Harper led the investigation into allegations of child abuse at former children’s home Haut de la Garenne in 2008.
I was hugely concerned there was a cover up happening in Jersey and I was concerned that a lot of evidence was going missing and that witnesses were being intimidated. There was a clear story emerging in my mind and whilst I may not have used the term paedophile ring, my view there was certainly a culture emerging in Jersey of systematic child abuse.
– Lenny Harper, former Deputy Chief Officer of Jersey’s police

Child abuse investigation could have started four years earlier says former Deputy Police Chief
A former Deputy Chief Officer of Jersey’s police force says officers could have begun their investigation into claims of child abuse at Haut de la Garenne four years earlier than they did.
Lenny Harper is giving evidence to the inquiry into historical child abuse.

Oregon Militia

Family of ranchers who inspired Ore. militia takeover accused of abusing teen relative; grandmother denies claims

The family behind the Oregon militia cites Mormon beliefs for armed conflicts with the government

Mormon leaders to Oregon militia: Your religion isn’t with you

Bill Cobsy

Bill Cosby won’t be charged in two sexual assault cases in Los Angeles

Leaked email may derail criminal case against Bill Cosby
A former district attorney says he agreed more than a decade ago that his office would not use a civil deposition given by Bill Cosby in any criminal matters, according to an email obtained by CNN.

New England Boarding School

Police Investigating Sexual Abuse Claims at Prestigious New England Boarding School
Two New England attorneys are saying they’ve been in touch with more than 40 alumni of an affluent Rhode Island boarding school that allege staff members or other pupils sexually assaulted them during the 1970s and 1980s.
PEOPLE spoke Wednesday with Eric MacLeish, one of the two lawyers behind a press conference held on Tuesday in which four graduates of the St. George’s School in Middletown accused school officials of covering up years of systemic abuse.,,20977939,00.html

Dozens of alums from elite boarding school come forward with tales of sexual abuse

Clergy Abuse

Pope accepts resignation of Australian bishop accused of being evasive at abuse inquiry
Brian Finnegan was accused of not being candid about his knowledge of paedophile priests in a bid to protect himself and the Catholic church
priest Gerald Ridsdale was abusing children in parishes within the diocese.

Bishop who didn’t report child abuse gains new post
A Roman Catholic bishop who was convicted in Missouri of not reporting suspected child abuse has become chaplain at a convent in Nebraska.
Bishop Emeritus Robert Finn is spiritual adviser to the nuns at the School Sisters of Christ the King convent in Lincoln.
Finn was found guilty in 2012 of one misdemeanor count of failure to report suspected abuse and was given two years’ probation, making him the highest-ranking church official in the US to be convicted of taking no action over abuse allegations.

Spotlight: the reporters who uncovered Boston’s Catholic child abuse scandal

UK child abuse victims sue Catholic Church
said there “significant” similarities between Spotlight and the allegations of abuse at St Bede’s Catholic school in Manchester decades ago. Allegations range from inappropriate touching to rape.

5 of 77 western Washington priests suspected of child abuse were likely prosecuted
….Since the late 1980s, the Seattle Archdiocese has paid about $74 million in civil settlements for 392 claims of sexual abuse of minors, including at least $1.1 million paid to three of Boyle’s victims.

UN peacekeepers

UN peacekeepers ‘paid 13-year-olds for sex’
Four peacekeepers allegedly paid young girls as little as 50 cents in exchange for sex

U.N. Peacekeeping in Crisis as Fresh Child Abuse Allegations Emerge in CAR

Dark Web

FBI hacked into ‘dark web’ to bust up largest ever child abuse network
TThe bulletin board was launched in August 2014 and within one year had 215,000 accounts with 11,000 unique visitors each week.

Lord Janner

Lord Janner ‘abused 12 at children’s home’ as child sex case is DROPPED
LORD JANNER allegedly abused 12 former residents of a children’s home, as the former Labour MP’s historic child sex abuse case was DROPPED in light of his death.
it has since emerged that the peer regualrly visited Leicestershire children’s homes between 1970 and the mid to late 1980s.

Janner: Three chances missed to put MP on trial for child abuse
Three chances to put Greville Janner on trial for child abuse were blown because of mistakes by the police or prosecutors, according to a senior legal figure today.
Retired High Court judge Sir Richard Henriques said the former Leicester MP, who died aged 86 last month, should have been charged with offences against boys in 1991, 2002 and 2007.
The cases did not proceed because of the “inadequacy” of police investigations or decisions by senior prosecutors.
The peer’s family has always insisted he was innocent of any crime….
The death of the veteran Labour politician – who was accused of 22 sexual offences against boys between 1963 and 1988 – ended the prospect of his alleged victims’ evidence ever being tested in a criminal court.

Other articles

Woman tells how she was sold into sex slavery aged 14 and raped 110 times in a DAY
A BRITISH woman has told how she was sold as a teen sex slave

New Federal Data Shows Nearly 3 Percent Rise in Child Abuse
The number of U.S. children victimized by abuse and neglect increased by nearly 3 percent in the latest annual reporting period, according to new federal data.
According to the report released Monday by the Department of Health and Human Services, the estimated number of victimized children in the 2014 fiscal year was 702,208 — up from 682,307 in 2013. The report estimated fatalities attributable to child abuse and neglect at 1,580 — up from 1,530 in 2013.

The true scale of Scotland Yard child abuse probe into Kids Company
POLICE and social services are investigating 36 separate cases of child abuse in connection with the failed Government-funded charity Kids Company.

Man beheads dog, duck as part of animal sacrifice ritual, deputies say


news items: Reality TV – Mama June’s history of dating sex offenders, When the Mind Splits – Dissociative identity disorder, Teal Swan’s story of Satanic Ritual abuse, FAMU Hazing Death, Jehovah’s Witnesses

November 2, 2014

This week there were many news articles on trauma. These include: When the Mind Splits on Dissociative identity disorder,  Teal Swan’s story of Satanic Ritual abuse, Reality TV – Mama June’s history of dating sex offenders, junk science, the Penn St. board votes down new look at 2012 report, the Ex-FAMU band member was convicted in hazing death, the Jehovah’s Witnesses Church to pay $13.5M for alleged child abuse and the UK child abuse inquiry. 

When the Mind Splits
Dissociative identity disorder affects millions of people, most of whom are former child abuse victims.
Research has increasingly demonstrated that DID is a trauma-based disorder that typically emerges among people who have experienced childhood sexual or physical abuse. Dissociation occurs when people mentally detach themselves from their surroundings, a common coping mechanism for a child victim of abuse.

When The Mind Splits: Processing Dissociative Identity Disorder Through Art
DID most often develops as a highly complex coping mechanism in the face of intense abuse and trauma, meaning a child mentally detaches from his or her surroundings, and eventually develops distinct, dissociated parts (or personalities) that exist to withstand the abuse.

When the Mind Splits
from East Bay Express
Elyse Winter-Volkova has been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, but instead of hiding it, she openly talks about her condition online, with the people in her life, and as a guest lecturer in college psychology classes. She hopes to raise awareness and advocate for greater acceptance of people with mental illnesses.

Dissociative identity disorder (formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD) is defined in the DSM-IV-TR as the presence of two or more personality states or distinct identities that repeatedly take control of one’s behavior. The patient has an inability to recall personal information. The extent of this lack of recall is too great to be explained by normal forgetfulness. The disorder cannot be due to the direct physical effects of a general medical condition or substance.

Teal Swan’s story of Satanic Ritual abuse
The topic of Satanic Ritual has long been taboo. One former Idaho woman says she was a victim of Satanic Ritual abuse while growing up in Eastern Idaho.

Teals interview with FOX/ABC in Boise, Idaho discussing the prevalence of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Does reality TV have a pedophile problem?
”Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” Mama June hanging out with a convicted child molester

Mama June’s history of dating sex offenders: Father of Honey Boo Boo’s sister Chubbs served time for sexually exploiting a child over the internet
Child molester Mark McDaniel isn’t the first sex offender that June Shannon has dated
The father of Jessica ‘Chubbs’ Shannon served over two years in prison for the sexual exploitation of a child over the internet in 2005
Michael Anthony Ford, 37, remains on the sex offender registry and is currently behind bars on a separate charge of child abandonment
McDaniel has reportedly got back together with Mama June and has been photographed with her and her daughter, nine-year-old Honey Boo Boo

Mama June’s Molester Former Boyfriend Threatened To Kill Daughter Anna If She Spoke Up About Sex Abuse
Former Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star Mama June Shannon’s child molester then-boyfriend sexually abused her daughter, Anna Cardwell, for at least six months when she was just 8 years old.

Anna Marie Cardwell: ‘I Would Feel Hurt’ If Mama June Is Dating My Molester

Junk Science
I do not respond to personal attacks; smearing the messenger is a tactic that speaks for itself….  who dismisses virtually all medical evidence of sexual abuse: “It is now known that anal and genital inflammations and lacerations in young children, once believed to be clear signs of sexual abuse, also occur frequently in kids who were not abused.” There is no scientific basis for the claim that genital lacerations occur frequently in non-abused children.
Evidence in the Keller Case

Penn St. board votes down new look at 2012 report
Penn State’s trustees on Tuesday voted against taking a fresh look at the 2012 university-commissioned report into how the Jerry Sandusky molestation scandal was handled, disappointing many who have criticized the report as deeply flawed and unfairly damaging to the institution.

11 held as child abuse gang smashed
A suspected child sex abuse gang has been smashed by police officers as part of a crackdown on exploitation of young girls.

Philippine shelter for street kids hit with allegations of abuse
Homeless children say they prefer sleeping rough to beatings at the ‘rescue’ center
Many homeless children choose to stay on the streets of Manila rather than in government shelters, where rights groups say detainees are subject to abuse and maltreatment

Witnesses: FAMU hazing suspect led ritual on bus
Florida A&M band member being tried on hazing charges in the death of a drum major was the ring leader

Ex-FAMU band member convicted in hazing death
former Florida A&M University band member of manslaughter and felony hazing in the death of a drum major who prosecutors say was brutally beaten during a hazing ritual aboard a bus.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Church to pay $13.5M for alleged child abuse
Jose Lopez was awarded a $13.5 million judgment Wednesday from the head of the Jehovah’s Witnesses Church for alleged sexual abuse He is one of eight children who have accused Campos of sexually abusing them between 1982 and 1995 according to his lawsuit

Child abuse survivors tell Theresa May: inquiry must have full force of law
Victims call for Fiona Woolf’s successor to be given statutory powers over witnesses and evidence

news items – True Detective Satanic Ritual Case, Jehovah’s Witnesses lawsuit, Islamic sacrifice ritual, Yom Kippur Ritual Chicken Slaughter

October 5, 2014

This week there were a variety of articles about certain religious groups and allegations of either child abuse or ritual sacrifice. These include the True Detective show being based on an actual satanic ritual abuse case, a lawsuit against the Jehovah’s witnesses, an Islamic “sacrifice ritual” and a Yom Kippur “Ritual Chicken Slaughter.”

“True Detective” Was Inspired by This Extremely Disturbing Case [VIDEO]
a notorious case plagued the town of Ponchatoula, Louisiana, that involved Satanic rituals, child abuse, and animal sacrifices.

The Real and Disturbing Story That Inspired ‘True Detective’ (Documentary) Satanic rituals, child abuse, and animal sacrifices

Hosanna Church Ponchatoula, Louisiana Satanic Ritual Case

Real-Life Satanic Church Was the Nightmarish Inspiration for True Detective

High court to hear religious man’s child abuse case

Jehovah’s Witness congregation sued for alleged child abuse      Two Vt. sisters claim repeated molestation in the 1990s

Young witnesses discuss abuse
A teen girl and her younger sister testified Wednesday in Mercer County Circuit Court about a Bluefield man who allegedly used a claim of having magical powers to sexually abuse them.
the teen stated her mother was practicing wiccan and pagan practices with Irvin and “believed him to be a magical warlock”

Moscow bans Islamic sacrifice ritual for Eid 
Muslims typically celebrate the occassion by slaughtering a lamb, a cow or a camel and distributing its meat to relatives, neighbors and the poor.

Ritual Chicken Slaughter Draws Fire in Brooklyn
A Yom Kippur atonement ceremony involving the sacrifice of live chickens has drawn a lawsuit from animal rights activists.

Occult expert searches Westchester animal killings for clues

Survivorship Webinar – Experiences of Torture among American Indian, Alaska Native and First Nations Sex Trafficking Victims

Survivorship ritual abuse and mind control website

news items – Derry home, Nuns, Satanism, Tony Alamo, Rape Victim, Sex Violence, Downing St., Ritual Abuse Conference

March 10, 2014

This week there were new articles on trauma involving children in residential care, Satanism, British MPs, Tony Alamo, aboriginal women, a new  civil rights action filed by  a campus rape victim, that one third of E.U. women suffer abuse, an adviser to the Queen was founder of a paedophile support group and information on Super Bowl sex trafficking including children.

San Jose Teen: Satanism Allowed Me to Kill Classmate

Confession reveals chilling details of San Jose boy’s slaying
His religion — Satanism — allows killing.

Derry home ‘colluded’ with RUC and clergy to hide truth of abuse, inquiry hears
Witness accuses state agencies of failing a generation of children in residential care

Thousands abused….at hands of Catholic nuns, no apology
An estimated 30,000 suffered psychological, sexual, emotional and physical abuse….at the hands of Catholic Sisters of the Magdalene Order….

Paedophile MPs are mocking British law
“I have heard stories of satanic ritual abuse, a significant factor in many paedophile rings, at the hands of household-name parliamentarians past and present.”

Hearing in Barbour case to compel discovery evidence

Tony Alamo victims awarded $525 million; L.A. properties may be sold
Seven women who alleged they were sexually abused as children by former Christian ministry tycoon Tony Alamo were awarded $525 million by an Arkansas judge this week after an Alamo church failed to respond to a lawsuit.,0,2016670.story

Loretta Saunders remembered at vigil on Parliament Hill
Murder brings more calls for national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women

Loretta Saunders’ roommates charged with 1st-degree murder
Blake Leggette and Victoria Henneberry accused in Halifax student’s death

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Arrest Of Brooklyn Rabbi For Distributing Child Pornography
….According to the allegations in the criminal Complaint filed today in Manhattan federal court, in or about November 2013, WALDMAN distributed child pornography over the Internet by making available for downloading through file-sharing software multiple videos depicting minors engaged in sexual acts.

Landmark Civil Rights Action Filed by Campus Rape Victim to Halt New Federal Law
….A University of Virginia rape victim represented by the Marsh Law Firm has filed a landmark civil rights action to stop a new federal law from undermining pending federal investigations of UVA’s mishandling of a sexual assault case on campus.

World E.U. Study: One Third Of E.U. Women Suffer Abuse
Kharunya Paramaguru March 5, 2014
One in ten claims to have experienced sexual violence by age of 15
….Published by the E.U. Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), the survey of 42,000 women aged 18-74 across the E.U. found a third of women in Europe (62 million) had suffered a physical or sexual assault.

High Court judge and the child sex ring: Adviser to Queen was founder of paedophile support group to keep offenders out of jail
Lord Justice Fulford was named last year as an adviser to the Queen
He was a key backer of the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange

Downing Street accused of cover-up over senior aide Patrick Rock’s arrest on child abuse images allegations

Researchers Say Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Included Minors – Here & Now
researchers who combed through online sex ads, placed decoy ads and say they identified nearly 2,000 potential sex trafficking victims, including 84 children.

Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse May 2014 Conference
“Survivors Supporting Survivors,”  May 17 – 18, 2014 at the Executive Inn & Suites in Oakland, CA.
speakers are now listed at:
The conference Keynote Speaker is Jennifer Freyd, Ph.D.

news items – Mind Control Claims, Ian Watkins, Fran Keller, Franklin Scandal, Satanic Abuse

December 1, 2013

This week there were several new articles on trauma, including CIA mind control articles, Satanic ritual abuse claims, the Lostprophets’ Ian Watkins admitting rape attempts, Fran Keller being released from prison on bond and new conference transcripts on presentations about the Franklin Scandal, Satanic abuse and the nature of healing.

Request for a Congressional investigation, CIA mind-control of children.

Mind-control survivors claim US Government tortures children

2007 Extreme Abuse Surveys

Satanic ritual child sex abuse claims
child sex abuse advocate Liz Mullinar

Lostprophets’ Ian Watkins Admits Rape Attempts
The court also heard details of a plot to turn babies in subservient sex slaves using hard drugs….

Fran’s Day Care – Keller Case
with recent updates and information about the case


1992 article on the Fran Keller day care case

The Franklin Scandal: A Continuing Coverup
Nick Bryant’s conference powerpoint presentation from the 2013 Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference

Exposing Satanic Abuse and Hope in Healing
Sarah Jacqueline’s conference transcript from the 2013 Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference

Nature and the Nature of Healing – How the natural world restores us to our senses – inside and out.
Janet Thomas’ conference transcript from the 2013 Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference.

news items – BBC sex harassment, DID evidence, fighting child p_rn, Friedmans, Son of Sam, Ritual Crime

April 7, 2013

This week there were several new articles about sexual harassment and other problems at the BBC over the years. New information is coming out about fighting child pornography and getting restitution for its victims. Information about the Friedman’s case  and the problems with the movie about it is below. Articles about the Jersey Haut de la Garenne school allegations and occult connections between the Son of Sam and others is below.  One suspect in Florida is alleged to have 500,000 images of child pornography on his computers. Several ritual crimes were adjucated, including those involving murder.

850 BBC staff complain of bullying and sexual harassment in wake of Savile scandal

Shame of ‘theft, fraud and under-age sex’ at the BBC: Dossier reveals crimes that have never been reported to police
Dossier spanning four years show many crimes never reported to the police
High number of suspects in the 500 crimes a year were BBC employees

New BBC boss apologises for Jimmy Savile on his first day in the job

Royal Commission begins
The Catholic Church will be among the groups investigated by the Royal Commission

Growing Not Dwindling: Worldwide Phenomenon of Dissociative Disorders

Disinformation About Dissociation Dr Joel Paris’s Notions About Dissociative Identity Disorder
Disinformation About Dissociation, Worldwide DID Phenomenon

Behind the Cover Story: Emily Bazelon on Pornography and Punishment
victims of child pornography

Behind the Cover Story: Emily Bazelon on Pornography and Punishment
legal efforts by abuse victims who have appeared in child pornography to gain restitution

The Price of a Stolen Childhood
When Nicole was a child, her father took pornographic pictures of her that still circulate on the internet.

Pierced ears save Gulu girls from ritual sacrifice

Boy, 6, escapes ritual murder

Capturing the Friedmans –  Many viewers leave the theater believing that they have seen an objective documentary presented by a director who entrusted audiences to draw their own conclusions on Arnold Friedman’s and Jesse Friedman’s guilt. A careful review of the original evidence, however, shows that the case against the Friedmans was much stronger than the film revealed. Capturing the Friedmans: Annotated Bibliography

Geraldo Rivera’s interview with Jesse Friedman

The Secret Life of Arnold Friedman By Alvin E. Bessent – Newsday  — LI., NY May 28, 1989,0,1599081.story

In Their Own Words:  Jesse’s Victims Speak Out

Case of Arnold Friedman and Jessie Friedman “Capturing The Friedmans”

CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS”  Documentary or Whitewash?

Pope: Stopping child sexual abuse key to ‘credibility’ of Catholic Church

Judge could order Leesburg child porn suspect to pay for own attorney
….Officers said John Shearen had more than 500,000 images and videos at his home in Leesburg.

No bond for Leesburgh child porn suspect

Man admits trying to sacrifice son at cemetery

The case of a vodou curse, drugs and rape heads to trial

Lover given 15 years for ‘ritual’ killing

Forensic evidence brought for ritual murder case

Devils in the Heartland: The ritualistic killing of Arlis Perry,
Son of Sam

‘I have known about Jersey paedophiles for 15 years,’ says award-winning journalist

Ritual Abuse-Torture Within Families/Groups

Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse 2013 Conference
Survivors Moving Forward May 4 – 5, 2013 Oakland, CA